Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Crazy Things I Do (& Wear) When I'm Rushed & Fab Friday Linkup

The morning began like so many others. I was in a hurry. Only this morning I had less time than usual. I jumped into the shower, with a mere 5 minutes to wash up and 10 minutes to get dressed, do my hair and makeup. Miracle, right? Pretty much.

With no time to deliberate on the outfit, I grabbed the linen tank and white denim that I wore the day before and changed up the accessories. 
  • Cognac wedges for army green ones.
  • Suede saddle bag for backpack purse.
  • Bronze jewelry for the silver jewelry.
  • A headband to keep my crazy baby hairs under control. WAIT! Seriously?? Yes, I wore that animal print, bow headband all day and I wore it proud. LOL!

Now I needed a vest...hmmm. I didn't have an army green vest...

However, I did have this jacket, which was passed down to me last year by a friend, purging her closet. In addition, I own 2 other army green jackets: one utility and one similar to this one. With only 5 minutes left on my timer, I made a quick decision to cut the sleeves off and fashion my own "vest". No harm no foul. Honestly, I've contemplated this for awhile. I guess it took the pressure of a timer to make go for it. 

At one minute left on the timer, I'm fully dressed, my hair is pulled back and outfitted with a bow, my green blazer is now a vest but I've no make up on. One minute.  I settled for mascara and lip gloss. What can you do? There was no point in applying later either. Sometimes you just have to be comfortable in the skin you're in - flaws and all!

Outfit Breakdown:
Army Green "Vest" (Similar)/Linen Tank: GAP Clearance (Pink, Black)/White Denim: Entourage (similar)/Wedges: (Cute Option)/Purse: Nordstrom Rack (What's there now)/Jewelry: Online Catalog/BOW(Who knows???)
Linking up with Passion For Fashion

****Cupcake Adventures****
Click here if you wish to be caught up on the cupcake skinny...

And the Splat Cupcakes??...Two Oreo Cookie flavors went to these cuties! They patiently waited for a small crew of us to finish organizing the twin's room. Have I mentioned that I am undeservedly blessed in life with some talented friends?? I'll post pictures of the room as soon as we get the finishing touches completed. Here's a sneak peak though...

**** LINK UP ****

I am so excited to be linking up with Jennie and the Fabulous Friday! Her fun and classy style makes me look forward to each post. Keep it up Jennie!

Hey y'all, I'm Jennie and I am a 47 year old frugal fashionista! I am mom to two wonderful (and handsome!) sons and one very spoiled Pomeranian. After spending most of my life in black and boring clothes, I now enjoy trying new trends, am a confessed shoeaholic, believe life is too short for boring hair, and never met a polka dot I didn't like. I am also an avid photographer, reader of Jane Austen, Paleo/Primal enthusiast, and lover of DIY.  You can follow me here:


I loved the fun color of the top and earrings, paired with the neutral white in the jeans; beiges in the purse and shoes. The mules with the bow on top. Please! So cute.

Cheryl Tucker


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

White, Denim & Easy Vans

Outfit Breakdown:
Ruffle Tank: LOFT (old)/Denim: GAP (old)/VANS: Similar/Shades (Wal-Mart - $5)/Jewelry: Premier
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Hey! Look at me just chilling in my casual vibes. The week is blowing by with crazy mornings, but as you can see I'm still finding a way to visit Splat cakes.  Gotta run to the grocery store? Ok, but I'll swing by Splat first. One of my boys wants a ride to friends? Ok, but I'll swing by Splat after! I just work it in, because iced coffee takes some crazy out of the day - oh, and a free cupcake awaits me!

The Vacation Bible Camp Adventures continue and my brain is just about done! However, I must admit that I'm enjoying this week of drama and flare.

A person cannot miss the electrifying energy bouncing off the walls during our VBC week! I love how excited the boys and girls are, hugging you or high giving you as you pass them in the aisles or halls. The energy seems to spill over to us adults as well and we respond with silliness, laughing till our sides hurt; making new memories and maybe even new friends...

