Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Sweetest Outfit I've Ever Worn

Hey friends! What's up with the crazy socks, right?? If you've been following my blog for any length of time, then you probably know about my adventures in cupcakes that began last April. Here's a short recap:  I walked into Splat Cakes & Such bakery for the second time ever to celebrate their 1st birthday in business in Georgia. I went for the $1.00 cupcakes. 

However, I didn't know it yet, but I left with an adventure that turned into over 100 mini-adventures! What would I do with the gift of a free cupcake a day for a year? I'd certainly eat some, go on date nights with the hubby, my four boys would get plenty, but the true adventure arose when I began to share them with friends, acquaintances and even a few I didn't know. Each occasion was recorded and I grew excited when I realized how close I was to 100! 

Other Cute Socks HERE
Yes! What better way to end my year as the cupcake winner, than to go out with the blessing of being able to share fun, adventure, joy and great treats with over 100 different individuals or groups. So please join me in wrapping up an adventure that is very dear to my heart, starting with the latest cupcake deliveries and ending with a special surprise!!

Mini-Countdown to 100:

Here's numbers ninety-seven and ninety-eight...

Amy and her son get a red velvet and a chocolate temptation.


Kim gets a Chocoholic Cupcake while at work at the lovely Charmed Bridal Shop. 


One Hundred...

Meet Natalie, the 17 year old daughter of a friend. She volunteered to be my daughter for the evening so I could experience "what it would be like to have a daughter". We got our nails done, but this time I took the person to the cupcake. Natalie kept the jokes rolling and added pure delight to my week. My smile remained long after I dropped off my daughter for the evening. An evening prompted by a silly cupcake. 

Once again I'm reminded that I'm the biggest receiver in all of this! I hope you have a few more minutes hear about the stories behind certain pieces of my opening outfit! 

Little Surprises: The Story Behind the Headband

Meet Angie. I was on my way out the door when I noticed her cute casual tennis shoes. 

She was enjoying cupcakes and girl time with her friend so I felt slightly awkward interrupting them to compliment her shoes. But I did and before we knew it we were laughing and sharing about our favorite flavors. At some point in the conversation I commented about my free cupcake a day status and she became so excited for me. She then offered to make me a headband. 

"I'm going to make you a headband!  No, Seriously! I'm going to make you one!" 

Her friend happened to be wearing one...

Turns out she is the creator of AngEcanSew and makes custom headbands for lots of folks in the community and beyond. I was thrilled to be added to her list and it wasn't long before I received a message telling me there was a package waiting at Splat. With no time wasted, I added the bakery to my list of errands and eagerly retrieved my surprise, along with my favorite cupcake flavor - Date Night. 

With the items gifted to me back in February, I almost had enough to accessorize an entire outfit!

Remember the purse? Those cute little earrings? Check out the backstory on those HERE. Now we can add the headband!

Ok, do you have it in you for just a few more adventures/surprises????

Little Surprises: The Story Behind the Graphic Tee

Is my opening outfit making more sense now? But what about the fun socks? Well, I purchased those from Five Girls Fashion online boutique, when she featured a sale exclusively on her fashion socks. 

However, the tee came after I had posted my "coffee, coffee, coffee" graphic tee for the third or 4th time. It wasn't even five minutes after I posted my 4th outfit with the graphic tee, when I received a text from a friend stating that she felt like I needed a new tee and she had an idea already forming. 

A week later I received a package from Beats & Breath and my heart burst and my eyes filled with tears as I read her note and found 4 tees in the package!!!!

"Not only are you a 'local favorite', but you 'Shine'".

The idea was to keep two of the shirts, and share two with other "local favorites" who "shine". How sweet is that?? So Jen Gainey from Beats and Breath I accept your challenge to share these shirts! Check out her cute site HERE! Lots of great graphic tees to choose from.

Now where did I go in this sweet, sweet outfit?? 

To Splat of course! ;) Saturday was their 2 year birthday celebration and I needed to be in full "costume".  My heart was a mixture of joy with touches of sadness as I realized that the year had come and gone. Oh how I wish I could share every laugh, every giggle, every hug and every smile I encountered this year!  

I walked into Splat ever so slowly, savoring the memories and the emotions. This would not be the last time I entered the shop by any means. I made new friends and found a place that knows me by name, knows my favorite cupcake flavors (um, Wild Oats!), as well as how I like my coffee. I know each of their names and even the names of some of the other patrons.  The next cupcake winner would be blessed no matter what they choose to do with those delectable treats and I couldn't wait to see who it was. 

It wasn't long before I began seeing familiar faces...

Angie from AngEcanSew and sweet Chelsea, creator and designer of Seriously Happy Tees (yes the coffee, coffee, coffee tee). 

So for me, this outfit represents friendship, women supporting women, locals supporting locals and their families. This outfit represents love and adventure. This outfit, as silly as it is, represents what beautiful community can look like. It's the sweetest outfit I've ever worn. ;) 

And right as the day ended; every cupcake was sold, the members of Splat said they had a surprise for me. Even as I type tears are welling up - come on! I'm in a local coffee shop!!

The Splat Team presented me with this...

Free Cupcakes For Life - One Per Day

I was overcome and continue to be so!  Would there still be a drawing for a year of cupcakes? Oh yes! In fact, they've already announced the lucky winner!

Do you have a local favorite? A place that you enjoy lingering for awhile or meeting up with friends at?? 

If you made it this far, thank you so much for sharing in on this adventure that will continue to live on! There will be more on the "local favorite" and "shine" tees in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

And lastly, I thank God for His love for all people and thank you Splat for the opportunity to creatively love and engage with the community! 


