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Classic Print Mixing, a Local Spotlight & the Sunday Showcase!

Hello lovelies! Today I bring you classic print mixing with a basic striped tee and my go-to floral kimono, along with The Sunday Showcase link up hosted by Ada, Kellyann, myself and joining us again this week is Shelbee!  Also lined up to tickle your fancy is a new feature I'm adding - The Local Spotlight. I want to introduce my "small" town to you one business at a time.

Earrings are by Brinley & Company...

Let's start with a brief chat on today's fashion feature...In full disclosure, I didn't feel like wearing anything in my closet so I resorted to some Pinterest scrolling and found something akin to this outfit. We are so spoiled by the internet aren't we? Inspiration is always at the ready for us. It might even make me a little creativity lazy at times, but some days I'm just glad I got a shower in. Can I get an amen??

I've not ever worn this combination before so I guess it took some outside "eyes"! This kimono was featured only 2 posts previous and these Judy Blue jeans are always at the ready. I'm telling you these jeans grow with you throughout the day, which makes them one of my favorites. The striped tee was a cast off and the shoes were from last summer. Only the earrings are new!

Thank you Pinterest for once again helping a girl out when she was in a hurry!

Outfit Breakdown:
Striped Tee: Target
Kimono: LulaRoe
Leather Earrings: Brinley & Co
Purse: GAP
Wedges: Rock & Candy
Necklace: Blush by Premier
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Here's the picture from that inspired my outfit...

The Local Spotlight

I'm so excited to tell you that I found yet another stomping grounds! Ok. Actually the boys found it.

"Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM!" The two of them called out my name as I looked around in distraction. It's common, you know.


"Let's go in here. There's fresh lemonade!"

This is the shopping center where I recently started attending Boot Camp classes and apparently the physical shock of doing cardio after all these years was causing my brain to malfunction. After class that morning I misplaced my keys and had to call my husband for the second time, second DAY in a row to come bail me out. Good thing he loves me, right??

Turns out I must have pushed my keys to the back of the "stuff" cubby, which caused them to fall into someone else's "stuff" cubby. It happens to everyone, right? Thankfully, the owners called me later that morning to let me know they had found them.

So the boys and I popped in for keys, but we are easily distracted...

Before I knew it, I was perusing the wares at Opa Robby's Homemade Eats & Gifts. I love farm fresh milk, eggs, yogurt and all things homemade so it wasn't hard for the boys to convince me to go in.

What do you think the store manager thought of the woman who came into her store, took one look around and said, "Do you mind if I take pictures?".

As I snapped pictures and even WORSE, posed for pictures (I'm chuckling to myself just thinking about it!), I asked her when they opened.

"March 20th."

I drive by the shopping center all the time and had yet to notice them. Turns out I am not the only one, so I knew I would be featuring this cute store on the blog.

Welcome to Oma's and Opa's Eats and Gifts!

Candle without all the synthetic stuff. ;)
Evan and Caden entertained themselves in the "Kid Zone" while I continued to check out the cute store.

I left with yogurt, a gallon of milk and a promise to return.

Later that week a coupon mailer came in the mail and as I leafed through it my eyes fell to an ad for a store I would have flipped right past, if not for this recent visit. There was coupon for $10 off of $50 so the boys and I made good on my promise and returned the next week!

Once again they played in the "Kid Zone" while I carefully selected the best items for our family of 6. In addition to selecting items I started making Instagram stories to share my finds.

It wasn't long before a few messages came in from friends with dairy allergies or a love for farm fresh. They didn't know about the store either and wanted to come check it out.

What do I keep learning from these little experiences? 

Word of mouth is powerful. 

Each and everyone of us has influence. Some of us have a larger influence than others, but we ALL have influence.  For me doing some simple stories, a blog post, Facebook post etc, is natural and fun, so why not use that influence for good. On the other hand, I have also learned the hard way to get better at doing my homework. Not all businesses, especially online companies are created equal!  Goodbye sunglasses scam!

Posts from a friend who is now a frequent shopper...

Getting out into my community is a fun blessing!

I continue to meet people from all walks of life and I'm learning to appreciate our differences. If you're a regular reader, you've seen the folks I've met through Splat adventures and now I'm meeting new faces, as well as becoming reacquainted with some familiar faces, at Fit Body Boot Camp. There will be more on that adventure in a few weeks!

Even a Large Community Can Feel Small

The more I get out there the more I see how one person is connected to another person. Angie, my new headband friend that I met at Splat, just happens to be a regular at another Fit Body Boot camp so we worked out together at her Boot Camp this weekend. I don't know. This kind of stuff makes me happy.

The vendor I purchase some of my homemade bath bombs and soaps works out at Fit Body as well. A brief interaction grows into another. Will there be more? I don't know, but that's the adventure of it all.

