Friday, August 28, 2020

Blue Light Eye Protection With TwinLab

blue light blockers

How much time do you spend in front of a "blue screen", aka, your computer, your phone, and/or your iPad?  Have you thought about supporting your eyes with blue light blockers, food choices, and/or supplements with lutein? Truth be told when it comes to food choices or supplements, my focus has been on what supports hair, skin, and nails, as well as immunity boosters. So thanks to a recent collaboration with Twinlab I have another Friday Feature for you that covers our invaluable eyes!

Over the last few years, my screen time has increased drastically. In addition to blogging, which requires loads of time from beginning to end, there's also homeschool requirements that are online, Instagram, and the list goes on. Some weeks I shudder when I see my Screen Time Report. What makes all this worse is that it took me until a month ago to finally get Bluelight Blocker glasses

Eye Fatigue
Also, last year I started noticing that my eyes not only felt fatigued at night but also when I woke up in the morning. Yes, I'm one of those people that often wait until something is close to broken before treating!  For this reason, I jumped on the opportunity to review Blutein Gummies by TwinLab. I need all the support I can get. And as timing would have it my husband recently had his eye exam. You know what the optometrist told him? They are seeing eye issues in teens that they normally only see in elderly patients! 

The "blutein Gummies" box reads as follows:
Two hours per day of using a digital device can lead to an increase in eyestrain, frequency of headaches and fatigue. Ocuguard Gummies are a revolutionary formula that acts as a nutritional filter against harmful blue light emitted by digital devices in your environment.

What's In blutein gummies?
Twenty milligrams of lutein and 4 milligrams of zeaxanthin isomers. Lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids, which are found in green leafy foods and eggs, are thought to support eye health and protect against macular degeneration. I'll share the list of the top ten foods with these nutrients before I close. However, first, let say that after a couple of weeks of use I've noticed a decrease in eye strain. That's a win for me! 

blue light blockers
Top Ten Foods    
Here are the top ten foods high in lutein and zeaxanthin that I found on My Food Data:
  1. Dark leafy greens (kale)
  2. Green Peas
  3. Summer Squash
  4. Pumpkin (Does this include Pumpkin Spice Lattes?)
  5. Brussel Sprouts
  6. Broccoli
  7. Asparagus
  8. Romaine Lettuce (hello taco night!)
  9. Carrots
  10. Pistachios 
So to break it down, I will support my eyes with food (some of which I'm already eating), less screen time when I'm able, blue light blocker glasses, and supplements! What steps are you taking to care for your eyes? 

P.S. When I hopped on the Twinlab website they are currently offering a promotion for a free jar of blutein GUMMIES with any purchase (while supplies last)!

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  1. These gummies look amazing and effective... thanks for sharing dear :-)
    Beauty and Fashion/Rampdiary/Glamansion

  2. I still need to get a pair of blue light glasses. I love the pair that you have! What a great concept to get blue light protection with gummies!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I wear my blue lens glasses but I need to start taking a supplement.

  4. I need to starting wearing blue light glasses especially as I have been writing my posts in the evening.

  5. I just got blue light glasses for the whole family! With Claire doing so much schooling online I wanted to make sure her eyes were protected! I didn't know about these gummies too! I need to check them out!

  6. Very cool products, Chrissy! I am not sure if the retina display is similar to a blue light filter but I have never experienced eye strain and I am on my laptop a lot! Maybe my glasses already have the blue light filter. I am not sure. But I am going to inquire at my eye doctor appointment next month because my eyes are old and broken and I want to make sure I am protecting my vision for as long as I can! Thanks for sharing and linking up!



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