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The Layering Cardigan & My Word of the Year

Triple toned cardigan/V Neck thermal/Faux Leather Pants (WHBM This Years)/Shoes

Am I seriously writing about my "word of the year"? Yes! Yes, I am. Honestly though, so what if I've chosen a word of the year? What's in a word anyway? Well, today I'm sharing light fashion inspiration and how I came to a place where I can say that I have a word WITH personal (and hopefully lasting) significance for the 2019 year.

"I like good strong words that means something." -Louisa May Alcott from Little Women
As do I, Louisa, but I must say, this is the first time I've ventured to coin a word as my "word of the year". Attempting it sounded like too much work, with no return. However, a little over a year ago a certain noun snuck it's way into my unknowing heart, and burrowed deep into the recesses of my mind as little occurrences built on more little occurrences, making the simple days meaningful. Before I knew it, every where I looked I saw that word...the word I "happened" upon...

Now before I say more, allow me to share a few more details on this outfit, as well as links to the pieces or pieces similar to it. :)
The Outfit
Eva Trends Cardigan is sold out. Other options...

V-Neck Thermal is from Five Girls Fashion - STILL AVAILABLE 

Alright, let's get back to this "word"...
Last Year's Accidental WORD

Perhaps it began with a surprise ticket to visit my sister in Alaska from a group of friends. How could they know that everything would align for my sister and I to feel the frigid exhilaration of being pulled by a pack of dogs on a dog sled, see the glint of sun over breathtaking mountains, chase the aurora borealis like youth without a care, and even ride over frozen ponds to seek out the fish below. Oh the sweet, sweet adventures we had together! No they didn't know what lay ahead, but Someone else did.

If that wasn't enough, an ordinary day led me to a cupcake shop where I would enter my name into a drawing for a cupcake a day, for a year. I won, and over the course of the year, gave away over 100 cupcakes, and made new friends along the way (cupcakes, right??). When my year came to an end, those precious shop owners surprised me with the generous gift of cupcakes a day for life.

I could end it there, but our biggest adventure was still to come.  My husband accepted a job at a church in Florida, so two months later, our family left our home of 15 years and purchased a new home! This weary group of travelers walked into their new home to find a stock fridge, cleaning supplies and a wooden signs with one word painted in buffalo plaid. Yup... Adventure


Fast forward six months. The the dust of our biggest adventure yet is settled. Real life was in full swing and each family member struggled with the changes in their own way. Adventures still await, but I thought no more on another word. Could another word take on as much meaning?? Nope, there could be no other word...

Then I began working in my PowerSheets Goal Planner. On page 29, I was instructed to "choose a word".

No. No other word! I wrote my old word down and skipped forward to other goal prep pages. And then a song came on...

"Do It Again"  by Elevation Worship

It was a song I knew well, for I had learned it to lead worship with a band I was in for a blink of time, but it never happened. However, I was learning it after the lead pastor had resigned and the future of our family was uncertain. Would we stay at our church of 18 plus years, or GULP, somewhere else?? I'd sing the song and feel so emotional. The band leader has it recorded and my first few notes are totally off key!! Classic. Keeps me humble, you know?

Anyway, after the move I'd hear the song occasionally on the radio and think about how faithful God was and continues to be. Things aren't easy, BUT as the singer sang...

"Great is your faithfulness, faithfulness..."

"I've seen you move, you move the mountains
And I believe, I'l see you do it again
You made a way, where there was no way
and I believe I'll see you do it again..."

As I focused on the words of the song my breath I leaning into a new word? A new focus for this year?

Is it faithfulness? I look it up...

"true to one's word, promises, vows etc"

I was invited to a Bible study and look at the title of the study...

Coincidence?? Nah....

"Faithful" describes God perfectly, but what is my response to His faithfulness? Well, I want to be faithful as well, but is that my word??

I looked up the synonyms for "faithful".

Synonyms: conscientious, dependable, devoted

God is faithful ----> I want to be DEVOTED

A DEVOTED follower
A DEVOTED wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend...

I didn't write it down yet, but I had a feeling that I was decided on the word. You see, as I looked over all those PowerSheets prep pages, the desire to focus more on my family, health etc and FOLLOW it through was incredibly apparent. Do I think I can do it? If I base my confidence on my track record for setting goals and completing them, the answer will be "no".