I face planted onto the floor when I was dramatically exiting our video game "portal". That durn portal had a long curtain, which my foot grabbed onto on my way out. It was not pretty. I did not catch myself. I fell lumberjack style, taking one for the team I guess. Thankfully nothing was injured, not even my pride. However, I am feeling a bit sore today!
I watched a guy throw a paper airplane from the middle of the stage and saw it coincidently and hysterically land into a woman's mouth during intermission. Now that was funny. You can't plan these things.

And guess who got my Free cupcake for the day? Yes! Kelly, with the paper airplane in her mouth. 

Now let's get to some quick outfit business...Once we get home from VBC, I hang up my costume, which consists of a t-shirt that says "Player 2" and a lab coat. The rest I change out from day to day. Today I wore jeans, which are always an easy fashion start.  I just threw this white, ruffle tank, simple accessories and my vans, which came with 2 sets of laces. Check out these fun colors...

Hello $5 Wal-Mart Shades...No Wal-Mart did not send me those so my opinions in this post are totally my own. ;)

Today I close with our favorite 8 years olds and our favorite cow...

Well, That is all for today my friends! I'm beat! No seriously, beat!



Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Get Those Camo Pants Out of the Fall Clothes!

This week has been a whirlwind of crazy. Summer time at our church means a lot of children and student events.  Vacation Bible Camp is one of our biggest events, hosting over 1000 children!! Wowza! It takes a lot of prayer, planning, resources and man power to make it all happen. Every year the theme changes; from Amazing Space to Power Up, you never know how it will all come together, but of course it does. There's even a paren't breakfast with fruit, biscuits, donuts yogurt and coffee (all the coffee was donated by a company that is going to open up in our city - yay! Tradewinds Coffee Co.)  for those dropping off their children, if they are feeling a little hungry. 

This year I've been assigned to the drama team and I love it.  My character "Chrissy, Player #2" is a scientist with an accent that ranges from Hispanic, to Russian or maybe even Italian. Yeah. I won't quit my day job!  Our fun begins at 8 a.m. and ends around 12:30. That's only 4 and a half hours, but somehow you feel as if you pulled an all nighter when you get done. My age must be showing.

Of course there is more to share, but I'll leave some news for my next posts. Besides my brain has short circuited twice since I started writing this post! So before, it's total mush let's talk about this simple, but fun outfit, and how I managed to find time to run up to Splat to nab that free cupcake.

On a whim, I pulled these camo pants out of my fall clothes storage and I'm so glad I did. I've worn them twice already- once casual and once dressed up a bit.

For the first outfit, I pulled my #bloglife tank out to match my coral colored toe nails and chaco sandals.  It was easy and comfortable!

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Old Navy (sister screen printed)/Pants: LOFT (Latest Pair at LOFT,  Similar at Target), Chacos (Similar On Sale)/Jewelry (Premier Designs)

Outfit 2

I wore one of my latest linen tanks and added pops of pink with my bag and scarf.  The only newer items in this outfit are the top, the necklace and the bag! Another example of mixing old with new.

Outfit Breakdown:

Cupcake Adventures...

Vanilla, but Oh so pretty!!

"Rosie" Gets a Belated Birthday Cupcake

Jumping Java - Oh, So Delicious!

Jumping Java goes to this friend for a Happy Belated Birthday!

A pic she sent me from an outing her and her husband were on. I love it when friends text me and say, "We're at Splat! Where are you?"

Ok! That's all for today my friends.



Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday Moda Link Up & Casual Girly Style

Hi! I'm stepping out my dears. I mean, what is this? Ballerina just left practice? Grunge with a touch of fem?  Would I be featured on "What Not To Wear" (if it was still on - boy I miss that show!!)? Regardless of its' style, wearing it put a smile on my face and made me feel playful (which my 8 year olds always love). So someone join me in the fun!  

 I saw this layering dress on a Facebook group I follow, Corrie Lee Anns Boutique, and before I knew it I was requesting one in the color grey (she also has Navy, Cranberry, Blush-Nude, White and Black). I rarely make impractical purchases, but flashes of twirling princesses and flying unicorns flew through my mind and I clicked order. Have you ever dreamed of being a ballerina when you were a child? I must have. So childhood fantasies combined with the sweet flat price of $20 did me in! (Don't ask me why those three words just took me back to the scene in My Fair Lady when she first enters "society" at the race track.)

