Saturday, June 17, 2017

Blush Tank, Print Capris: Take 2

Hello! Do you repeat outfits? I'm a proud outfit repeater! I want to get as much bang for my buck, which means more wear! So today, I'm featuring my beloved tank and capris combo again. (IN THE NAME OF BUDGET!) When Sunday rolled around and I needed to get out the door quickly, I reached for those capris that I hadn't even washed yet (hey, they still smelled clean).  It was raining so I kept the hat in the mix, but changed up my shoes, added a belt and an extra layer. Eureka! The overall feel is changed.

My lipstick of choice, Lippie Lingerie by Tarte, was a freebie I received during Ulta's spring sale. I love the creamy, hydrating feel of this matte lipstick, as well as the pleasant smell. The color is great, however, if I had a complaint it would be on the staying power.   Though my lips continue to feel hydrated, I like to reapply often for that little bit of color.   

Do you use Tarte Cosmetics? The granola in me was drawn to their "rethink natural" campaign with a list of skin friendly ingredients.  Little by little, I'm adding their products to my makeup organizer. More on that in another post. In the meantime, you can click on the image below to check out a variety of color options for this lipstick. Right now the website is offering 20% off and free shipping on orders over $40.00.

 Lippie Lingerie

Outfit Breakdown:
Jacket: Old Navy (I've had it for years!)/Tank: GAP/Capris: Loft (old)/Wedges (by Sam Edelman at Nordstrom Rack)/Fedora: Khol's/Jewelry: Premier Designs

Keeping the Cupcake Adventures Alive

With no particular person in mind, I picked the delicious sounding "Turtle Cheesecake" for my freebie and had them box it up to go. I placed the delectable treat in the fridge at home and went about my day. Later, we loaded up and took the boys to our "neighborhood" pool (there's no neighborhood pool, but a sweet friend shares with a few derelicts, such as ourselves). While there, I was able to catch up with another friend that I don't often see. WE talked about the start to our summers, vacation plans and of course my adventures with Splat.  She had not tried their cupcakes!

Well, you probably know what happened from there! Later that evening, I hopped in the car, made a series of silly IG stories and snaps, and showed up on her door step with Turtle Cheesecake.

There's so much fun to be had in surprising folks with a treat and a smile.

Enjoy the weekend!


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