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Have You Considered Reusable Menstrual Pads?

I am adventurous with most things natural - essential oils, beauty, foods, household cleaners, etc. And when you venture into the realm of natural, you begin to look at ALL areas. It didn't happen at first, but eventually my "granola" choices led me to question what I was using for my period. Those questions led me to what I've used for years: the menstrual cup, with natural liners and the occasional pad purchase.  Though I looked at reusable pads from time to time, I couldn't get myself to try them. Washing them, coupled with the inability to imagine how effective they could be kept the option off the table for me. So what am I doing writing this post??
Well, the HighOh team contacted me to try their reusable menstrual pads and I began to reconsider. They are the 13th best selling brand on Amazon and are also featured on GISTGEAR as one of the Top Ten Most Popular New Releases! I read reviews, read through their website and talked to my blog tribe and friends about it.

"Chrissy, you are "granola". This fits you. I think you should go for it." -Blog Tribe

"You SHOULD be sharing on topics like this". - Heather, friend, researcher extraordinaire, and fellow natural enthusiast 

Ok! I got over my embarrassment at the thought of discussing this with you and said yes! The HighOh team sent me their period starter kit and after two cycles of use, I'm happy to share my review with you! , here's my review after two cycles of use.

Why should we even consider using alternatives to conventional menstrual pads on the market? 

Well, I'm not a scientist but I know that our skin, the largest organ, has the amazing ability to absorb what we apply to it. And the skin housing those lady parts is more permeable, so it's important to be aware of what's in those pads, soaps, etc. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to. I want to know that each company has my best in mind but that is not reality.  Google "chemicals found in menstrual pads" and you will have articles for days.

Simply stated, I'm learning the less components or ingredients added, the better off we are. Switching to the cup was one of the best hygiene decisions I've made. Though many friends questioned the sanitary nature of it, I couldn't adequately express how much I felt the exact opposite. No more uncomfortable, at times painful and drying chemical-ridden plug of cotton (there weren't many affordable natural options out there at the time). And I'm not going to go into that string. That being said, there is no perfect menstrual utopia. Having a period is an inconvenience and there isn't a method out there to change that. However, there are ways that are safer for our bodies, better for the environment, and better for our budget.

So what about these pads? 

The company consists of two sisters with a sweet story. A poor background forced them to create their own solution to the monthly menstrual visits. This led to the ingenious, washable pads made with an all natural bamboo charcoal fiber, which decomposes micro-organisms to stay dry, clean and hygienic all day. There's a waterproof layer added and there's even a method to how these are sewn!

What's in the period starter kit
6 Reusable Medium Sized Pads
1 Waterproof Wetbag

When I received my package, I skeptically surveyed the contents, which consisted of 6 pads and a wetbag. A black waterproof material lines the outside and a soft grey material lines the other. Strong snaps, with two fit options are sewn on the wings. Would they work? Well, I immediately put them to use since my period, coincidentally, arrived the same day. Simply providential, isn't it?
If you're away from home, the pads fold up and snap close. This enables you to hygienically store them in your HighOh travel bag. You don't have to touch the surface of the pad at any point! Once home you can throw them in the wash or wash them by hand. See my list of pros and cons below for more information.

I was surprised at how comfortable these pads were to wear. They are slightly more bulky, especially being used to the cup, but I found this to be a great support on the first two days of my period. Again, there is no perfect option in dealing with our menstrual cycles, right? No matter what you choose, there is going to be inconvenience! Also, some reviews shared that some women use these pads for bladder support and incontinence!

Here are my list of pros and cons for switching up to the world of reusable sanitary pads.

Comfortable: They're soft and they keep you dry.
Reduce Menstrual Cramping: I experienced this when I switched to the cup. There's science behind that and apparently it has a lot to do with the fibers and plastics found in synthetic pads and tampons.  It's worth doing a little research here!
Environmentally Friendly: They last up to 3-4 years, you're not adding countless pads to the landfills (watch this interesting video on what happens when you burn a conventional pad)
Super Absorbent: From the materials used to the sewing method these babies are leak proof!
Empowering as you feel more self-sufficient: There's no need to rely on a store run! I don't know why but this gives me a sense of freedom. I also felt that way with cloth diapers, making my own laundry detergent, etc!
Save money: The starter kit is 29.99 or 12 cents a year for 3.5 years!
Easy to wash: you can machine wash them, though I prefer hand washing them in the laundry sink. This is what I dreaded! However, after the first wash I was giddy - they looked brand new!
Better for you: companies do NOT have to disclose ingredients in tampons or pads. Be sure to research the chemicals found in many tampon and pad brands.

You have to wash them. Though they clean easily, there's still an inconvenience to it.
You need to wear tight underwear or classic briefs in order for them to stay put.
They are more bulky than most pads.

In conclusion, I've used these pads for two cycles now and will continue to use them in combination with my cup.  Together, I believe them to be the best scenario for me.  I prefer the cup if I'm traveling for more than a day, or for hanging at the beach or the pool. Also, HighOh just released a new, longer pad for overnights, though I had no issues while sleeping. Now, I hope they will formulate the perfect liner!



  1. That's such an interesting concept Chrissy. Before I went through menopause, I was researching and had bought the cup that is reusable. But I never ended up trying it....I was too used to my tampons.

    1. That's interesting to know Jodie! I don't think I'm too far from not having to worry about this anymore myself!

  2. Well done my darling friend! This is such an interesting product and makes total sense. So many people are switching to cloth diapers, why not use these? You nailed it!

    1. Thank you Kellyann. Thank you for being such a big encourager. Grateful for you!

  3. I'm not tempted to use them as I'm in menopause. I have to say that I don't think I would wanted to try those. Somehow it looks gross to me.

    1. I felt the same as you Nancy. However, the biggest surprise to me was that it wasn't gross for me at all. I just might be more granola than I realize. Thanks so much for chiming in and have a great rest of the week!!

  4. You did a nice job with this post! There are so many chemicals in everyday products and you're right, our skin absorbs everything! This sounds like an interesting concept and great option!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thank you so much Jill. That means a lot! And I saw your post on the new Always pads. I'm glad more companies are catching on by providing more choices!

  5. I agree with Kellyann! Totally!

    1. Awww, thank you Laura. You guys - my tribe. ;)


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