Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favorites: My Top Picks For The Dog

Back in December my husband and I caved to the pleadings of our boys (it only took 10 years) and adopted a dog. Growing up my family had pets, but they were just kind of there. Our dogs training never went beyond using the bathroom outside and basic commands like, "sit" or "give me your paw". Therefore, I honestly had no idea what I was doing when we brought Dolly home. Thankfully, the Humane Society and friends were a big help. We are still navigating our way through pet ownership, so I thought I'd share things that make our life easier with Dolly.

Outward Bound Food Bowl

Dolly scarfs down her food in seconds, which I know isn't the greatest for her. In addition, she doesn't seem to realize she's hungry. A friend told me about a specialty food bowl that slowed down their eating so I hopped on Amazon and find this one!

She still goes through her food quickly, but this bowl helps a lot.

A Leash For the Dog That Pulls

The dog behavioralist at the humane society, showed me how to train Dolly on a leash. He said to change directions quickly, over and over again for about 10 minutes before we start our walk. Aside from looking like a crazy person, I knew the boys weren't going to follow through on that. Consequently, our dog is not a pleasure to walk. When we take her on outings it's even worse. She pulls to the point of choking herself, but that doesn't stop her. Another friend told me about the gentle leader, so guess what I did? Yup. Amazon.

She didn't love the new leash, especially at first, but it was night and day difference for me. This take time as well and some training, but she is unable to pull AND she's not damaging her neck with her craziness.

As with anything else, this requires some training. For example, if she's doing well I give her a treat. This too is something not all my boys want to take the time to work with. However, if I'm taking her out beyond a potty outing, she's wearing this.

Waste Bags

We used grocery bags to keep the yard clean, or the neighbor's yard. But sometimes someone would forget to grab one and then you have to go back and get one. I'm not so sure all my boys did that, so I ordered the Earth Rated poop dispenser Grove Pantry and I love it! The bags are more earth friendly, handy and the dispenser has a hook on the back to hang the bag once she's done her business.

DIY Pet Recipes

My Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe box was all for Dolly this month and I'm not sure who loved it more, her or the boys! We made balms for the pads of her feet, fur conditioner, pet odor spray and a few other pet concoctions. If you haven't read that post, hop on over and check it out! HERE

Spot Remover

I can't say enough about Paw Sense stain remover! I've used it on my rugs and sadly, I've had to use it on a couple of mattresses. No stains! No smell! I couldn't find this on Amazon, but you can grab this from Grove Pantry as well.  If you're looking for cleaner products for your home, personal care and of course pet care, check them out! I originally signed up thinking I'd only try it for a month or two, but it's been over a year! Use my link for a 5 piece gift set (usually full size bottle of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products!)

Favorite Place to Take Dolly

The off leash paw park! This is an outing we can take the whole family on. Even the older boys are intrigued and highly amused by watching all the dogs interact. Dolly runs around like crazy and the best part is when we get home, she's calm for quite awhile!

Alright my friends, this was one of those weeks that was so full, that I don't know where to begin in sharing. Today I'm going to process, rest and be ready for a new week come Sunday! I hope you have a great weekend!

Oh, and what's one of your favorite pet items? Dolly and I are always looking for suggestions!



  1. Aww! Dolly looks like such a sweet pup! I need one of those food bowls for one of our cats! Isn't the dog park great? Our dog loves being able to run around off leash! Have a great weekend Chrissy!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. We had never been to a dog park before and we felt like we were lacking in so much dog culture. There was entertainment for us all!

  2. How wonderful. Our pets really light up our world, don't they? They are totally worth the messes and craziness!!
    Our friend uses that dog bowl too!!
    We are going to get a dog one of these days, so I'm going to save this!!

    1. Maybe not my husband's as much, but the boys adore her! And I can't wait to see a post about a dog you guys get!!

  3. Well you know we're a pet free home, but that bowl looks like the best idea. Happy weekend! XO

    1. Haha, yes I do. That just shows how sweet and supportive you are! ;)

  4. Dolly has become such a special part of your family. I love seeing pictures of the boys with her - they just adore her!

    1. She truly has. Thanks for being such a great supportive friend kellyann!

  5. What a sweet baby she is. So blessed that you guys made her a part of your family. That dog food bowl is interesting. Have never seen anything like that. Wonder if they make a human version that would slow me down at the dinner table?!

    1. Thank you! And you made me laugh thinking about a human bowl to slow us down. No chance on that right??

  6. She is such a special dog and it's great you are finding tricks and techniques and products to help her settle in more! Our little pup was a rescue and it's so funny, the said he was a pleasure to walk on the leash but as soon as he was handed to us and we started walking out the shelter he started trying to run, haha! We had a guy come help us with training and he doesn't pull as much as he used to but he still has his moments! I think that having the boys has helped as he's too exhausted to want to pull on the lead and happy just to walk alongside us!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Haha. I laughed at the idea of them telling you your pup was a pleasure to walk until...I am thinking about taking Dolly into some training classes. In fact, the humane society offers them at a decent price so I should probably start there!

      Thanks Mica for being so consistent and personable in blogging.

  7. Dolly is so dang precious! I may have to look into that bowl because both of mine inhale their food! It's crazy!

    1. Thank you. And the bowls come in different sizes too!


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