BUT, maybe if I try something different - enter the PowerSheets - and take on a new approach by setting "meaningful goals and simplifying life"...

"Progress, not perfection" - Lara Casey

Perhaps, I'll grow up in some of these areas because I've set a new FOCUS and, in turn, will be devoted in a new way.

Time to commit to the word and start living it out, by God's grace, little by little and day by day, maybe even moment by moment. And may the ADVENTURES continue as I'm DEVOTED to that which matters!

In closing, let me say that I'm starting this journey with some fear and trembling. As I've stated before, I'm notorious for taking rabbit trails and losing focus. However, I've set scheduled appointments on the calendar to check in on my goals in the goal planner. I'm not shooting for perfection and I'm not trying to accomplish every goal at once. I must start somewhere and I'd rather try again and fail, then not try at all!

Thank you my sweet friends for sharing in on this journey with me! I'll be sharing a breakdown of a few goals on the blog soon. In the meantime, in the name of sister support and for more inspiriation, hop on over to see Andrea, from Living On Cloud Nine , Laura from the Horton Family Blog and Heather from My Glittery Heart share their words for the year as well!

Do you have a "word for the year"? If so, please share with us!

Biggest of hugs to you!


"Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." Col 3:17


  1. Adventure is such a great word for the year! I don't have a word but am focusing on a few small goals every month instead. Your Alaska trip sounds like it was amazing! Love your cute cardigan!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thank you so much Jill! Love having you by...;)

  2. Love your zest for life, it comes across even in your written word. Blessings to you as you remain FAITHFUL this coming year in all the ups and downs of life.

  3. I love your word of the year - last year and also for 2019. My word is SAVOR - I plan to cherish each moment as my teens get closer and closer to college. Hope you have a great week.

  4. I love it and love how last years word found you!

  5. You continue to amaze me on a daily basis! Your heart is so full and I have no doubt that devotion will lead you through 2019 with Grace, fervent love and an abiding heart to devote to all aspects of your life!

  6. Oh dear, Chrissy! Your post made me cry! I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOUR WORD OF THE YEAR and I LOVE YOU!! Your story behind the word is simply amazing and I, as your sister and friend, am going to hold you accountable to being fully DEVOTED!! I'm loving that color block cardi, too, Sister! xo

  7. I love all the hunting & defining to get to your word. Totally got to the perfect one for you.
    & cant wait to hear what you think about that Bible Study... the video from Priscilla & Beth Moore in that series STILL are some of my favorites!

  8. One of the reasons the cardigan sweater has maintained popularity over the past century and a half is due to its extreme versatility. Cool..

  9. That Eva Trends cardi is so perfect on you, I wish I had chosen that myself! Love those colors and the flow of it.
    Your word is perfect and I love the way you came upon it! You are going to achieve so much in 20191

  10. You look wonderful in the cardi - great choice! Also, what a great word - you really took time to work it out. I hope it guides you through 2019. I must be an over thinker because I keep thinking of new words - however, I need some more peaceful moments this year - so maybe BREATH..? xx Maria

  11. I don't have a word for the year, but I love the idea and LOVE the word you chose! That cardigan is fabulous on you by the way. I love the colors!

  12. Loving the faux leather pants you have there dear. Classic and cozy for the season. Also, I like your word of the year, that's inspiring and empowering.

    Jessica |

  13. cute look. You can really pull off these long cardigans. They are really tricky.

  14. That's such a fabulous word, Chrissy. I don't think that will be a tough one for you because I feel that's part of you no matter what!! Good job.
    I started the word thing a couple of years ago. This year I'm going for Spontaneous because it's exactly opposite of what I am. So I'm going to see if I can push myself a little.

  15. I love the word DEVOTED! Great choice my friend and you are very DEVOTED! Adventure is also a perfect word for you and your spirit. XOXO

  16. Devoted is such a perfect word for the year! I hope it brings you as much joy as adventure did for you previously! :)

    Your cardi is so cute and colourful too, nice finishing touch to your neutral outfit :)

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) The summer heatwave continues here!

    Away From The Blue Blog


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