Thursday, February 22, 2018

Scoop Neck Sweater & My First Bralette

Hello beautiful! I hope your week is going well so far. We are settling back into a routine after battling the flu all last week. Crazy enough my strain only lasted about 24 hours with no other symptoms other than a headache, feeling weak and achy all over. Those who were hit with it full force had fevers and an aching, shaking, misery that made me want to run for the hills! My hubby still has a persisting cough that's driving him nuts (maybe me as well), but we are grateful to be out of quarantine.

Back to Life. Back to Reality.

Yes! Back to another reality...I'm back with another item from my recent haul at Altar'd State, featuring a dreamy sweater for a cozy, casual and slightly minimal look. The overall outfit is a coming together, if you will, of old and new, clearance and gift card as well as my personal favorite: the local touch, which items I purchased from friends or were gifted by friends. :)

Let's start with the jacket, one of my oldest residing articles of clothing. It's classic, warm and easy like Sunday morning. From there I give you the perfect green scarf that is both "old" and local. A friend of mine is quite the entrepreneur and you just never know what she will have in her stock to sell. This scarf was one of my favorite items that I purchased from her. Also pictured here is the handbag by Aldo that I used my gift card at DSW for. GREAT choice! There are so many prints - check them out here!

This soft, creamy sweater from Altar'd State meets my boots from last year's semi-annual clearance sale and it's a match made in heaven. The destructed denim are by Judy Blue, some denim company from California that Marisa Jill's Boutique carries here in Georgia. Don't you love how that works?

Shelby Wrap Bracelet

Burgundy Stretch Tassel Bracelet
Earrings: Brinley & Co
My bracelets are by Premier Designs and the leather earrings from Brinley & Company were a sweet gift at Christmas. It may look like I'm wearing only one, but the other one turned on me. Traitor.  I think it's also important to point out that I'm wearing my first bralette ever! The straps are so wide that it feels less like a bra and more like a tank. This combo right here will carry the new sweater over to spring perfectly!

Outfit Breakdown:

Coat: Eddie Bauer (OLD)/Scoop Neck Sweater: Altar'd State Clearance (Free People Option, Cashmere Pricey)/Bralette: Altar'd State/Denim: Judy Blue at Marisa Jill's Boutique/Boots: Altar'd State Clearance (Khols Option, Khols Option)/Earrings: Brinley & Co (All Sorts!)/Bralette: Altar'd State (Same StyleMore Options)/Bracelet: Shelby Wrap by PremierBurgundy Stretch Tassel Bracelet/Handbag: Aldo (DSW)
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All right my dear, there you have it. A mix with the old and  is there a store that you wait in anticipation for their annual sale?  They rarely disappoint! I close with some ridiculous silliness directed by my 8 year old.

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. Holy cow, you look soooo Amazing! Look at those cheekbones! These are really good photos, I might add one to my collection for Monday! I LOVE bralettes, epecially the wider strap ones. They take a casual look up a fun, femine notch! That green is such a fabulous shade and I want those jeans. Is that a boutique in your area? Im coming down, you have the BEST stores! Love ya girl, stay healthy, my hubs too has the lasting cough and now have his cold. Ugh. Going to make a cup of tea now! xo

    1. Yes! Come on down and let's hit those boutiques. You're probably fabulous at picking out just the right items, which is wear I'm challenged. And thank you for your sweet compliments. You make a girl smile from the inside out! :) Enjoy that cup of tea!

  2. Supermodel Chrissy! I swear girl you are so beautiful - just a natural beauty and this outfit in these colors, well, they are yours my friend! You find all the best deals and throw them together with that creative mind of yours and knock our socks off. I love the bralettes with thicker straps because yes, they are more like wearing a tank which makes me way more comfortable! You rock this look girl!

    1. You are so sweet. Thank you. I have a host of flaws but I'm learning to accept myself as I am and enjoy pictures with great, natural lighting. haha! :) Thanks for being a friend in the blog world Kellyann!

  3. I love everything about this outfit! The sweater with the side pocket, the scarf the jacket the boots, oh my! Great outfit friend. Glad that you are all feeling better!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it seems that the least thought about outfits are the best ones, as is the case with this one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. What a great combo of old and new, Chrissy!! Don't you just love Altar'd State? They have such amazing items and such a great mission!!

    1. I agree about Altar'd state...and thank you. I love to find as many uses as possible for everything that comes into my closet!

  5. I really love the color of the scarf! Beautiful!

  6. Finally, getting some moments to play catch-up with my blog reading! Feel bad that it's been awhile since I've popped in here! But, I love getting to see you on IG. This is such a great look on you! It seems to really speak to who you are. We don't have an Altar'd State anywhere near here, so I'm not super familiar with them, but you always seem to find great things! WHBM are always my big sale joys! And i have to say how amazing those earrings are! I couldn't see them on IG, but they really are fabulous! Not that I'm surprised!��

  7. Oh my friend you did it again, layering neutrals and basics so beautifully. I love that shade of green and that pretty knitted scarf. Used to have one like it. Also, I must say you need to wear green more often. And I love bralettes though not all of them work on me. I am not huge but pretty busty and some bralettes are like meant for A & B cups lol.

    Looking forward to next Sundayyyy!!

    P.S. Hope all is well now and Glen is all out of the flu!!


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