Monday, January 21, 2019

Goal Rundown: Starting Off With "A Healthier Me"

Hi! The work on my new goals continues. With the guidance of the Cultivate PowerSheets, I've invested a few hours, spread out over the last couple of months, in search of what matters most to me at this time in my ever-changing life. Today I want to share a quick rundown of these goals and highlight "A Healthier Me".  The list looks small but within those titles, lies a host of mini-goals that I can tackle at a manageable pace.  My hope is that by sharing bits at a time, I'll keep focused and inspire others in the process!
Without further ado, here's what I have so far! Remember, I'll highlight each goal from time to time on the blog!
  1. A Healthier Me
  2. Abide Daily
  3. Fabulous Finances
  4. Cultivate Healthy Relationships
  5. My Best Blog 
  6. A Well Run Home
  7. Happy Homeschool
  8. Plan More Adventures

Before moving to Florida, I had the opportunity to join Dacula Fit Body, which helped me tighten the reigns on the healthy lifestyle that I once had a handle on. And then we moved.  What I thought would be a couple of months to get adjusted turned into 6 and counting. The new year slipped in with a lot of ground to make up.

The mini-goal list under this mega goal is quite extensive for my personality type, but as I'm learning from the Cultivate Team, I don't have to master ALL the goals in January. It's "progress not perfection" and "little by little" that counts. I got it Lara Casey! I think I've got it!
  • Drink 4 "Swell" bottles full of water a day
  • Go for a walk or bike ride 5 days a week
  • Take supplements daily
  • Use weights 3 times a week
  • Eat fresh greens, veggies and fruits each day via salad, smoothies, extra greens on sandwiches 
  • Turn devices/electronics off by 10 (should be earlier but I'm working my way to that)
  • Work on music daily (15 to 30 minutes)
  • Get time to myself weekly (Schedule monthly goal planning)
  • Cut back on overall phone time (don't carry it around etc)
  • Wash face twice a day (fell off the wagon over the holidays)
  • Listen to more uplifting music while at home
What's Up First...
  • Get outside more (walking the dog - no choice there!)
  • Remember to take supplements (biotin, hair skin nails, and vitamin c)
  • Wash face twice a day (Saranghae is "clean")
  • Add more "cleaner" skin care products to my cabinet (Simply Earth supplies me with what I need to make my own goodies)
  • Drink that water! (Thankful for Swell bottles!)
That's all I'm adding for now. I know it doesn't seem like much, but "a healthier me" is not the only area I need to work on, so I MUST choose what is manageable. The idea is to make a habit out of the lists above, and then add more!

Ok, so what are you adding for  "a healthier you"? Do you have a long list or something very specific such as: run a marathon, start intermittent fasting, get ripped, etc? I want to remind myself (and YOU) that there's much we can accomplish...little by little.




  1. Chrissy, I just know that you're going to nail all your goals and aspirations for 2019! You got this, Girlfriend! I'm totally with you on getting outside more and drinking more water!

    1. Thank you Laura. With all four boys home yesterday, I thought I was gonna lose what are goals for??? I need this to go back to over and over again. Big hugs my friend. :)

  2. These goal sheets have helped you to focus, manage, plan and forge forward! Each of these areas now seem so much more attainable! I feel with your mind made healthy, your body is right there too. Proud of you!

    1. Thank you sweet Andrea! I appreciate you more than you know!!

  3. These are such good goals to have to work towards for the year! I find drinking water so important, especially with the heat here at the moment, we are having another heatwave! Good luck with your goals!

    Hope that you are having a great start to your week :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you Mica! Same for this Florida climate! Why is is so hard for me to remember sometimes. And I'll hop over to your site for a visit! :)

  4. Each of your goals is do-able and so worth it Chrissy. I can see the benefit to each and know you will work hard on achieving them. Your Power Sheets are really helping you pinpoint and focus on what makes the most sense for you and your family. Well done my friend!

    1. Thanks Kellyann! You would think...when I write them down it looks like they should be so easy...and then the day gets going. lol. But it's be so good to really think about what I'm doing from day to day and why.

  5. Isnt it funny how easy it is to just forget to wash your face? I'm bad about that too & have to make it a check list thing or I'll just sort of 'rub' make up off with the wipes - but not a good cleaning.

    1. Yes....or when I remember, I just don't feel like it. THAT I don't understand...I'm too tired to put soap on my face and then wash it off?? Some things I get why I feel lazy about it...but that one is so easy! Anyway, thanks for visiting Rebecca Jo. It's always a pleasure!

  6. I love that you have mini goals under your larger goals. That's kind of how I hope to break down most of my goals for the year. I'm going to make mini goals for them each month and then move my way along. I might have to steal your idea for drinking water. I have a Yeti Tumbler that I use everyday for water, but I need to drink more, so maybe I should start thinking of it in terms of number of Yeti Tumblers.


    1. That is all from Lara Casey's principles. I still can feel overwhelmed from time to time because I'm not naturally an organized person. I have to check my book over and over again - grrrr! Anyway, thank you so much for visiting and I hope you get your number of tumblers in for the day. ;)

  7. It's my goal to wash my face consistently too! I see such a huge difference when I do. And I suck at drinking water...suck, suck, suck!! I literally go to the office fridge as soon as I get to work and pull out 4 water bottles to have them present on my desk. Hey...I have clear pee today so I'm pretty excited. haha

    1. Why? I say. Why? These are things that should be easy for us and! I hope you get all those waters drank Shelly! Biggest of hugs my friend. :)


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