Monday, October 23, 2017

Long Cardigan, Kicks & Cupcake Adventures

It's a gorgeous evening. One of the few left to enjoy before fall is fully upon us with early sunsets. I take in my surroundings and feel blessed to be alive. Before I know it I'm lost in my thoughts; one of my favorite places to be - I'm a dreamer after all. A dreamer that anticipates the next thing, while savoring the quiet moment. Is it possible to do both? To be content, while waiting with expectation for the the unexpected? I believe it is.  At least I believe it is when you know your life is already planned out. Or better explained, there is a master plan unfolding each day that I get to join up with. Somedays I listen. My prayer is to add more days that I listen and less days when I'm distracted by the unnecessary.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bridge the Gap Campaign: Nicole of HLS

What is the Bridge the Gap Campaign? 

Today is an extra exciting day due in part to the launch of an unprecedented campaign: “Bridging the Gap.” This campaign is all about creating a connection between Millennials and Midlife Influencers. With 100 individual women from each generation interacting with each other, the goal is to bridge the gap between each other; blurring the boundaries in order to show that we are all stronger together. We are putting an end to the labels and differing cultural beliefs that are causing us to divide. Age is simply a number. What truly matters is a person's attitude and perspective of life and all its happenings. We are millennial women supporting midlife influencer women, but are more than willing to let men join in the celebration. Together, we desire to send a powerful message, showing that we women have chosen to be seen for who we are, rather than the number on our birth certificates. We believe in a world without separation and together, we are a far stronger than we would ever be apart. Please join us in this revolutionary campaign as it is the heart and soul of women that truly matter in the end.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Distressed Denim, Handbags & More

Iced Coffee from Tradewind Coffee Co
Hello, hello my reader friends. Today I'm sharing a couple of shots from "what I wore" over the last couple of weeks.  This compilation and hodgepodge is my life right now; casual, a bit hurried and as always full of mini-adventures along the way. If I had participated in a challenge to style some of the same items to make several outfits, this purse and these jeans would be my picks...for this week anyway. 
I am loving olive green right now and I think it pairs so nicely with blush pink, purple hues, white, black and the list goes on. So when a friend passed on this bag I was excited to get using it. (See links to other options below.)

Let's start with that olive green I love so much: Distressed jeans. If you purchase a pair of jeans with the knees already frayed, plan on the holes expanding squat by squat. When you bend at the knees, the few attached threads struggle to maintain their grip. Before you know it, you're strutting around town with gaping holes at the knees. I get many a stare, but I'm not ready to toss these favorites just yet. 

These lovelies were picked up from Marisa Jill's, a local boutique I drop in on from time to time. I feel I must mention that other than a few accessory additions, there is nothing new share as it's time to replace the boy's athletic shoes. Four boys. Oh help us! 

Trifecta Bracelet Set and Be Joyful

Onto the Purse...

Shades are by Maui Jim and were purchased at Costco

 The Last Days of Warmth??

Once again, this purse makes an appearance and goes great with a thrown together outfit. I had to grab my accessories and go!

Speaking of this outfit, I'm confident that it will be my last warm weather get up while traipsing around Georgia. However, next week is my hubby and I's scheduled and first cruise to the Bahamas. So those of you in cooler climates please bear with me as I continue to live as if I'm enjoying summer. ;)

Alternative Option from Altar'd State Sale: Sweet Heart Dress 

The shoes and the jewelry are the only items purchased within the last few months, while the dress and the kimono vest were purchased last year at Altar'd State.


Well my reader friends, are any of you still hanging in warmer weather and what are your go to accessories or staples right now?

As always, I love to hear from you!



Tuesday, October 10, 2017

SUPERSEED Well: Gluten Free & Vegan Treats

Recently a friend of mine informed me about a certified health based chef she followed on Instagram known as Laura Lea Balanced. It didn't take me long to start following her and her yummy food posts as well as her lengthy, but informative stories.  Laura Lea kept referring to some fabulous donuts and tortilla wraps she received from a company called Guiltless Goodies.  The same friend that told me about Laura Lea had ordered a sampler box from said company and kindly shared one of her GG cookies. 

