Monday, June 3, 2019

Simply Earth Essential Oils: Summer Care

Florida was a vacation spot for our family for years. There's a lot of fond memories of playing in the surf, sunning in the beach chair and building sand castles in the sand. Of course in the evenings we'd venture out for ice cream - it's just what you do. However, there was something about the mornings, especially when I grew into adulthood. My mom, sister and I would be the first up in order to sit out on the balcony, sipping coffee in peace before children awoke and temperatures rose.

I wish I could describe how the air feels, but now that I live in Florida I noticed something. The morning air changes once the summer arrives. It's almost as if she's preparing for the wave of vacationers, looking for a chance to recharge and find moments of peace. The mornings are most definitely my favorite and when I opened the June box for Simply Earth I couldn't help but smile. It feels like vacation. They outdid themselves again!!

Join me today for a look into this month's subscription box and be sure to look for my code at the end of this post. It includes a free bonus box worth over $40 in free products, as well as a $20 gift card to their EO online store!
What's In It??
4 Full-Sized Bottles of Essential Oils
Head Soothing Blend
Anise Star

Bonus Items:
Hibiscus Dried Flowers
2oz Spray Bottle
Aloe Vera Gel
Labels and Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

Summer Day Diffuser Blend
The diffuser blend is always my first recipe to throw together because it's beyond simple to do. Simply Earth tells you how many drops of each oil in order to make a master blend. If I love the featured recipe, I'll bottle it up and keep it by the diffuser.

This month's blend using all four bottles of EOs!

Travel Buddy Roll On
I will be taking this recipe with me when we hit the road this summer. My hubby and middle child experience car sickness occasionally, so I look forward to using them as test subjects!

Hibiscus Skin Repair Bath Salts
When I opened the hibiscus flowers, I was pleasantly surprised by their fragrance and knew this would feel more like a pampering soak over a medicinal soak!

Hibiscus Frozen Facial
This was another recipe to assemble. Thankfully, I still had my silicone ice cube tray around. Now that we have a freezer with an ice maker I rarely use them, though they do come in handy for freezing herbs, etc. Shows how well I'm keeping up with that!

Anyway, as I type my ice cube facials are awaiting use in the freezer.

After Sun Blend
Here's one we will use a lot around here! Between the pool and the beach, my boys are out in the sun on a daily basis. Now I'll have sunscreen for the before and this sun care spray for after. The recipe has aloe, Palmarosa EO and their Head Soothing Blend.

Beachy Hair Spray
This recipes makes me think of sea salt spray. You know why? You guessed it! There's sea salt in the recipe. I couldn't wait to get this one put together, along with the "After Sun Blend" to take to the beach.

Now I have several of the summer recipes stored in this cute makeup bag from the Sip & Mingle Event. Who is ready for a day at the beach or another travel adventure?!

Oh, and look how this bag matches my favorite beach towel!!

Simply Earth gifted me this box to review and I am thrilled to partner with them each month. I love the heart of their company (13% of profits goes to organizations that fight against sex trafficking) and their mission to educate and provide supplies for a more natural home. If you're looking to build your EO supply, gain essential oil education and be inspired to try new EO recipes each month, then Simply Earth is the perfect company to partner with. 

Now here's that code I mentioned:  Use code GRANOLAANDGRACEFREE with a subscription purchase at Simply Earth for a FREE initial bonus box AND a $40 gift card towards anything in their shop...more oils, a storage box, a diffuser, jewelry, etc! Subscription boxes with 4 full-sized bottles of EOs, bonus items, stickers and recipes are $39 a month and can be paused or canceled at any time!



  1. This is such a great box! I might have to purchase this one! I love all of these summer recipes! That hibiscus frozen facial sounds amazing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. I forgot to ask you if you enjoyed the last box. I can't remember if you had the home box or the one before it...hmmm...anyway, that you! I'm going to try out the facial after my next beach day!

  2. I just love how they give you recipe cards. That spray is something I just read about in my curly girls handbook.

    1. That's one of my favorite parts - oh and the labels!! I used the spray after a day at the beach. no bueno. Then I used it after my shower - muy bueno. Once my hair dried I curled a few problem/frizz areas and I felt great the rest of the day. I'll try it again after my next wash before I rave about it. Make sure it wasn't a fluke thing. haha!

  3. This really does look like a good box. The after sun oils will get used a ton. I *wish* I would have had the Travel Buddy oils for our boat trip. The last hour before we got to Key West I thought I'd get sick-ugh! On the way back, I didn't want to take any chances so took motion sick pills. It was quite choppy for awhile, so I'm glad I did!

    1. oh no! I'm sorry Kim that is no fun! And I'll let you know how the roll on and the after sun care work out. And thank you for being an encourager! :J)

  4. Beach hair spray... I bet you'll use that all summer long!!!!
    Such fun recipes for each season!

    1. I tried it at the the end of the hair was a mess...i made it worse -ha! i sprayed so much of this stuff that my arms had dried salt all up and down them. haha! so I had to give it another go after my shower yesterday. Much better. Start with damp hair. Then scrunch...use hot iron on any intense areas of frizz. happy day!

  5. What a great box and an even greater post. I feel like I was sitting on the balcony with you sipping coffee and enjoying the quiet! That's my favorite part of a beach vacay. I bet the diffuser is lovely and my Collin gets carsick so the Travel Buddy? Let me know if it works for your guys! Great review my friend, you have a gift for this!

    1. You are truly the sweetest! Thank you for being such an encourager - always! I'll let you know how that travel roll on works out for us!

  6. Chrissy, you did an amazing job with this post!!! This has been one of my favorite boxes so far!!!

    1. Lisa, thank you so much. That means a lot! :) Appreciate you friend.

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