Monday, December 2, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty For The Stockings & Gifts For The Planner

Hello! Wouldn't you know my entire post was lost into cyber space. Each painstaking word swiped away with the click of the refresh! Has this ever happened to you? I've had parts disappear but never a whole post. Well, perhaps an abbreviated version is better anyway, right?? So with less flourish, but just as much goodies, I give you inspiration for stocking stuffers or basket fillers as well as favorites for the organizer!

Let's start with My favorite Beauty Items!

1. Dearly Detangled Conditioner - gifted to me but just as loved, I use this leave-in conditioner when my hair is especially dry. I love it for getting out those tangles!
2. Wild Rose Vit C Serum - also gifted to me, this might be my favorite serum ever!! It smells wonderful, but more than that, I've already noticed brightening and diminishing! Korres is selling this in gift sets at $56, which is the perfect time to try it!

3. Wet Brush - The last two salons I visited used these brushes and all my mom of girls friends swear by them. My boys have the small size. I think it's time for momma to have one. Why not ones with bears in cozy sweaters?
4. Native Deodorant - Ironically I was introduced to this deodorant in my Christmas stocking one year. It's a natural deodorant that smells wonderful and actually works!

5. Ahava Lotions - a friend brought this back from Israel and I love the way my hands feel when I use it. These are now a purse staple.

6. Burt's Bees Lipstick - continuing with our more natural vibes, this lipstick is free of yucky chemicals, pleasant smelling and moisturizing. It's worth having to reapply in my opinion. ;)

7. The Caripro Toothbrush - I reviewed this back in June and still use this it. In fact, yesterday my middle child requested one for Christmas. Today is the day, right?? This brush 5 settings, a two minute timer with 30 second increment pauses to remind you to move to another area and long battery life. I don't bring the charger with me on trips!
8.Tinkle Razor - these have been around the blogger block but in case you need reminding, these are an easy way to get rid of unsightly hairs. However, don't get a knock off brand. They just aren't the same!

9. Whitening Systems or REFILLS!: We can't leave out the whitening system my husband reviewed over the summer. I still notice the difference in his teeth! For that reason I'm using the gifted whitening gels for his stocking. ;)
For The Planner - Cultivate What Matters Shop is having their biggest sale of the year! 20% off everything, but the goal planners. HOWEVER, you can grab a bundle with a planner included for the 20% off! Here's a list of my favorites, as well as a couple extra goodies to compliment a more organized life!

1. Legacy Journals - linen, lovely and perfect for note taking or journaling daily thoughts!

2. Tending Tape - I love this for taping in important notes, worksheets or just making my calendar pretty.
3. Power Sheets Starter Bundle - That fab planner, stickers, pouch and goal card display set
4. Magnetic Page Markers - I mean, why not?? How handy are these?
5. Cultivate Power Sheets - just the fab planner!

6. Goal Sticker Book - my handwriting is so sloppy, but these stickers make me feel better about myself. Ha - but seriously, it also helps me remember as well as anticipate upcoming dates.
7. Sudio Tolv Earbuds - Man, these are pretty and they work fantastically. My eldest keeps borrowing mine so I may get him a green pair while they are 25% off!

8. Accessory Pouch - I store all my pens, tending tape, highlighters etc in this pouch!
9. Lands End Canvas Tote - I store ALL these goodies in this fabulous tote! A sweet friend gifted this bag over a year ago and I run all over town and country with this bag. It also fits my computer. LOVE IT!

Alright, did you catch my Gift Guide for the Gym Rat and Miscellaneous Items for Around the Kitchen? Happy Shopping my friends!


  1. I really need to get a pair of those wireless ear buds! Great gift ideas Chrissy!

    1. Thanks Kellyann. I had no idea how time consuming these posts are. lol! My eldest took my pair of ear buds to school today!

  2. So many great ideas my friend! Many of these I have and I agree with how wonderful they are! And most of all, how wonderful you are.

  3. Look at you throwing this gift guide out like a PRO! Love all your picks especially the Burt Bees because I love their chapstick! I like the Tickle Razors, too! Glad y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hoping that Glen is feeling MUCH better!

  4. These are great ideas! I swear by those wet brushes too! Love KORRES products! Your flatlay is so pretty! I could use those wireless earbuds!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I love those pink earbuds. My son has a black version, but the pink is so fun. Hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  6. I just love these ideas Chrissy!! It's nice to get such unique ideas!

  7. I've been wanting one of those wet brushes forever! I've heard they are so good! Love all your picks!

  8. Such great gift ideas! I had been using the same hair brush for years and it was literally ripping my hair out until my friend introduced me to the wet brush. It is so amazing! I highly recommend it to everyone! I also love my wireless earbuds. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas, my friend!



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