Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Velvet Blazer & The TBB Asks for February

Hey! Today I'm excited to participate in The Blended Blog's Ask edition for February. And with it being February what better theme is there than "All About Love"?? As for my outfit, I'll be keeping it short and sweet with a spotlight on my favorite blazer, which happens to be a hand-me-down from a friend. So let's get right to it...

It was a shop my closet type of day, with little time to spare for outfit preparations. Since the gray-purple blazer also features several different colored flowers, there's plenty of accessory options. On this occasion, my favorite scarf hung languidly from the closet door, calling out to me so I made the quick decision to accent olive green. My burgundy handbag has been on repeat lately and was already packed with wallet and other necessities. Done.

I kept it simple with my black slacks/leggings ("Sleggings"), threw on my black and white plaid tunic from the GAP and decided on my latest boots with an odd addition of lace-cuff boot socks. I don't know. I just wanted to add them.

From there, I grabbed my gold statement earrings with a coordinating delicate chain, and ran out the door with barely a second glance.  This ensemble was perfectly comfortable, but seeing this outfit in pictures makes me question a few details. Perhaps I should try a different pair of pants, or a different pair of shoes. What do you think??

Alright, here a few links to the highlighted accessories and then we are moving right on to the questions!!

Outfit Breakdown:

Shoes: Pikolinos (Le Mans) / Purse: Aldo (DSW find)/ Earrings: Premier (Sabrina)
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1. Kisses or Hugs? Hugs. Lot's of hugs from ALL my boys. But I guess I'll take kisses too. ;)

2. Candy or Flowers? Both. hehe. I want to appeal to all the senses. Or have all my senses appealed to.

3. Baking or Cooking? Cook. Pick up chocolate covered strawberries. hehe.

4.  Do you remember your first kiss? Yes. It was a very sweet, Disney style peck when I was a freshman in high school. I was afraid of boys for quite some time and it kept me out of trouble. hah.

5.  Favorite color of roses? Red, pink and white

6.  Conversation hearts, yes or no? fun to send messages with but I don't like to eat them

7.  Do you leave love notes? Not great at this. Man I'm a terrible Valentine's gal.

8.  Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? No. See??? Terrible. But I do have a hand towel someone gave that I'm going to put out.

9.  Red or Pink? both!

10. Milk, white or dark chocolate? milk and dark

11. Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in real full blown infatuation at first sight with sweet, real but not always easy to love to follow. How romantic is that?? Boo, right??

12.  Do you give humorous or serious Valentine Cards? Humorous

13.  Favorite Chick Flick or Romantic Movie? THAT's Hard. Pride and Prejudice is up there, as well as some of these...

A few of my favorites...
14. Stay in or Go out? We usually stay in and I think this post has inspired me to go the extra mile and make it a fun night at home for the whole family. The local bakery makes delicious chocolate strawberries so I may need to start there!!

Thank you for reading!! Have a wonderful week!



  1. LOVE! First, let’s talk about the very pretty velvet blazer! Such a fun piece! Your answers were so sweet! Chocolate covered strawberries are always a good idea! I hope you got my email! My heart is full thanks to your precious heart! xo

    1. I'm so glad you included me in this fun series from TBB. Thank you for always bringing me along. :)

  2. Well dang girl, you are killin it with the cuteness here! You wear this style so well! Love that blazer and these pictures are just beyond gorgeous - that setting is magnificent!
    Your answers are just as sweet as can be just like you my friend. I do hope you do something fun for the family - we used to make chocolate fondue for dessert - delish!!!

    1. Haha! Thank you Kellyann. Did you feel like you became a full time blogger this week with all your extra link up work??

  3. I am terrible too! We don t even celebrate V day! I dont give a s...about it. What can I say, I am Jjus not romantic!

    1. Nothing wrong with that, right? We show love in other ways. ;)

  4. I love this simple, but super cute outfit Chrissy! I am in love with the embroidery and the texture of the jacket and the adorable touch of the flowers. It really adds a feminine touch to the outfit. I'm also a huge fan of that tote, it's really functional and totally my type of 'mommy bag'. Seriously, I can through the kids essentials in it, and all of my junk and go.

    1. Thank you Gigi! You're feedback is fun and full of detail. I love it. And you're absolutely right about this "mommy bag". I use it for that and more!! Thank you visiting and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. What a great post! I love the question/answer format! What a great idea to include the entire family! I like buying candy for my Dad and my sister because they are both alone, but I'm not planning to include them in my Valentine's festivities, LOL! I think your outfit was the perfect casual look!

    1. Thank you! That's sweet that you buy candy for your dad and sister though. It's a good reminder to be thoughtful to those who may feel alone during this time.

  6. Chrissy, you know I adore this blazer and combined with those boots, I swooned! And I am not very good at romance or Valentine's Day either. Just not my thing! I am all about laughter and humor though. Great post!


    1. Yes for all the laughter and humor. We need to keep it light or go crazy, right?? Thank you for commenting Shelbee! :)


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