Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Graphic Tank & Silliness

Heeeeyyyyy! What's happening? How's your summer rolling along? I'd say ours is ordinary with delightful splashes of adventure thrown in. We look for those moments and ride them as if they're a thrilling roller coaster; belly flops, giggles and all. This was one of those days, but before I delve into our adventure in the ordinary, let's chat about this outfit.

I'd like to say that I pulled out these old capris because their color is so close to spring's "lapis blue" on the 2017 Pantone color chart.  However, that's not the case. I wanted to wear this tank and remembered this old pair of skinnies that would match the lettering. From there I grabbed my usual gladiator sandals and added a couple accessories. My shades are from the Wal-Mart $5 section! We are not fancy today, but I felt put together and confident as I went about my day. That's what counts, right??

So for today, may we enjoy what already exists in our closet, while adding fun accessories - even if that means $5 shades!!

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: Old Navy (sis did the screenprinting)/Capris: Nordstrom Rack ($5 Clearance)/Shoes: Clothes Mentor/Clutch: My 31/Shades: Wal-Mart/Jewelry: Premier Designs

Now here is where the photo shoot turned crazy. I allowed my 8 year old photographers to call the shots.  :)

Singing "Grace Like Rain" ... 

 Taking Pics with Mickey ;)

Posing With Pascal from Tangled

Proud Photographers. Proud Momma.

In Closing, I'd like to add my Cupcake Adventures!

As I mentioned earlier, this day began ordinary but a silly tag on Instagram stories added adventure to the monotony!

My friend tried a new protein shake and said it tasted terrible, which she explained on her IG stories. From there her stories continued to say that she didn't think anyone but "Granola & Grace" would like it. "I'm sorry. No one would like this. Except Granola & Grace. Chrissy would eat this." I laughed so hard and responded by posting a sequence of my own stories for her. This also inspired who would get my free cupcake for that day. After suffering in the name of healthy foods, she should get a tasty treat!

Dressed and ready to go, the boys and I picked up the cupcake but still had errands to run before we could make the delivery. With temps reaching the 90s, there was no way we could leave that cupcake sitting in the car to melt. This meant "Cookie Monster" cupcake went with us around the mall...

Phone Repair

A LOOOONNNNGGG Stop in the Disney Store

And then finally we were on our way. We received some stares, carrying that box around but what could we do???

The best part of this cupcake adventure was pulling into my friend's neighborhood and spotting her and her family in their vehicle on the way out of the neighborhood. They saw me as well and backed up so we could chat. Sarah's reaction was the best! I just can't plan this type fun!!

Well, that's all for today my friends. I hope you're finding adventure in the ordinary. :)



  1. What an adventure! Your photogs are so cute and y'all match in that gorgeous blue! That would be my summer uniform, just love it and love you!

    1. Andrea, you're the best! And I must admit that my cuties wear those outfits all the time. I have to make them change or they would live in them. That being said, matching was purely coincidental. lol!

  2. Chrissy, you are just too darn adorable! I love the cupcake adventure! And letting the littles take photos always results in the best pictures, doesn't it? I am loving this easy outfit, too. The cobalt blue or lapis or whatever you call it looks so fabulous on you! Great post, my friend! Always so fun!


    1. Thank you Shelbee! You, your blog and your comments add so much fun to the blogging world!

  3. Very pretty, what a fab shade of blue on those jeans.

  4. Oh, cobalt blue is a favorite of mine! Your pants are perfect with your adorable tee. Cute, cute photos!

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!



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