The first thing I looked at was the ingredients. The "flour" is a combination of 7 seeds so there is no grain. I also noticed that they were dairy free and of course free of high fructose corn syrup. A stellar list of ingredients and great taste led to another IG follower for Guiltess Goodies.

 I checked out their website but was a little nervous about the pricing. That is not to say they are overpriced, as I understand that high quality ingredients cost more, but I had only tasted the cookies and wasn't sure if I wanted to take the risk.

*Here's an excerpt from their website on their 7 seed ingredient list...

"All Guiltless Goodies products are gluten, grain, dairy, soy, yeast and preservative-free! Also, low-carb & extremely delicious! All Guiltless products are made from our custom organic 7 seed blend of Chia, Flax, Hemp, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Poppy, and Sesame Seeds. We never use any yeast, grains, wheat, corn, gluten, refined sugar, preservatives or unnecessary fillers in any of our baked goods. When our recipes do call for sweetener, we only use as little organic coconut palm sugar as possible. We are completely NON-GMO. We use dairy-free, soy-free, real dark chocolate in our Skinny Donuts, Love Muffins and Best Cookies Ever. We also grind our own seed flour fresh so it protects all of the enzymes. We don't purchase it pre-ground, meaning it is freshly ground before each time we bake your Guiltless products. By grinding the seeds, the tough outer shell is broken apart, opening up to all of the minerals and nutrients inside the seed, and that is our Superfood Seed Flour that is used to make all of our products!"  

Fast forward a few weeks and I enter one of their drawings for a free Grab & Go pack, which includes 2 packs of cookies, muffins and "skinny" donuts. 

Surprise! My name is drawn!!

I was so exited! (There is something about me and food. I don't get it.)

Two days later the shipment arrived and I couldn't wait to try each one. 

***The Cookies***

Glen eats a cookie right out of the box. He likes it, but we both found that we like them even more with some peanut butter slathered on top.  These make a great snack to curb any post lunch or dinner cravings. One of the first things I discovered is that I like them straight out of the freezer! I was in a hurry and in a hungry moment took a bite.  Now it's my favorite way to eat them: frozen with peanut butter. 

***The Skinny Donuts***

When I first opened the package of donuts, I was skeptical. True to their name, "Skinny Donut's",  are small. How was this going to feel like I ate anything? However, one morning I paired a donut with eggs and could barely finish them both. 

After the first few days of choosing a donut or muffin to eat with my eggs I notice that I wasn't not getting hungry before lunch. I also noticed that my cravings for sweets is non-existent. On Sunday mornings, my husband and I would eat a donut for breakfast and rush out the door for church. We felt satisfied until we returned home at lunch time. I love this because he runs around like crazy and I know he is less tempted to overload on junk.

***The Muffins***

The muffins are my favorite. I eat those right out of the fridge - with or without peanut butter, depending on how hungry I am. The whole family likes the muffins. In fact, I had to scale my 15 year old back to 1 a day due to budget. He plays football, so I know the healthy fats, protein and fiber are great for him but there is a limit to what we can afford!  

***The Tortillas***

A sale pops up on their website and I decide that it's worth shifting some of our grocery budget around to make room for donuts and muffins. Yeah. That does sound weird! So I order a box, only this time I decide to try their tortilla wraps.

The wraps are surprisingly soft and pliable for a grain free option! I love them, but I'm not sure about them paired with eggs. I like any kind of meat, hummus, veggies, guacamole etc, but I was not crazy about the egg combo.  Perhaps I should give that another go...

Ok, Guiltless Goodies...tell me about the health benefits!

Health Benefits...

