Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Today Is A Flowy Shirt Day, A Sale Round Up & Nail Drama

Hello my sweets. Today I'm unloading a little style, a thirst for sales and a little "drama", so hang on.  The story begins with temperatures reaching the mid to high 60s. I feel like Cinderella being awakened by the song of chirping birds, beckoning me to leave the dream world. And just like Cinderella there's little time for relaxing in bed. My feet hit the floor and I outwardly groan in protest. Coffee calls and I answer. Before long it's time to get dressed begin the day.

The warmer temps and breezy atmosphere put me in the mood for a frilly, flow-y shirt. One item after another is added to this flowy shirt and before long I'm smiling. No one needs to know that I can no longer zip these pants all the way to the top. It doesn't matter. They don't move anyway. AND I'm wearing a flowy shirt. ;)

These shoes are an old clearance find from Nordstrom Rack. I now have two pairs of sandals in the same exact color, which I usually try to avoid but my clothing app is "broken" and I have a terrible memory. Here's a picture of the new ones...

Those are different enough, right?? Help me out here...trying to justify. ;)

Finally, I add my go-to pink earrings that I have on repeat these days. They are light, a perfect spring color and they draw attention to my face (as one blogger pointed out on IG) and away from a potential pants disaster. ;) Kidding. Those pants aren't moving, remember?

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: WHBM/Pants: WHBM/Bralette: Altar'd State/Shoes: Nordstrom Rack/Earrings: Plunder Designs/Bracelet: Premier Designs : Flirty/Ring: Premier Designs (Sienna - 5 Piece Set)
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 The Altar'd State Sale Round-Up

As I've mentioned in recent posts, I nabbed up several great deals at Altar'd State back in January that I knew would continue to work for me in the beginning stages of spring. Sadly, I have no links for these items, as they are long gone, but I thought it would be fun to share the all the finds in one post.

Vest, Booties, & Nail Polish
The scarf that also resides with a dear blogger friends, my now favorite shoes, a vest and a random bottle of nail polish!
Burnout Kimono
Floral, Fabulous Kimono
Rose Gold
I love this clutch and card wallet. I keep my necessities in them and then toss them into whatever I want for the day!
Nuetrals & More Booties
Another great shoe find, a cozy sweater and I couldn't resist this camo tee!
Romantic Lace
Sigh. Just so pretty.
Boho Dreams
Stop it! I can't stand it!

Nail Drama

I finally treated myself to a manicure, a GEL manicure. This is a rare treat and I love, love, love having my nails done. Here's how the story goes...

I'm driving down the road and catch a glimpse of my hands as I switch radio stations.

Ugh. These nails. Even after months of collagen supplements my nails are thin and peeling.

I pull up to my next stop and notice the nail salon right next door. Before I can talk myself out of it I'm walking through the door, brandishing my sad nails to the attendants. They console me and pat my shoulders assuring me they can get my hands "ring worthy".

I sit down and before I know it I'm agreeing to gel nails and to testing out their new gel nail polish that requires no UV lighting.

"It's better for you."

In less than an hour my nails are pretty and completely dry. I thank the sweet ladies and go about the rest of the day, periodically glances at my newly manicured nails. Ahhh, it's so nice.

Fast forward and one of the nails start chipping. There's no time to run up to the salon for a repair, so I decided to try the next day.

Another nail begins to chip.

I make my way over to the salon and they don't hesitate to fix the chipping nail polish, but this requires some filing down and another coat on all the nails.

I leave happy once again. My fun money is not wasted afterall!

Fast forward a few more days...the day of this outfit. It's a beautiful day. I get some blog pictures done and then take my boys over to get ready for the children's musical that evening.

Mom's are milling around everywhere, helping their little actors, singers or dancers into costume and eventually a few of us end up chatting about this, that or the other.

I don't remember what we were talking about but at some point I felt this strange sensation, as if I just lost something.

In the next moment, one friend says...

"Nail, You lost your nail."

I look at my hand and sure enough, my nail polish popped clean off!

The other women look down at the floor and we all laugh as we see the errant nail laid face up on the carpet.

"My Lee Press On Nail!!"

That's how I felt friends. I felt like my Lee Press On nail glue plum wore off. Now, I'm not making fun of anyone that uses something like this, but my past experiences with Lee Press Ons aren't the greatest.

Maybe I need to try the "active wear" nails! ;)

Anyway, after polling Instagram I've learned that this has happened to several ladies that opted for gel nails, so it most likely has nothing to do with the latest and greatest UV Free gel polish, but more to do with the oils in my nails.