When the dress arrived I fell in love with...the packaging!! Yes! I get just as excited about her packaging and surprises inside, as I do about my purchases!

My last order contained a coaster that said "morning vibes" on it. This time I found a hair scrunchi attached to a card that reads "messy bun and getting stuff done". How cute!! I love these personal touches that small businesses are able to add. 
Enough about my emotions revolving around this dress and how it was delivered. Allow me to take a moment to tell you that it's "one size", positively comfortable and will make your dreams come true. ;)  Okay, maybe not quite, but you will be comfortable while you work your booty off towards reaching those dreams.  In the meantime, I look forward to dressing this up very soon (I must get as many wears as possible)! 

Do you own a layering dress? I'd love any styling tips!!

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Seriously Happy Tees/Layering Dress: Corrie Lee Ann's Boutique/Converse: Nordstrom Rack/Jewelry: Premier Designs/BackPack: Clarks

Ya'll today I'm so excited to be co-hosting the Thursday Moda Link up with the sweet, stylish Ada!! She is delightfully fun, kind and fiercely proud of her family. I love visiting her blog and gaining inspiration from her beautiful self and others I "meet" in the link ups.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Graphic Tank & Silliness

Heeeeyyyyy! What's happening? How's your summer rolling along? I'd say ours is ordinary with delightful splashes of adventure thrown in. We look for those moments and ride them as if they're a thrilling roller coaster; belly flops, giggles and all. This was one of those days, but before I delve into our adventure in the ordinary, let's chat about this outfit.

I'd like to say that I pulled out these old capris because their color is so close to spring's "lapis blue" on the 2017 Pantone color chart.  However, that's not the case. I wanted to wear this tank and remembered this old pair of skinnies that would match the lettering. From there I grabbed my usual gladiator sandals and added a couple accessories. My shades are from the Wal-Mart $5 section! We are not fancy today, but I felt put together and confident as I went about my day. That's what counts, right??

So for today, may we enjoy what already exists in our closet, while adding fun accessories - even if that means $5 shades!!

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: Old Navy (sis did the screenprinting)/Capris: Nordstrom Rack ($5 Clearance)/Shoes: Clothes Mentor/Clutch: My 31/Shades: Wal-Mart/Jewelry: Premier Designs

Now here is where the photo shoot turned crazy. I allowed my 8 year old photographers to call the shots.  :)

Singing "Grace Like Rain" ... 

 Taking Pics with Mickey ;)

Posing With Pascal from Tangled

Proud Photographers. Proud Momma.

In Closing, I'd like to add my Cupcake Adventures!

As I mentioned earlier, this day began ordinary but a silly tag on Instagram stories added adventure to the monotony!

My friend tried a new protein shake and said it tasted terrible, which she explained on her IG stories. From there her stories continued to say that she didn't think anyone but "Granola & Grace" would like it. "I'm sorry. No one would like this. Except Granola & Grace. Chrissy would eat this." I laughed so hard and responded by posting a sequence of my own stories for her. This also inspired who would get my free cupcake for that day. After suffering in the name of healthy foods, she should get a tasty treat!

Dressed and ready to go, the boys and I picked up the cupcake but still had errands to run before we could make the delivery. With temps reaching the 90s, there was no way we could leave that cupcake sitting in the car to melt. This meant "Cookie Monster" cupcake went with us around the mall...

Phone Repair

A LOOOONNNNGGG Stop in the Disney Store

And then finally we were on our way. We received some stares, carrying that box around but what could we do???

The best part of this cupcake adventure was pulling into my friend's neighborhood and spotting her and her family in their vehicle on the way out of the neighborhood. They saw me as well and backed up so we could chat. Sarah's reaction was the best! I just can't plan this type fun!!

Well, that's all for today my friends. I hope you're finding adventure in the ordinary. :)

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