The point I think I'm trying to make is people are valuable and even if the only interaction I ever have with someone lasts 5 minutes, I hope they walk away feeling valued. Maybe it was a smile, a kind word or a sincere wish for a great day.  And even more difficult, I pray the people in my own home feel valued and treasured by me with kind words, patience, love and smiles.

Misplacing My Keys Can Turn Into a Blessing

Who knows when I would have found this little gem of a store, if it weren't for my exhausted brain?? This is a perfect example of finding adventure in the mishaps or blessings in disguise. ;)

Alright,  let's get back to Oma & Opa's...I've met THE Opa and can't wait to meet Oma! I now know the store manager by name. Ashley. Ashley is the store manager for this Fresh Market. She's sweet and so far I've learned that she can make bracelets...

And yes, you can buy those in the store. :)

Well, our store visit was coming to a close and since my boys took an embarrassing amount of homemade lemonade samples I decided to purchase a jar of it concentrated.

Cheers to you, my reader friend!! I am so grateful for your support and continued encouragement that keeps the adventures on Granola & Grace going!!

Now please link on up with us for the Sunday Showcase, with Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood, Kellyann from This Blonde's Shopping Bag and joining us once again is Shelbee from Shelbee on the Edge! I'm so grateful for these blogger friends and truly believe they are some of my reasons that I'm still blogging!!

The Sunday Showcase

My favorites from last month's link up...

Kate from Green Fashionista

Shauna at Lipgloss & Lace

So thankful for all of you!



  1. What did we do without Pinterest? I absolutely love this outfit, Chrissy!!

    1. Thank you Jodie. It scares me how much I have come to depend on technology for life!

  2. Oh sweet friend, I love reading about your adventures! But first, your outfit is great - nailed it my friend. I love stripes and floral together and you are as radiant as ever.
    Yes, such a blessing that your keys slipped into someone else's cubby. This little shop is super cute and I love how you are helping your sweet town. I am ready to come visit and have homemade lemonade!

    1. Thank you Kellyann! it's always nice to know that our words are not completely lost out in cyber space! . Yes! Lemonade with you sounds fabulous. :)

  3. Chrissy, I love this kimono and your entire outfit, but even more I love your Spotlight series! Because as you know I have been featuring small businesses in my local community for over a year with my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up. It is such a great way to give exposure to those fun little businesses that are just around the corner from us but can easily be missed, right? We are all struggling together to make it in this big world and we can all use any little bit of help from other local entrepreneurs, right? And what goes around, comes around. In that I firmly believe! And you, my friend, have great things coming your way...always! Love you!


    1. Thank you Shelbee! I have loved watching your journey with the small businesses in your town and am so grateful that doors are opening for me to be able to do the same. And thank you so much for the's just what I needed today!! :) So thankful to know you through this blog life my dear. :)

  4. Love your outfit! My hubby says I can't get dressed without the internet, lol. I need to add a floral kimono in a spring pattern to my closet.

    1. Hahaha! But how true it is , right?? I am enjoying the floral kimono. It just gives me that extra feminine flair while hiding some things I want to hide. ;)

  5. Cutie patootie is what you are and featuring your community is such a grand idea. I love it. The Butt Naked candle made remember one my husband I found (and sent a pic of to our grown son) at a little "Flea Market" here, it was called Monkey Farts. HAHAHAHA!!!! I'm sure your boys would have loved that! Happy Sunday! XO

    1. Hehe! Thank you. Monkey Farts - my boys would think that's hilarious - of course! We have the Monkey Butt powder. lol. Thank you for commenting Lisa! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!

  6. Love your outfit Chrissy and how lovely that you had a fun time with your boys. The shop looks adorable xx

    1. Thank you. I love finding little places like this and it just so happens that this place featured an area just for kids so that day was a win-win for us all!

  7. Great print mixing! I hope you would like to join The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book: Leopard with us this month!

    1. Thank you for inviting me to join the GB?BGB. So fun. And thank you for stopping by Nancy. I love it!

  8. Chrissy I love your print mixing. The little floral kimono is adorable with the stripes. The shops are so cute and I would definitely love it there!

    1. Thank you Ruth! I go into this shop at least once a week now...even if it's just for an Avocado pudding pop, thought I learned very quickly that you need to eat it before it starts to melt. messy!

  9. Loving that striped tee especially paired with the florals <3
    Green Fashionista

    1. Thank you Kate! And thank you for stopping by the blog. :) Have a great weekend!

  10. This looks like such a fun store with great items! Love your floral kimono!

    1. Thank you Laura. My best and most interesting items are the ones that were gifted to me. Go figure! :)

  11. Lovely look you got here dear. Such a classic combo; floral and stripes really do ge along.

    Jessica |

  12. Well, you already know I love this look! The small floral print and stripes are a match made in heaven. I am drooling over your shoes, too...

    What an adorable little shop! Sounds like a charming place worth checking out if you are in the area.

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

  13. You look absolutely gorgeous. Well written blog. Thanks for sharing.
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