So what say you? Are you a clearance hound or do you get those initial sales with 20% to 40% off retail price? If you get gel manicures, does the nail polish pop off in one full swoop?? I may have been slightly embarrassed by my experience, but I shared a good few laughs over it!  ;)

Hope you're week is sprinkled with fun style, great sales and a little silliness here and there!



  1. haha - I remember the days of LeePress On. Why we thought nails would stay on with a little sticker? Beyond me haha!
    I love your crop khaki's - so stylish looking!!!
    I love your ring too in the nailless (haha) pic! I love big rings

    1. Thank you! Yes! They repaired that one nail but they are all chipping now. lol. And thank you for your sweet comments. I know look forward to your feedback - you're such a fun "commenter". I know. Not actually a word, but it should be. Especially in the blog realm. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I have never had anything like that happen with nail polish. What a HOOT!! Lol!! I just love that fuzzy pink scarf. I also love your pink earrings with this flowy top!


    1. Thank you Carrie. Laugh with me! We need to find mirth in this crazy life. ;) I do love those pink earrings. I'm so glad you stopped by. Hope you're having a great week!

  3. Mine don’t take long to chip for sure

    1. Ok. so, I'm not alone! Thank you for chiming in! I love hearing from you!

  4. Wow I love your sale round up from Altar'd State - you scored some major deals!
    I can relate to your nail drama. I have oily nail beds and NOTHING stays on. I get a little more wear when I layer a few products but nothing lasts as long as it should and I am always able to peel or pop off a gel manicure. Heck I had my nails dipped and that didn't last either. I popped those off too!
    I do love how my nails look painted so I save my $$$ and do them myself.
    You are not only beautiful but a very talented story teller as well my friend!

    1. Kellyann, your words made my afternoon. I can't explain it. I was rushing around like crazy today and when I read your comment, I had to stop and take it in a moment...thank the Lord for fab ladies, His gifting and timely blessings in kind words. And that is so interesting about the nails. It truly is a thing then!! Who knew!!

  5. I've almost given up on my nails... but I'm going to try Color street. We will see how it goes, but usually it doesn't stay on with all my typing!!!
    I have pants like that...tee hee....I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!

    1. Ouuu! I can't wait to hear how it goes with Color street. Tell us all!!!! :) And thank you for visiting Jodie. You're the best and I hope you have a great rest of the week!!

  6. One time a nail of mine wound up in cake batter, thank goodness I fished it out before I baked it, surprise nail cake, lol. You are one brilliant babe to do the cute bralette under an OTS! LOVE the flowy ease and I’ve got an earring crush! You are so funny, I swear you must keep your friends and family in stiches, such beauty and brains!!!!

    1. Bahahahahah! This truly made me laugh. Thank you for that and for your sweet, sweet words...like honey to the tea of my soul. ;) Hehe. I'm so silly. Seriously though - thank you!

  7. oooh I love this top & I'm obsessed with your shoes! Need them!


    1. Thank you! I love the color olive green right now...well pink as well...oh, and burgundy. lol. These colors make me happy!

  8. Oh Chrissy, you make me laugh! Mostly because you remind me of myself...nails popping off in public, pants that don't close but you wear anyway...yep, my kinda girl! Now, where the heck can I find an Altar'd State store? There are none around here that I'm aware of, but you always seem to find fabulous stuff at great prices!

    1. Haha! Thank you Ronnie! It's so good to know that I'm not alone in my silly-a little crazy-not so fancy kind of way. I do love Altar'd State...those sales only come twice a year but it just gives me something to look forward to!

  9. Oh how awful! I use gel polish myself and have no problems with it. Luckily your outfit is fantastic!😂😂😂😂

    1. Haha, right? Just bringing the fancy down by leaving nail "shells" where ever I go.

  10. I love the colour of your pretty blouse, paired with the pale pink it looks fabulous. I'd love you to stop over and join my #chicandstylish linkup x Jacqui

    1. Thank you Jacqui! I most certainly will and I added your link up to my "link ups" page. So excited to meet some new ladies. :)

  11. Well, since I had my daughter I prefer shopping in sales. I don't feel like spending money at all. :-))

    1. Hello Miri! It's so nice to meet you here in the blog world. I wish I could say that my boys had that effect on me, but I still enjoy spending some money here and there. lol. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!! :)

  12. Hahaha! First of all I never would have known the pants don't fit....they look amazing! And the nail story.....omg how did that happen?!? At least you got your pics in before it popped off!


    1. Hehe. Thank you Ruth. My situation worsened as the day as I ate more. ;) You're right. At least my pictures were complete!! Thank you for visiting Ruth. It's always a pleasure!!

  13. I admire your perseverance with nails!

    1. Haha, well only when I pay for the manicure. :) Thank you for visiting Michele. I love "meeting" new faces. Have a wonderful weekend!

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