Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"Girls Just Wanna..." The Perfect Workout Outfit & Stress Reliever

Hello! I interrupt my own blogging break with a brief post on my favorite workout outfit to DATE, as well as a quick service announcement about how important regular exercise is, especially during times of high stress living. As you may know, my family just moved to Florida. We sold our house in Georgia, purchased another and moved 500 miles in 3 and a half weeks!  Neither my husband nor I are Type "A" personalities and we have a strong aversion to paperwork, so you can imagine what we were like to live with.

Without realizing it at first, Fit Body workouts were helping me combat the stress...

Down to the last day I was in Georgia, I went for workouts at Fit Body Boot Camp. You can read all about why I love that gym HERE. In the tension of paperwork, moving and emotional challenges of preparing to say goodbye to the community, there were times I found myself crying at the row machines. I'm serious. No one noticed, as they were trying to get through their own workouts, but a thought would catch me off guard and all of a sudden I'm yanking on that rower with everything I've got while sweat tears ran down my face.

All that built up stress would be left at the rower or the assault bike because I would leave with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Endorphins baby! I cannot tell you how thankful I was to have this community and you can bet I'll be searching for another here in Florida. I already checked for a Fit Body Boot Camp and was disappointed to find that there wasn't one, but I'm confident I'll find the right gym for me. It's been a full week since my last workout and I can already feel my results slipping away!

As for the outfit, I'm excited to share that it's the most functional, comfortable and cutest workout I currently own.  The tank is a special tank, lovingly designed by Jen Gainey at Beats and Breath on etsy. Please go check her out! She has cute and creative slogans and prints!

The "Y-Back" bra is a sports bra that comfortably, with a kitten's softness, supports the girls, in a design that "flatters not flattens', as they say! Meanwhile the high waisted capris take my mind off of potential crack revealings and allow me to focus on form. If you're going to do high knees, run, or just lie around, you need to try this bra.

The same goes for the capris, especially if there is a burpee in your future. My cute pair of white capris would slip past my lower abdomen, which in turn would release the fleshy roundness that I like to keep tucked in - all the time.  It was a battle I fought with all of my workout capris until I finally tried these. We in good all around now!! I'm going to check out the local running stores here in Sarasota for more of these.

Here's a couple of pics I snapped quickly at home so you can see the fit of the bra and leggings.

Lastly are my latest pair of running shoes by "ON". I picked them up at Classic City Running, which is also where the sports bra came from! For a full review on those, hop on over to this post.

Locals can still get 10% off a pair of regular priced shoes if you mention that post! Ladies, don't forget to try on a sports bra while you're there!

Okay my friends! More adventures to come soon, as well as the full story on this move!! I can't wait to share it all. In the meantime, I'd love to know ways you try to stay active, especially in high times of stress! And while you're at it, go ahead and tell me your favorite workout pieces! :)

Big cyber hugs to you!



  1. Hey baby doll, been wobdering how it was going. Staying active is so important and I can guarantee you that you have an advantage with things like moving when you’re in such good shape. I say move your body and Free Your Mind!! Stress be crushed! Love you, big hugs!

    1. Thank you Andrea. Staying active on the Florida end isn't quite as easy! Hopefully I'll settle into a routine soon because my middle is expanding quickly! lol.

  2. Yay for you exercising right until the last day, it really does help so much! Moving is a lot of stress and saying good bye is tough. I know you will find your people in your new community - I believe with your sweet spirit it won't be hard! I want that tank! I must get it!!!!
    You look amazing my friend! Beautiful on the inside and the outside too!

    1. Thank you sweet, sweet Kellyann! I need to find a new gym home - quickly! I can already see changes and it's only been a few weeks. Eek!

  3. You are amazing...I'm sure I would have let this go by the wayside with the rationale that I was working hard at filling boxes and such!!

    1. Thank you Jodie. Now finding a new place that motivates me is a big challenge. I'm hoping that once we are settled I can get a new routine going!

  4. Our is so important. As a person with a lung disease I know how important it is to exercise.

    1. Yes. I know. You're such a champ Nancy! I'm glad to know you through this blog world. :)

  5. Hi Chrissy
    Boy, I am not a fan of moving either! You do need something to off set the stress. Great job working out, and love your workout wear. You look great, great smile too- Best wishes at your new place!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jessica. Now to find a new place here in Florida - and quick!

  6. This is quite an amazing pair for the work out sessions. The lines written on white tank top are quite inspiring to me. And those patterned capries are also fabulous. I too have the pattered Ultracor leggings and they are stunning. I usually pair them up with the black tee so that the colors in the leggings can pop out.

    1. Why thank you! And thank you for stopping by the blog. :)

  7. Super far behind on my blog reading, but definitely wanted to catch up with you! You're right, get those endorphins going, baby! It makes a huge difference! This is such a stressful, but exciting!, time for you and your family and you need your body functioning on all cylinders! Unfortunately, you and I know, mom's don't usually get a down-time! Hang in there, dear! Praying for you guys during this time!

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