Saturday, April 28, 2018

Graphic Tees and Nitro Coffee Please

Hello my friends! Are you officially experiencing spring yet? We have sunshine friends. I repeat we have sunshine and temps in the 70s. You know what this means, right? Iced-coffee! And we could all move on into the happy thoughts of sun dresses and iced coffee but before we do I think we should consider a trending cup of joe, known as nitro coffee. Have you heard of it?

I had my first taste of nitro coffee last year and I was just as fascinated by the process as I was by the taste! It's cold brewed, put into a keg and then infused with nitro gas. It's bubbly and frothy and it's dispensed out of a tap. After being served my first glass of nitro coffee I watched with rapt attention as the nitro caused a cascading effect throughout the coffee.

I was skeptical about the taste, as no sweetener is added.  Just the same, the barista insured me that the nitro added a creamy texture with an unexpected sweetness that has everything to do with the nature of the brewing.

So I put aside my doubts and took a big swig. First came the frothy fun and then the promised smooth texture and an undeniable sweetness. It was so different from my usual cup of coffee. There was not even a hint of bitterness. I enjoyed my first cup of nitro cold brewed coffee that day, but that coffee shop was not local to me so I figured nitro coffee would be a rare experience for me.

That is until our local Tradewind Coffee Co. told me they added cold brew coffee to the menu and invited me to sample their brew. Of course I heartily agreed and added it to my list of mini-adventures. In true "Chrissy-form", I posted a live IG video, IG stories and even a Facebook live!

I went home with an exclusive Tradewind Nitro Cold Brew glass, all ready for my next cup of nitro!

If you're interested in reading more about the benefits of drinking nitro coffee verses regular coffee, check out this post by Dr. Axe. Dr. Axe, Nitro Cofee: Hipster Hype or Real Benefits?

LOCALS! Head on over to Tradewind Coffee Co and get your exclusive Nitro coffee glass! ;) 

Outfit Breakdown:
Kimono: LulaRoe
Jeans: Altar'd State (EXACT)
Shoes & Purse: Nordstrom Rack
Necklaces: Premier Designs (Aloha 4 Piece Set) & Choker (Matt 17:20)

The "Shine" Tee

Can I pause for a moment and point out the fact that one of my sons is laying flat out on the floor at the Get Air trampoline park?? We were naughty parents and checked our two older boys out of school to celebrate Evan and Caden's 9th birthday. They wanted their big brothers to go jump with them and both boys said this park wore them out. Good memories!


Now let's get to the outfits with the adorable graphic tee. As I mentioned in the previous post, featuring the "local favorite" (read about it HERE), my friend Jen, creator and designer for Beats and Breath tees, gifted four tees with two different phrases or words: "local favorite" and "shine". She also challenged me to keep and style 2 of them for myself and then share 2 with others in the community that "shine" and/or are "local favorites".

The other tees in my possession are solid grey and I can't wait to disperse them, but it's not as easy as I anticipated. Praying for direction there!

In the meantime, check out Jen's creative prints and tell me what you think!! Click HERE.

Outfit Breakdown:
Camo Leggings: Amazon Option (HERE)
Adidas Shoes: Exact
Earrings: Brinley & Co. Fab Options
Bracelets: Ernesto De Barcelona (Similar)

Let's bloom where we're planted and Shine when it's our time. ;)



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  1. Good for you for wearing the boys out this way...ha ha!!!
    And what a fun graphic tee, Chrissy!!

    1. Thank you Jodie. They are fit too. Guess it's a different exercise. :)

  2. Iced coffee! Yeah! I think you dole the sun from the Netherlands๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Oh yes, another fun adventure! I have heard of nitro coffee but never understood what it was until now so thank you friend! It sounds so interesting, I cannot imagine it being sweet enough for me but I'd give it a try. Let's talk about that kimono, I love it! I love the way it drapes and the print. Those graphic tees are perfect for you, I am a huge proponent of "Bloom Where You're Planted" and you always shine my beautiful friend. Always!!!

    1. Let me know what you think. I think for some it's the novelty of it...that may be where I fall. ;) And thank you for the kind words...they are like honey to the soul. ;) The kimono was a birthday gift last year and I am getting plenty of use out it. In fact, it's due for another appearance here soon!

  4. I use to sneak my kids out of school early to do things with them on their birthdays, too! I think there's special dispensation for that! :)
    Love the kimono on that first outfit! So cute! Really notches up the look to the next level! (Not that it's not already cute!)

    1. Yes! I bet you have the best memories from that. And thank you. I agree the kimono adds to it, and gives it that boho flare that I lean towards.

  5. This sounds so good. I adore coffee like literally, I have it everyday and sometimes drink it multiple times during the day. I love your tank. A huge graphic tee fan over here!

    1. Yes! I've seen you style some fabulous graphic tees and I can totally picture you in the coffee zone! Thanks so much for stopping by Ruth. It's always a pleasure!

  6. Oooo I need to find some of this nitro coffee! I am a coffee addict so let's just say I am up for the challenge! It does sound and look delicious though so I will research and see what Google can muster up for me! Ha! I love your graphic tee! It looks great with your camo leggings. Happy Friday!

    Maureen |

    1. We would get along splendidly Maureen! Let me know if and when you try this nitro coffee! And thank you for visiting Maureen. I appreciate your encouragement so much!

  7. Love your graphic tee! So comfy and cute!

    1. Thank you! I think it's unique and fun, made better by the fact that it was picked for me! :)

  8. Great blog!! You look very pretty in that beautiful outfit.


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