Monday, October 23, 2017

Long Cardigan, Kicks & Cupcake Adventures

It's a gorgeous evening. One of the few left to enjoy before fall is fully upon us with early sunsets. I take in my surroundings and feel blessed to be alive. Before I know it I'm lost in my thoughts; one of my favorite places to be - I'm a dreamer after all. A dreamer that anticipates the next thing, while savoring the quiet moment. Is it possible to do both? To be content, while waiting with expectation for the the unexpected? I believe it is.  At least I believe it is when you know your life is already planned out. Or better explained, there is a master plan unfolding each day that I get to join up with. Somedays I listen. My prayer is to add more days that I listen and less days when I'm distracted by the unnecessary.

And so today I wonder at what my next adventure will be. Will it be exciting? Will it be a painful lesson that will bring about necessary change? How about a trip to Italy??? I won't hold my breath for too long on that one, but a girl can DREAM! However a girl also can't complain, in less than thirty minutes I MUST be done with this post and headed out for our first cruise ever! Can't wait to share the that adventure with you.

You know something else I find adventurous? Meeting up with a friend I haven't seen in years, or a chance meeting with someone likeminded and we end up talking for over an hour. That actually happened at the coffee shop recently. A new friend and I shared our thoughts and hearts about music, God and more over lattes. THAT! The unpredictable, unplanned blessings that may arise in an otherwise ordinary day is what puts the inspiration to my outfit and the spring to my step. I'm serious. Anyone relate?? I love people. Most days. ;) wink. wink. After a people filled week I also love total quiet.

What about YOU?? What do you dream about?? What do you find adventurous??? 

Photos taken by Rachael at Aurora Photography

Now let's chat about this outfit.  It's one of my "me" styles; cozy, comfy mixed with a little trendy as well as a little fun. The sweater is by American Eagle from last fall season, the top from a Target clearance find and the denim by Judy Blue are from a local boutique. As far as the backpack purse, if you've visited my blog more than once you've seen it! I love that I've found a purse so versatile and practical for my on the go lifestyle and I love that I'm getting a lot of bang for my buck with this one. 

Right Direction Ring
 I kept the jewelry simple but evident. ;) What's your go to style? What do you feel most comfortable in? 
Left: Spiffy BraceletSweetie Pie Ring Right: Inner Strength Bracelet
True North NecklaceInner Strength Bracelet
Shop the look with exacts or similar options...


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****Cupcake Adventures****

My adventures in cupcakes continues from week to week! I may not be able to get up there as much as I did in the summer, but I refuse to let that free cupcake go to waste. (see back story here). Anyway,  on a recent visit I came in specifically for the Pumpkin Spice cupcake. Oh yeah. It's good. While chatting about all the things I love about pumpkin, I joked and stated that there should be pumpkin cheesecake sitting beside the other options. This prompted a silly IG story post  (do you follow me there yet??) , where I took my suggestion up a step and made my "request" official.  Then I went about my day.

However, the next morning I received this pic in a message...

 I couldn't wait to get back up there to try their pumpkin cheesecake!

Now don't think I've neglected the cupcakes. With my crazy schedule I'm unable to travel far to surprise folks with a cupcake, but I had a friend or two in the "neighborhood" with birthdays this month. Easy peasy!

Here's a couple up shots from an evening delivery I recorded onto Snapchat and stories. My sweet friend was hard at work shredding chicken in the kitchen when I arrived on her door step. What made us both laugh was when her teenage daughter came down the stairs and became apart of the evening's stories. It so happened that her birthday was the next day AND I had an extra cupcake in the van! I mean, come on!! I ran out to the van to get the other cupcake.

My night was made and I returned home with a smile on my face. October continues and therefore pumpkin spice remains on the menu. There will be more! ;)

Well, that is all for now my friends! Much love,


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  1. Oh, this is a super comfy look, Chrissy! It's right up my alley, I just don't want to dress up everyday, but you can still look cute in a super casual outfit. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Me either! And I agree, we can look put together in a super casual outfit. Thank you for visiting the blog. I love to hear from others. :)

  2. Long cardi, distressed jeans and cute tennies, exactly how I love to dress in the Fall!! YOU are sooooo adorable, just love that face and all your sweetness sand your love of pumpkin!!! Have a fabulous day 'punkin!"

    1. Thank you dearly, Andrea. You always know just what to say. :) How fun to have someone to share in my love of pumpkin in the fabulous fall season. I hope you're thoroughly enjoying your weekend!

  3. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I love pumpkin soup and pickled pumpkins. Does your cupcake provider also do pumpkin cupcakes? LOL. I love cheesecake. Your pies look great, but why so many? Ok, you have all boys, but do they really eat like wolverines?

    1. Haha! Indeed they do devour much. ;) And Splat does make pumpkin cupcakes. It's one of my favorites! ;)

  4. waoo you look fabulous darling.. & amazing style girl..likes your pictures....! best wordpress themes


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