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TBB Asks - Things You're Thankful For

Hello my friends! I'm excited to share this month's TBB asks post! I wish I had more shots of the outfit I'm sporting in the above picture but some days it's enough to get myself and family out the door! In addition, finding the time to shop for great deals on clothes is a challenge these days. However, I did manage to find the top and coordinating cardigan at a local boutique for $5 and $10! The rest of my shopping seems to be happening online lately. 

Okay, enough about that sad picture. Let's get right into the questions!

1.  A New Friend
These last few months have been rich in conversation with new, developing friendships. Isn't it funny how you can see someone regularly at church, work etc and then in one conversation or fun hang out, a beautiful friendship begins to form?  I'm learning to be intentional with the friendships I have, as well as keeping the "circle" open for others that come along. 

Guard your "safe friendships" and then remember to keep the circle open. 





2.  Something Shiny
These fabulous statement earrings. And may I stretch it a little and say the way the sun glistened over the water?? Shiny. I'm just drawn to it. 

3.  Someone unexpected
Winning a cupcake a day for a year from a local bakery was certainly unexpected, but even more of a surprise is this sweet young lady who started working there this year!

my Splat friend 
4.  Something Ordinary
I'm thankful for silly moments with my are a few pictures from our scavenger hunt at the mall that I threw together. Don't be fooled by my eldest's expression. He actually participated and enjoyed himself!

Right before "go" time...

Team 1 - Big boys
Find something that girl's like to use to feel pretty...

The best part of waking up...
Team 2 - Little guys - and Mom
For the kitchen...

Find and take a picture with Mickey Mouse

Something that helps you relax...

5.  A person you've known a long time
My momma. I mean, is there anyone I've known longer? ;) I'm so thankful for the laughs, drop ins, dinners, business encouragement and help with the kiddos - even at the last minute! 

6.  Somewhere you go everyday
Out of all the places I go, this is one of my sofa. I love to start the day snuggled up with a cup of coffee, my journal, a devotional or, if the day before was heavy/crazy,  I may just get lost in thought before the rest of the house awakens.

7.  Someone who's taught you something
Wowzer. Another toughie.  My classy mother in law has taught me the value of hard work, commitment, and all things fashion. In fact, I'm not sure I would be blogging if it wasn't for her. Thank you for all the shopping trips, Karen my dear! 

8.  A far-away place 
My husband and I aren't planners so we've not intentionally traveled together much. However, this year we used my birthday and our 17th wedding anniversary as an excuse to plan a cruise (with the help of some friends - haha!). Anyway, we cruised to Nassau, Bahamas. When I woke up to this sight it took my breath away. I'm thankful for this well known and quite small island in the Caribbean.  

9.  Something that's saving your life right now 
This book. I'm so thankful for the beautiful minds of those that dig deep into the Bible and then expound on the truths they find to help enlighten the more challenged (me!!!). I dig on my own and am amazed at what God reveals to me, but this guy - he takes it up a notch and richly explains GRACE. One word. One incredible, deep and often misunderstood word. 

10. Someone you see every day
These people. I see these fabulous, precious people every day!

11. Something you enjoy doing
Man this is a hard one, because there are lots. Let's see, watching girly movies in cozy comfort!

 Meeting up with friends at local shops for sweet conversation!

Trying new beauty products.
Of course playing in my closet. :)

12. Someone female
My sister. I've had so many adventures, laughs, shared tears, etc with this beauty. She just gets me!

13. A special place
That would be Splat Cakes and such.  So many past adventures and adventures still to come with the unexpected prize I won back in April,  for a free cupcake a day - for a year!  I've made new friends, brought family/guests from out of town, shared laughs and hopefully blessed a few folks along the way. My favorite aspect of this cupcake adventure is when I get texts, tags etc from friends who drop in at the bakery...

14. Someone male
Oh that would be my hubby. The one who can make me laugh, drive me crazy, challenge me, support me, encourage me - sweet hubby. Here's pics from Halloween. As I mentioned in a previous TBB asks, I wear my wedding dress on Halloween for kicks. This year I was Christine from Phantom of the Opera and wore it to a couple's get together. Friends said we needed to renew our vows, so our pastor officiated for us...I know. We are goofballs. 

15. Something warm
This bomber jacket I found on clearance at Altar'd State (love their after Christmas sales!!). It's reversible, but as much as I love showcasing the fur-lined side, it feels fabulous to wear it on the inside. I'm looking forward to cooler days just so I can wear this again! 

Well my friends, that is plenty for today! What are you thankful for this month??




  1. Oh, I love that bomber jacket. Too cute! How fun that you made a mall scavenger hunt. I love that!! And omg, you won a cupcake a day for a whole year?! I LOVE THAT! I'd be making people go with me all the time.


    1. haha! I know! And thank you. The mall scavenger hunt was a desperate attempt at finding something I could do with all four of my boys. The age gap makes it tricky and well, a 15 year old just makes it tricky! Thank you for commenting!!

  2. The fact that you can still fit into your wedding dress amazing! And you won a cupcake a day for a whole year, that is probably the coolest thing I've heard of in a while! :) I would totally make everyone I know go with me, hehe. Do you have some sort of punch card? How do they know how many you've eaten, hehe. Thanks for linking up with us on TBB!

    1. Thank you! I told my husband that this may be my last year in the wedding dress, as he struggled to get the zipper up. lol!! No punch card for the cupcakes. They are a small shop and know me well. ;)

  3. The more I read your blog the more I adore you Chrissy. You are a breath of fresh air! Such a beauty, funny, and with a heart for Jesus! You are the whole package my friend!

    1. Thank you dearly Kellyann. Truly, you are one of the bloggers that keeps me going when i think I'm wasting my time writing to cyberspace. Thanking God for my blogger friends for sure!

  4. You're so beautiful inside and out!!! I am thankful for the blogging world bringing you into my life!!! One day..we shall meet for reals!!!! My sofa is my favorite place too!! You look so cute and cozy!!

    1. Aww Andrea, seriously! You and Kellyann are part of my blogging motivation. And yes to meeting for reals!! I hope your sweet momma had a fabulous birthday!

  5. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing on the link up over at A Pocketful of Polka Dots' Fabulous Friday.


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