Guiltless Means Nutrition and Health Benefits That Help...
  • Skin, nails and hair grow strong and healthy.
  • Increase anti-microbial benefits, including anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
  • Enhance immune response and absorption of vital nutrients.
  • Decrease the risk of colon cancer, Type 2 diabetes & hypertension.
  • Reduce symptoms of asthma, osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Decrease waist circumference & Decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Provide structure, strength and elasticity in blood vessels, bones and joints.
  • Prevent migraine headaches, muscle cramps, tension, soreness and fatigue.
  • Restore normal sleep patterns & Decrease the severity and frequency of hot flashes in women who are experiencing unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause.
  • And let's not forget increased bowel regularity.
*In conclusion, I would purchase from this company again. In addition to a high quality, healthy ingredient list, they have fabulous customer service and follow up, the food stores great in the freezer and it travels well. My cravings are down and, save for the weekends and pumpkin flavored treats, I'm doing well with my food choices.

Hummus, Veggies & a Protein Snack
My healthier choices include fruits, hummus with veggies, guacamole and chips, protein smoothies and popcorn. I'm working on adding to that list each week!

For now I will wait for their next promotion to order again. Sometimes they offer 2 free items of your choice when you purchase the Guiltless Grab & Go box (that's what I received from the drawing), which is on sale for $85.99, plus free shipping.

Guiltless Grab & Go
2 packs of Best Cookies Ever
2 packs of Love Muffins
2 packs of Skinny Donuts 
Well, my friends, have you ordered food off the internet before? If so, what was your experience? 

Eat a little something "crunchy" today. Your body will thank you. ;)


*I was not paid to do this review, given anything for this review (the drawing was random), or asked to do this review!
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Give Me All The Spanish Moss

 Hello! Though we moved into fall, a quick weekend getaway gave me one last taste of summer. And what better way to savor one last taste than on an island decorated with trees, graced with Spanish Moss? This gem of focal interest and tranquility is practically in our back yard.

Welcome to bits and pieces of the historic district on Jekyll Island, though I must attribute this post and the pics to my supportive and adventurous friends...

It was nearing the end of the day and we had just completed a 2 hour kayaking tour, when the history buffs decided to take a detour of you guessed it - historic Jekyll Island. While taking in the sights, one friend narrated internet findings on who purchased and sold the island throughout the years, what prominent families settled there, etc, etc.  This added charm to an already beautiful drive, making our impromptu detour well worth the extra 30 minutes. ;)

As we passed by an inn, an old chapel and even a horse and buggy, one of my adventurous friends said that we should come back and take blog pics! There was very little day time left, but I'm not one to turn down such an offer so we rushed back to the house. I quickly threw on my dress, mussed up my hair and added a few accessories. No time for a shower. We scrambled out the door hoping there would be enough daylight to grab a few shots.

I felt silly at first, and worried about taking up their time with my hobby but they insisted. We traipsed all over that area, giggling as we went. 

I wanted to get in this Cinderella style buggy, but chickened out. You see how close I ventured. I bet the driver would have let me if I'd had the nerve to ask. Wasn't it enough that I was lounging and posing for any and all to see?? There was no nerve left. ;)

Give me a rocking chair and I'm good to go!!

Outfit Breakdown:
Fringe Kimono: Similar (on sale!), Vest Option /Dress: Local Boutique: Marisa Jills/Shoes: Rack Room Shoes: Rock & Candy (Rack Room Shoes)

I close with a few selfies with my compadres, as well as a few snippets from the weekend...

Driver on the left, photographer on the right...

****Kayak Tour With Turtle Tides****
Out on the open sea - sort of ;)
Shark Tooth "Beach"

Our tour was scheduled for 4pm. The guys at Turtle Tides were professional, friendly and of course knowledgeable of the area and how to work a kayak, so beginners are welcome. They were also the only rental company we could find that would give us a discounted group rate. Though we only saw part of one manatee (some said they saw his snout), the experience was great. For me, it was enough to be out on the water, enjoying the beautiful sights.