For a list of fabulous bloggers I am linking up, visit my link up page HERE.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. To me, no other word comes as close as LOVE for what you've done here. You've turned this prize into a gift. Not just for yourself, but for others- even strangers!

    1. Thank you so much sweet Anna. What a special year, so full of memories that I have because of one delightful cupcake shot. ;) Looking forward to the memories to come!!

  2. I just love this story, Chrissy....you are the perfect person for this!! Your gratitude and sharing is something we can all learn from!!

    1. Thank you sweet Jodie. You are an inspiration. You have a fabulous blog and somehow you manage to maintain and genuine connection with your followers! I want to be like you when my blog grows up. ;)

  3. Isn’t is amazing how the most unassuming things gather us the most important life lessons. My goodness you look adorable in your Cupcake cuteness! More importantly, you exude a light of positivity that I know is contagious, appreciated and such a great message to those that encounter you and your message! I’m grateful to Splat too for providing the “sweetest” opportunities! Heart YOU!!

    1. Yes. When I stop and take the time to think about it all I'm overwhelmed by God's sovereignty and His blessings. At the same time I'm reminded that it's to be all for His glory. What a tricky balance these things are!! Thank you so much for your continued encouragement. I believe that you are one of the reasons I'm still in the blog world. Truly. Much love!

  4. This made me smile the biggest smiles!!!! I was thinking the whole time reading it, "They should totally just keep giving her a cupcake a day" & when I saw the end? YESSSSS - makes me love this place even more.
    & you dressing up for the occassion with those socks? Could you BE any cuter???

    1. Man, than we are sharing the smiles!! Reading your comment made my day. Thank you for appreciating my crazy socks! lol. I will share your sweet comment with Splat, as I know they will be encouraged by your kindness!! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Ok, girl, now I'm sitting here barely able to type because my eyes are so filled with tears! How beautiful! The blessing you were to others just came back to overflowing! God is good - all the time!
    You're right that IS the "Sweetest Outfit Ever"! Each piece will hold such sweet memories for you every time you put it on.
    I hope you continue to share all your little adventures with us because I know those yummy cupcakes are going to find some fun places to go!

    P.S. You mentioned a couple of posts ago about looking for my second blog. The last two posts are always link to on the side bar of my main blog page. But, here's the link anyway, if you ever feel like giving it a look. https://stillrambles.wordpress.com/

    1. Oh Rhona! Thank you so much. I feel like you have walked so much of this with me. Truly. How is it possible that we have never met?! That's the beauty of true community, especially in the body of Christ. It reaches across state lines, waters and beyond! And thank you for the direct link. It does help so much. Looking forward to the read!!

  6. Wow Chrissy, you have brightened and blessed the days of so many around you! I know you feel you were the receiver and you were/are but you have also put into motion random acts of kindness that will surely have a ripple effect! Your beautiful smile and soul have definitely been a gift and I am so glad that Splat loves you and sees what you do - such an inspiration and a shining example of God's love!

    1. Thank you sweet Kellyann! Every time I see your pic at linkups, or on IG I just feel glad that I know you. You are a huge blessing in the blog world. Keep it up beautiful. You are shining all over this place!!!

  7. This was the cutest little story ever. And your outfit was just precious!

    1. Thank you Marianna! I appreciate you stopping by to say hello and glad to have found you thanks to Saranghae. :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! :)

  8. So now I am getting for the third time to read your post! I dont want to be interhotels anymore!😂😂
    I never knew you won that, always thought, well she must be very fond of cupcakes! What a fantastic story!

    1. oh my! Nancy, what are interhotels?? And that's so funny - yes that girl must REALLY love cupcakes. And thank you. So glad to have found your blog! :)

  9. Oh my heart! This is the sweetest {bada bump} thing I've read in forever! This is how you show love and receive love. Keep smiling and sharing His message wherever you go.


    Daenel T.

    1. Haha! And thank you. Truly, the encouragement is so greatly appreciated. I absolutely love your IG pics Daenel! It's an honor to have you by the blog. :)

  10. Oh, my hubby and I are ones to be "regulars" at a few local hot spots! We have this wine bar called Corkscrew, and another called The Cottage, where we meet with people, know the owners and get treated like family, it is fun!
    Love your casual look, your tee is such a pretty color, especially with the olive jacket. I have a jean skirt i love to wear too. such fun socks. You look great and like you are having fun!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. That is the beauty of those local hot spots, right? And both of those places sound fabulous. I can picture you at either one dressed so stylishly! Thank you for the sweet compliments, as well as encouragement...it's such pleasure to have you visit the blog! :)

  11. Okay Chrissy, I'm seriously on the verge of tears because you are just so cute. Want to know what else? I've been meaning to hop over here and start reading your blog for ages and always get sidetracked. #lame Anyway, I've seen your adventures on Instastories and had kind of put the pieces together. I even saw the one with your "daughter for the evening", so cute. Of course they would reward you and your sweet heart with cupcakes FOREVER. You are I'm quite sure a bright spot in their days. I can.not.wait to meet you when we all take our little trip together. It's going to be so much fun!!! Have the sweetest weekend and thanks for joining Fabulous Friday! I'll be back to your space SOON!!! XOXO

    1. Hi Lisa! I "see" your pretty face all the time on IG and in link ups and I'm so thrilled you stopped by to visit!!! And I know how it is to have lots to do. There's so many fabulous bloggers I want to keep up with - I need more time in a day!! ;) And I am so excited to me you ladies come fall. Looking forward to your next visit. :)


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