Monday, June 12, 2017

Leggings & Lace

My hubby is right. I forget to zip my bag a lot. ;)

This outfit combined all of my favorites: stylish comfort, chic leggings and sweet lace! I don't worry about a thing (humming "don't you worry about thi-nnnnnnnnnng" right now) when I flit through my day running errands in an outfit like this. It began in comfort with the buttery soft leggings that LuLaRoe is known for and the long flowy Irma top, but when I added the lace vest I knew this outfit would cause no distraction for my day (fighting with bra straps, belly flaps, etc).

The black Irma was a great investment! It goes with a variety of leggings, as well as skinny jeans. These leggings were chosen for me by my LulaRoe rep and friend, Shannon, when we co-hosted a Pop-up/Premier Jewelry fashion event. I don't know why but I seem to like things more when others pick it out. Guess it stems from my indecisive nature!

The lace vest was a cast off from a friend and I've lost count on the many ways I've styled it! I'm not kidding. I've worn this vest over dresses, legging outfits, outfits styled with shorts, jumpsuits and skinny jeans. If you don't have a neutral vest, I recommend adding one to your shopping list.

I kept the accessories simple with stiletto earrings, one long necklace and a single turquoise
bracelet. My cognac wedges were a LOFT clearance find from many years ago! They are showing some wear and tear, so I may be justified in hunting a new pair as it looks like wedges will be sticking around for while.

Outfit Breakdown
Top & Leggings: LulaRoe (Shannon's FB)/Vest: Cast-off/Shoes: OLD/Backpack Purse: Clarks USA (their latest)/Jewelry: Premier Designs
Linking up with Not Dressed As Lamb

Now, before I close, allow me to share a cupcake or two and introduce you to my photographers of the day!

They should get a cupcake of their choice for all that hard work! They picked Cherry Kool-Aid, which sounds like something an 8 year old would pick. ;)

Butter Pecan was delivered to a friend, who could use an extra reminder that she was loved. What made this delivery even better was finding that another friend left a package at her door! We need our friends don't we? Winning a free cupcake a day from Splat Cakes is reminding me that the smallest of gestures can mean so much in someone's day. My blessing is so much better shared. Cupcakes do not fit in my "granola" life, but they sure do fit in the "grace" that's changed everything about my life.

Lots of love!



  1. You looked great and those photographers did a super job!😉

  2. Hello Hot mama in lace!!! Such a lovely outfit!!! I tell you what? They picked the right person to win those cupcakes because you are spreading such joy, although I bet you spread joy to each and every person you touch!! I love what you said about that! Love your style, Love you!

    1. Well, as usual, your sweet comments put a smile on my face. Thank you so very much Andrea for being a beautiful encourager wherever you go in this blogging venture (and I'm sure in the flesh as well!!).


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