****Driftwood Beach****

Definitely not a beach I'd want to set up camp at, but it's great for a stroll or climbing trees.

Public Beach

There was limited beach space, due to the recent hurricane but we made the best of it and camped up by the rocks.

Quick Thoughts on Group Trips...

  1. Determine ahead of time if this is going to be a trip for complete relaxation or a trip to do everything. Regardless of which you choose, be willing to go with the flow.
  2. Relax and enjoy the time. Sounds simple, but many of us don't know how to slow down.
  3. If you're at the beach, you don't have to put in a lot of effort. Let the sun's natural glow be your make up and don an easy, comfortable dress. However, don't forget the accessories.
  4. Women tend to overpack and that includes food. Let the organizers plan out a food list or your counters, cabinets and fridge will be overflowing. lol. 
  5. Get a great money sharing app like Venmo. It's secure and will make paying for gas, groceries, dinner tabs etc a breeze! Bonus: the ca-ching of the cash register when some one sends you money is so satisfying. 
  6. Don't be wishy-washy like me. If you signed up for an event ahead of time, stick with it. (I did stick with it, but I waffled a little. That's an annoying habit for the planners of the group.
  7. If it's a bigger group, bring an interactive game to get you all together. The quiet ones may only talk if they've been prompted, and they always have great things to say!
Well, my friends I do believe I've said quite enough. Have you been on any girl getaways lately? I'd love to hear about it and if you have any tips to add to the list above!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Olive Green is My Jam

Gold Statement Earrings/WrapBracelet

And that's it. That's it for normal pics in this outfit. Obviously, I had a little too much fun at the cupcake shop. For those of you who are new to my blog you can read the start of my cupcake adventures here. For the rest of you fabulous readers, you're either over it or ready to see another flavor variety. ;)

However before I chat about sweets, let's chat about my latest accessory addition: the olive green scarf!  While shopping for a dress to take on our cruise (my first cruise ever is coming up!), the stylish at White House Black Market brought me this scarf to add to my dressing room. I think she knew once I wrapped this beauty around my neck there would be no going back. She was correct.  I fell in the with the complimenting color and light material. Olive green is my jam! I need more items to wear around my face that are olive green! I bet this color compliments most skin tones. Here's a look at the dress I found! It's on sale of course. :)

Now back to this outfit...this outfit is the perfect example of giving new life to older shirts/pants with  updated accessories. This top was a cast off and it's missing a button. "Ah, just throw a scarf on over it!" That is not my habit, but until I find a white button I like to replace it this one will have to do.

I purchased the pants some time ago at LOFT, but I'll post a couple of alternatives below.

Outfit Breakdown:
Scarf: SimilarWindowpane Print/Oxford: Old/Camo Pants:Old/Booties (Limited Sizes, DSW Option)/Jewelry: Gold Statement Earrings/WrapBracelet/Purse: B Markowsky; OLD


***Cupcake Adventures***

I selected this red velvet and chocolate cupcake for a friend that was moving to Florida. She graduated from UGA, so this just made sense. As I made my way over to her house, the Instagram stories were already underway, documenting my short travels. I pulled into her driveway and look around. Why did it feel like a ghost town? I texted.

Me: "Hey girl. Where are you?"
Friend: "On the road."
Me: "On the road to where? Florida??"
Friend: "Yes. We decided to get on the road early for the kid's sake." (They have a 2 year old and a set of 6 month old twins.)
Me: I texted one of the video clips of her cupcake. 
Friend: "I guess you will have to eat that one."
Me: "In a house of 4 boys, I'm sure I can find a taker." LOL

This is when the element of surprise fails. My first cupcake delivery fail! It's all a part of this adventure I'm on. There's been many and I look forward to more to come. 

Well, I must know my reader friends. Is olive green your jam right now?? Until next time! :)

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