Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Jambu Capri - No One Will Know They're Comfort Shoes

Buffalo Denim Jacket (Costco)//Lucky Brand Dress (Different Color) // Jambu Capri Shoes C/O Jambu // JORD Wallet Clutch C/O Jord// In The Navy Necklace

Hello my friends and Happy April Fool's Day! No fooling around in this post, but almost always some goofing off on Instagram stories! Anyway, today I'm featuring a stylish pair of shoes, by Jambu that no one will know are actually comfort shoes. They are on my "make me smile list" and I'd say it's a good time for such a list, right?  Now before I begin, allow me to share a few thoughts...

Never before has our country, or even the world, experienced what we are experiencing now. Disasters, wars, etc. But a world wide virus spread? There's nothing to compare it to. We are in the unknown, but we are not ALONE. God loves us and has not forsaken us, whether it feels that way or not. I can share that because I've repeatedly experienced HIS faithfulness throughout my years.

He's always there but I'm ever in awe over the creative ways He shows Up. And He will show up now in more ways than we can imagine. I feel it already in the show of community support. We are loving on each other virtually, doctors, nurses and staff are working tirelessly and so much more! I hope this post also finds you feeling loved and makes YOU smile.

Anyway, I continue to look for things that make me smile. Connecting with you makes me smile! Funny memes, videos etc makes me smile. Pretty things still makes me smile! So though I'm not styling a fab outfit everyday, I still like to feel put together. And right now, the grocery store is an event I dress for! 

Today's outfit is mostly shopped from my closet with the exception of some accessories. However, I linked whatever is still available! As for the Jambu sandals, sent to me a couple of weeks ago, they are a favorite sandal pick for me. And of course I'll share why I love them, as well as my discount code - GRANOLANGRACES20  for 20% off.

Let's get started! 

{My hubby and I went out last week, driving around in our cool minivan and I put on this outfit just becauseWhile sightseeing the mostly deserted streets around Siesta Key, I asked him to snap a few photos outside the closed restaurants and stores. How strange to see this booming town sit so quiet. It was eerie and unsettling.}

My initial impression of the Jambu Capri style was, "how cute are these!" 
One of my favorite shoe style is the wedge, which is why I chose the Capri sandal. Once I received them I noticed that they are perfect height. As for the shades of blue, they are a classic as well as a hot, hot, hot current trend.

Buffalo Denim Jacket (Costco)//Lucky Brand Dress (Different Color) // Jambu Capri Shoes C/O Jambu // JORD Wallet Clutch C/O Jord// In The Navy Necklace

The Capri Shoe Is Comfortable
Designed with sight seeing, errand running (aka, grocery store runs) and someday soon, parties in mind these sandals are comfy the moment you slide them on. The memory foam gives a cushion feel, but the fabric also feels soft and smooth! The sole is a non-slip base with practical traction.
Lucky Brand Dress (Different Color) // Jambu Capri Shoes C/O Jambu // JORD Wallet Clutch C/O Jord// In The Navy Necklace

Better For My Feet And Legs
I've mentioned on the blog before that I have vein issues. Of course I position my legs and feet to the best angles for pictures. Not because I'm trying to hide imperfections but if I didn't, you'd be looking at the veins and not the cute shoes. With still photos the eye is drawn to the beautiful, as well as anything out of place. All that to say, I need good shoes to support my feet and legs.  You will see me style heels and shoes more cheaply made, but I have to be careful. Really we all need to take care of our feet and legs!

Creative Design Features
The ankle strap has a "hidden" velcro strap for easy on and off convenience. I love this feature! It sounds silly but it's also nice to be able to adjust the tightness.
Capri Sandals - C/O Jambu

Alright! I hope you and yours are staying safe. If you're online shopping right now, use code: GRANOLANGRACES20 for an additional 20% off anything on their site! We are going to be going out again my friends! And when we do I have a feeling the shops and restaurants will be full. Of course that's after we go see our loved ones! 

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  1. I really like the colors of those sandals. And, look at you all adorable in your Lucky Brand dress! It is weird having places being empty.

  2. Those are DARLING and they look so good with that Lucky dress.

  3. Comfort shoes that look as amazing as those? Yes please! Those are adorable! I just love the blue straps! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

  4. Oh you know how I love reading your blog and your feed on INstagram! And to see that you picked me!! Oh Thanks sooo much- I'm touched xx

  5. Cute, cute, cute, my friend! I love this adorable dress on you and these sandals are lovely. The shades of blue are so very pretty. It really is quite eerie out there right now. But I have been doing the same as you...trying to put on cute clothes, go for a drives to some deserted places and take some photos. Because why not continue sharing the things that bring us happiness and joy? I have given up all of my stress around the current environment weeks ago and have seriously just been cruising through this time enjoying the isolation but staying connected online with my dear blogging community. What a wonderful place blogland is right now...even better than it was before, I think. So much love and light and kindness and support. We all need to just keep at it! Thank you for always sharing your bright light with the world!


  6. Perfect styling of these cute shoes and even more perfect message! God is ever faithful and such a comfort to us now. Beautiful things will come from this pandemic.

  7. We need to stay strong and find and enjoy the little things that make us happy! This is such a cute outfit! I love the color of your sandals!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. I hear you Chrissy. Its so important to do things that make us happy because during these dark days, it's so essential for our mental health. I know that God has a plan and I take comfort that everything will be alright. I love these shoes for so many reasons! One because of their comfort, secondly because of the design and lastly, their uniqueness. I appreciate how Jambu combine fashion and function perfectly!

    Maureen |

  9. It's all about the positive, isn't it, Chrissy??
    I just love those shoes. The straps, the colors. And the best part is how comfy they are!!

  10. Love this outfit and those shoes! Good shoes are important for our feet.

  11. Love the floral dress and its so perfect with the denim jacket. Fun spring look!

  12. I feel like now really is the time for us to treat ourselves to some gorgeous clothes to lounge around in - and this post really encapsulates the self-isolation-yet-still-chic vibe I'm really going for!

    I hope you're staying safe during this quarantine!
    Amy x

  13. Loving the print on that dress! so pretty

  14. Love the two colors of the shoes together! Stay safe!

  15. totally love your shoes! they look stylish
    style frontier

  16. I love that dress, it's so pretty and perfect for spring and summer xo

    Makeup Muddle

  17. They are cute sandals and I love the floral dress with them! :) I am dressing up for the grocery store too, haha! I don't go anywhere else!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We all stayed home and stayed safe, hope you did too.

    Away From Blue

  18. First off, I am so so so jealous that you can wear sandals and show of your legs. Hahahahaha. We got more snow so now I am thankful I didn't put all my winter stuff away. I've been thinking a lot about this Pandemic and in a way, some of the beauty of it is that I don't think we've ever been so united in a fight against something that's attacking all of us at the same time. The key word being UNITED. You look as adorable as ever and I hope your family is staying healthy and strong through this.

  19. Hi Chrissy!
    I love those shoes on you and I look forward to wearing mine more too. The blue is very pretty! Your dress is right up my alley! I love the print, so Springy! This is tough, and it sounds nice that you and hubby went for a drive.
    take care, and thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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