Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Simply Earth Essential Oils: Pet Care Recipes

Here poochie! Our dog didn't stand a chance when this month's Simply Earth Essential Oil box arrived in the mail. My boys knew the box was all about the pets and couldn't wait to see what recipes awaited us. Their excitement was infectious, making me feel excited. In fact excitement abounded until I came up with the idea to get Dolly in the pictures.  I never worked so hard for so little a result in my life (I may be exaggerating, but seriously)! After ten minutes I was ready to throw in the towel, but Dolly loved every treat she consumed!

Life with pets and/or children is rarely ever boring, is it! Also, look for a code for a $40 shop credit at the end of this post!! Now let's dig into this box. ;)
What's In The Box?

*4 Quality Essential Oils:
Ginger: great eliminating odors and can help ease an upset stomach
Citronella: deters insects and also calming
Juniper Berry: easy achy muscles, repel insects, fight oily skin
Peace and Quiet Blend: uplifting and relaxing blend of lime, Cedarwood, frankincense, and sweet orange

*Adorable Labels
*6 Playful Recipe Cards
*Recipe Supporting Bonus Items:
Spray bottle, container, 2 Tubes of lip balm canisters and a handkerchief


Calm Down Pup - Anti-Anxiety Diffuser

Add 2 drops of Peace and Quiet 
1 drop of Juniper Berry EO to diffuser. 

To create your own master blend, fill a 5ml bottle with 60 drops of Peace and Quiet and 30 drops of Juniper Berry. Then add 1 to 3 drops to your diffuser when ready to use.

Stop All That Scratching - Itchy Skin Roll-On
2 drops of Ginger
2 drops of Juniper Berry
10 ml Almond Oil
10 ml Roll-on Bottle

Add oils to roll-on bottle and swirl to mix. Apply to those itchy spots!

Dolly has a few spots that she nibbles at so I'm going to let the boys treat her with this roll on and see how she does!

Smooth, Silky Paws - Paw Balm

1/2 T Beeswax (provided in bonus box)
2 Tsp Coconut Oil (Bonus box)
1/2 Tsp Almond Oil (Bonus Box)
2 Drops Ginger EO
3 Drops of Juniper Berry EO
2 Lib Balm Tubes (provided in May Box)

Hair Shinier Than Mine - Fur and Skin Conditioner

 4 Tbsp Almond Oil (bonus box)
10 Drops of Juniper Berry
6 Drops of Ginger
6 Drops of Citronella
1 oz container

The fur conditioner is one of my favorites! A little bit goes a long way and her coat looked so beautiful and shiny.

Pet Odor Eliminator Spray
10 drops of Ginger
20 drops of peace and quiet
2 oz of distilled water
2 oz spray bottle

I can already tell that I'll be mixing up another batch of this spray soon. For one thing, the boys have way too much fun with it. For another it's great to spray before company is coming over to give the house a fresh not-so-pet smelling scent.

Tick and Mosquito Collar

20 Drops Juniper Berry
10 drops Citronella
2 Tbsp Almond Oil
1 Cup Distilled Water
Bandana or Collar
Sealable Container

Surprisingly, Dolly didn't mind the bandana. However, she did mind sitting still for more than five seconds!

Simply Earth gifted me this box to review and I am thrilled to partner with them each month. I love the heart of their company (13% of profits goes to organizations that fight against sex trafficking) and their mission to educate and provide supplies for a more natural home. If you're looking to build your EO supply, gain essential oil education and be inspired to try new EO recipes each month, then Simply Earth is the perfect company to partner with. 

Now here's that code I mentioned:  Use code GRANOLAANDGRACEFREE  with a subscription purchase at Simply Earth for a FREE initial bonus box AND a $40 gift card towards anything in their shop...more oils, a storage box, a diffuser, jewelry, etc! Subscription boxes with 4 full-sized bottles of EOs, bonus items, stickers and recipes are $39 a month and can be paused or canceled at any time!



  1. Thank goodness you have Dolly to try out all these amazing recipes on! Our sweet Sophie has so much anxiety and we have tried everything, it would be so nice if a few drops of oils in my diffuser would do the trick!
    Those boys of yours - so sweet!!!!

    1. Haha, she wasn't too sure about all the extra attention by the end of the day. Poor Sophie! Let me know if you try. I would be curious to see if it has any effect!

  2. It looks like the boys had fun mixing up the recipes for Dolly! I try to get pictures of my dog once in awhile for the girls and it seems impossible--I can imagine your trials. I think she looks kind of cute with the bandana on, too.

    1. Thanks Kim. She was a pill that day for sure. It's like she knew I was trying to get something. lol!

  3. I bought some oils this weekend. They came from TJ Maxx. But they said, "Essential Oils" on the label. What can I say?

    1. Haha! There you go Laura. It's a start!! :)

  4. Now this could be something we NEED a ton of. First off we are planning a big move this fall. And cats don't travel well. So that calm down may be good?? Would it work for cats you think??
    And our one cat gets mats in her fur so bad. I wonder if the fur conditioner would help??
    Tell me what you know Chrissy.....

    1. I saw that Simply Earth put out an entire blog article dedicated to cats. I think you weren't the only person who asked about that. We have a cat as well so it helps to know!

  5. This all intrigues me so much - especially because I have a dog that has the worst skin allergies. I wonder if that would help... & a better way to do tick & mosquito???? I just wonder if my dogs wouldnt pull the bandanna off each other - haha - they used to do that with sweaters. I'd come home & there's just be a RING of the collar on their neck & the rest of the sweater, in shreds LOL

    1. Let me know if you try the recipe for the itchy skin roll on! And no doubt dolly would chew this up if she could. lol. When someone in the family gets frustrated about her chewing stuff up I remind that that she's a dog - that's what they do. lol

  6. I had big plans of using Murphy (my friends dog) as a model for this, but he's at college with one of the girls. Great job friend!

    1. Thank you Lisa! And how dare they take your subject! I wonder if Murphy would have been better behaved than our sweet Dolly!

  7. I didn't even know that EO for pets was a thing. How cool!!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  8. Looks like a lot of fun was had with this box. Boys were cute as well as Dolly.

  9. So many great recipes for the pooch! We could definitely use the anti-anxiety and pet order spray around here! Your boys are so cute! Love that they are having fun with the oils too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. It was a fun month. I had to laugh at the boys going overboard on applying ALL the recipes in one day. Not sure how Dolly felt about that!

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    1. Hi and thank you! I don't do much at all with coding and I'm on blogger actually!


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