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The Holiday Series: Black Friday Getup

Guten tag. It's another day in the blog world and I feel great to be alive. Once again I'm energized by the developing friendships with you sweet ladies! Ada, from Elegance and Mommyhood continues her hard work and fab Holiday Series post with a Black Friday outfit inspiration! Still need Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out the first post of the series HERE.

When I think of the crowded stores, unpredicatble temps, the possibility of carrying a lot of bags, etc, I plan my outfit to be comfortable and smart!
First, I start with comfortable shoes and this year I'm happy to have my trendy and cute Adidas to tromp around in. Then I go for my absolute favorite pair of pants - these joggers from the GAP. Already in the works are plans to hit up my local GAP for another pair. Lastly, I usually layer a long sleeve tee with a warm vest. This way I can suffer through a little cold while going in and out of stores, but don't have to deal with a bulky jacket once inside.  

Our actual Black Friday will be spent in the car with my family, as we will be traveling back from Illinois. Nowadays, stores begin their black Friday sales BEFORE Thanksgiving, so I will be shopping on Black Tuesday or Black Wednesday with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It is our yearly tradition! ;) 

Of course I have to accessorize a little with some simple bracelets, maybe throw in a bar necklace and some hoop earrings. But if the bracelets are it, I still feel put together.

Outfit Breakdown:
Tee: the Limited (Target Option)/Vest: Cast Off (GAP option)/Joggers: GAP (similar, Velour option)/Adidas (exact)/Wrap Bracelet: Premier (It's A Wrap), (White Color Play)

What about you?? What are your Black Friday plans? Are you going out? Will you be shopping from home? Or no thank you to any of it?

I close with a couple of snapshots from our coffee shop adventures. If you follow my blog, you know I love popping into our local coffee and baker shops. This week it was a newer place, Tradewinds Coffee Company.  I sipped on an Island Mocha, while my boys attempted to play chess. It's the little stops like this that add extra sweetness to what could be an otherwise mundane, task oriented day!

Please take a moment to check out the rest of the Black Friday Inspiration shots with these beautiful ladies!


Whitney: "As much as I love shopping, I am not a Black Friday shopper.  I prefer to sleep-in, eat Thanksgiving leftovers and avoid the major crowds.  I still love holiday shopping expeditions, though!  It's fun to look festive but comfort is really key for a day of walking around and carrying shopping bags!"

Linda: "In Canada we are still going full out on Black Friday but I do like dressing a little festive knowing that you are enjoying a special Holiday. Wearing my new embroidered blazer from Target with a pair of plaid pants I have owned for a few years.I will not be hitting the sales on Black Friday but I will be thinking of all my American Friends enjoying this time with their families."

Shelbee: "For Black Friday shopping at the mall, I must be warm and comfortable for waiting in outside lines.  But I also must wear enough layers to shed if I get too hot.  I chose a lightweight hoodie, stretchy jeggings, and flat boots for lots of walking.  I layered up with a leather jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves. Minimal jewelry to prevent snagging...just earrings and my wedding ring.  Let's go shopping! "

Kellyann: "This is an outfit I'd wear if I was actually going shopping on Black Friday.  A crossbody bag is a necessity for me so my hands are free to shop! I want to be comfortable so I chose skinny jeans, a lightweight plaid shirt, and a v-neck sweater to keep me warm.  Knowing my Florida climate as I do, the sweater will come off by noon!  Right now I'm only planning on shopping online.  I want to spend as much time as possible with my boys and soak up all that I have to be thankful for."

Jennie: "I rarely actually go to any stores on Black Friday and stick to shopping on my laptop, but this year I may actually visit our local outlet mall and catch some sales. A lightweight jacket, hat, and boots will keep me warm and comfortable throughout the day without extra bulk."

Chrissy: "Black Friday has always been a fun shopping adventure to me. I can recall standing in crazy lines for Bath & Body Works candles and Air Freshner plug-ins. However, for the last 3 years my Black Friday shopping is now on “Black Tuesday or Wednesday” with my mother in law and sister in law in central Illinois. On official Black Friday you’ll find me traveling on the road back to GA with hubby and boys."

Lee: "This year on Black Friday instead of running around spending money and buying things we don't need I am going to volunteer.  I am apart of a local service league which holds an event called Christmas House which gives underprivileged children a new coat, 2 toys, and 2 new books for Christmas (or whatever holiday they celebrate).  In order to have the items to offer we work with other companies to raise money or get donations.  This year to get books we have partnered with Barnes and Noble (New Hope Commons Durham NC).  As part of our partnership we will 'man' the gift wrapping table.  So my black Friday will be spent wrapping gifts for shoppers at Barnes and Noble while spreading the word about Christmas House.  Head to my blog to learn more."

