Wednesday, March 25, 2020

XCVI Pastels for Spring, People and a Link Up

Hello my friends. Last Wednesday, I mentioned how much community means when the storms roll in. More specifically, I shared how much this cyber community has come to mean to me. Would you have thought we'd Zoom, Google, and have chats through Instagram or Facebook so much? Me either, but I find myself catching up with friends, long neglected, and making new friends through the world wide web.

I also mentioned last week that I had a cool story to share about how these pictures came about. So at the end of this post, right before the Style 6 link up, I'll spill the beans. In the meantime, I hope to brighten your day with spring pastels, windblown hair and heartfelt smiles. ;)

Pastels to Put Us in a Spring Mood

Have you already guessed that this outfit is provided by XCVI? Their unique designs are easily recognized by the fun details, flowy movement and comfort for whatever your day may hold.  (See the end of this post for a 20% off discount code!)

I selected these palazzo pants with spring brunches, parties, and girl meetups in mind. However, I couldn't resist wearing them for a whole lot more. I hope these lavender palazzo pants put a smile on your face like they do mine! They are just so comfortable! As for the jacket, I paired this with the linen dress from last week. It's a light completer piece that will work all the way through summer.

The Kapa tank is soft and takes on an extra element of style with the high-low cut and pronounced seams.

Here's what the outfit would look like with a pair of heels as opposed to the wedges. I also switched out the weekender bag for a pink round purse. I was so impressed with how well all the colors blended together. 

How would you style a pair of palazzo pants? You can find those and so much more at AND use code GRANOLA20 for 20% off.

The Story behind these pictures:

Back in October my sister and her family came for a visit. During that visit we ventured up to the beach as much as possible. And on one of the outings I couldn't help but notice a woman taking pictures of the gulf. It was close to sunset so there's usually an array of folks snapping pictures, but she was different. Aside from her professional looking camera, she had a few props she arranged and rearranged to get the perfect picture.

I observed her hold up a glass bottle and wondered what that picture would look like with the glistening sea reflecting the retreating sun. When she wedged a photo frame into the sand at the surf's edge my curiosity got the best of me.

"Hi. I'd love to see how your pictures turn out. Do you have an instagram account?"

As it turned out, she did. I began following her and she in turn followed me. When her pictures popped up in my feed I looked for the shots on Lido Beach. They did not disappoint. Other pictures came through people or places and I'd admire the shot and double tap for a like. One day she commented on a photo of mine. And this was the beginning of a planned photoshoot get together, and even a friendship. Nancy is a talented, carefree mom of two girls. I look forward to getting to know her more!

Here's one of Nancy's fun photo edits!
I believe more and more that adventure awaits and oftentimes begins with a simple "hello". If you made it this far, thank you sharing in on this week's style and fashion adventures! 


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  1. Fabulous photos Chrissy and this outfit looks terrific on you! Wish i had a post for today, heck I wish I had a working website, oh well, this too shall pass...

  2. Those pants are so fun! Love how flowy they are and the color! Your photos are beautiful! What a fun story how you met your photographer!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Kiddos to your photographer, these are like the best pictures! Amazing outfit, truly AMAZING YOU!

  4. Chrissy, I don’t know which I love more...these photos and your outfit or the story behind them! I have followed Nancy’s IG account now and her photos are simply magnificent! You are correct, it just takes a simple hello to form the basis of an amazing friendship. My good friend Becca whom I just visited in North Carolina last month...our friendship began in a similar way. I was at a bluegrass concert alone and knew no one. She was sitting at the end of the bar with a small group of people. She smiled in my direction with so much kindness that I slid down the bar, introduced myself, and asked if I could join them since I was alone. And now she is one of bestest friends!


    1. I love that Shelbee! How many of us have stories such as these that remind us how full of surprise life can be. It was never meant to be boring and we weren't meant to live it alone. I'm so glad you checked out Nancy's account! You are so sweet. Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter and encourager to many!!

  5. what awesome pants, the colour is so nice with that top! it's so sweet you connected with a new friend just by admiring her photo taking! :)

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :) It's another week of working from home here!

    Away From Blue

  6. What fun photos, my friend! You are always in motion! I love the dressier heels and bag, but obviously they aren't for walking at the waterfront. What a nice story of how you met your friend/photographer. Hugs!

  7. I love that story Chrissy!! And the colors in this outfit are so fabulous especially for the season.

  8. I am just LOVING all of your XCVI posts... you pick some of the best stuff and I love the flow of these gorgeous pink pants in your candid shots! Beautiful!!


  9. Well, I did buy my first pair of palazzo trousers a few weeks ago. And I style them with sneakers! I love yours, what a gorgeous color!

  10. Cool stpry! I think a lot of times we are afraid to reach out and be the first to speak but we are missing out when we don't. Love all the fun colors in this outfit!

  11. What a fun story behind those photos! They turned out beautifully! And I love the gorgeous pastel colors here! Those pants are fabulous! You are the epitome of an XCVI girl!

  12. How cool is that to meet someone in 'kinda' the same field! As a fashion blogger, what could be better than meeting a photographer?! Especially one that has much in common. Nice! As for those palazzo...I'm dying here!!! Great colour combo too the lilac with turquoise:) xx Lucy

  13. totally love this outfit of yours!
    Hope you stay healthy and safe
    style frontier

  14. These colors look nice on you. The pants are so stunning! Nice photos. Thanks for hosting the party. Stay safe in that big city!

  15. Such a cool story...I too have met so many really great people through an overlap of real life and Instagram. Love those pants my friend! xo

  16. Ohh you looks so cute๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ Regards!

  17. You nailed this look Chrissy! Those palazzo pants are stunning and these photos turned out beautifully. I love at how a simple hello can lead to future friendship or opportunities. As an introvert, I feel so shy and I need to do more of this! Nancy is so talented and her work is superb!

    Maureen |


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