Kristin: "Since I live in Germany, Black Friday isn't as big of an occasion as it is in the States. This year I'm going to be shopping online so I can still get in on all of the sales! I'm always looking for great deals on expensive winter items like boots, coats, and cashmere."

Kimberly: "I would wear something comfortable and dress in layers so I can take things off if its crowded or the stores are hot.  A lightweight/loose top, vest and scarf would complete my look."

Ada: "This year on Black Friday I will be working and give or take I am going to be out and about for 12 hours straight so a comfy and warm outfit with black skinny jeans - still work-appropriate - a black long-sleeve wool tee and one of my long and cozy chenille cardigans will be what I will wear. I chose burgundy desert booties for comfort and a wool-blend blanket scarf to keep warm. My workplace is doing the "Simply Give" event this year on Black Friday. I will be doing a food-drive for families in need and after that a mittens+socks drive+deliver. Between all the driving and being in an out of my car, I wanted a layered look. I think my 'Fall Uniform' is also perfect for shopping on Black Friday since layers are a must.

Lizzie: "On Black Friday, I like to wake up super early to take my siblings on a shopping spree in our PJ's. We have a lot of fun picking out presents for our family and making memories along the way."

Monica: "Oh Black Friday, so many people get up so early to go shopping and I think it's become its own holiday as well.  I like to be lazy Thanksgiving weekend and I'm not one of those people who wakes up early.  I worked in retail for about 10 years, so I like to sleep in and take my time shopping.  I usually can't find anything on Black Friday besides certain electronics.  So my plans are to sleep in, and relax until I'm ready to shop."

Michelle: "This outfit is totally ready for some Black Friday shopping. If you plan to shop online, then you will be cozy in this pullover and comfy leggings & if you plan to head out to stores, sneakers & a cross body bag are a must for a full day of shopping! Either way, go get those deals!"

Much love,



  1. Yep, the perfect shopping attire my gorgeous friend!!! LOVE!! The photo of the boys playing Chess was like de ja vu, I have a photo of our three playing checkers about that age, in a coffee shop!!! Wishing you and your beautiful family a most blessed Thanksgiving!! Hugs!!

    1. How sweet is that?! I need an extra wall in the house to post ordinary photos from ordinary days. I'm sure these are the days I'll miss the most!

  2. Looks like we all went for the same thing - comfy and stylish! I think I need to add a pair of Adidas to my Christmas wishlist!
    Happy Thanksgiving to one of the most beautiful souls!

    1. Thank you Kellyann! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I am blessed to know you through this blog world. And I say yes to those Adidas!

  3. yes I see we both had the same idea! Happy Thanksgiving to you and nice to meet you!

    1. Nice to meet you Kimberly! Looking forward to more "visits" in the future. :J)

  4. Chrissy you are always sweet and thoughtful in how you word these posts so thank you. =) This outfit is 100% you and it has my stamp of approval 100%, because it is THE TYPE of outfit to wear on Black Friday. I mentioned on my post today how we all went for cozy layers and similar looks. Fashion blogging be damned, comfort comes first especially in one of America's busiest days of the year lol.

    Lastly, I love that photo of your boys. As you know I am a huge fan of little cafes, especially those in cute down-towns. When you make it to MI one day, we will visit several! =D

    Wishing you and all the men in your life a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving in Illinois! (P.P.S. Michigan is only a few hours away from IL, come on!!)

    1. Thank you Ada. You're so right. This outfit seems to be the theme of my life right now. Come to think of it, my next post is athleisure. Ah well, dressier posts are coming soon. :)

      I wish I could hop in the car and pay you a visit - how fun would that be?! One day! And a coffee shop sounds fabulous.

  5. The athleisure look is so perfect for Black Friday shopping. And don't you love that sneakers are in!? I'm finding that I wear a cute pair of sneakers more than any other kind of shoe these days!

    1. Yes to all those sneakers. It has made life comfy and sweet. ;)

  6. That's a super cute casual look for Black Friday shopping. I try to avoid the stores on that day...I know, I know, and just shop online. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Julie! :) It's so nice to have you stop by the blog. No judgement here. I no longer shop the crowds, but I sure wish I was better at online shopping! You have a great Thanksgiving as well!

  7. Looks great! Nice post!


  8. Chrissy, you are so adorable! I love that you went with joggers. This is the perfect outfit for shopping in stores or at home. I love it! Another fun collaboration. I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving!


  9. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I hope you and your five boys had a great Thanksgiving and not only tons of cupcakes. Love your look. You could so wear it in Alaska.


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