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Photography Poses & Cultivating Brand Relationships That Last

Hello and welcome to my dress restyle part two! A couple of weeks I restyled a dress spotlighting the Dove Crossbody bag from Caite & Kyla as well as a layering tee. Coincidentally, I'm using another CAite & Kyla piece with a layering tee.  However, today's post highlights extra layers to transition from summer to fall. As an added bonus, I'm sharing new (to me) poses for inspiration, and thoughts on brand partnership longevity. 
Note: In order to feature a few extra poses, I've added more photos than usual. 
So let's get right to these simple changes and funky/silly poses before sharing thoughts on cultivating brand relationships that last. As for the clothes shopped from my closet, I will do my best to link up similar items for whatever is no longer available!
Summer Vibes
For this look, I started with the dress and the layered tee, followed by white sneakers, utility jacket, and my jewelry pairings. 

Dance Steps: Is It Salsa Or Mamba? 
Even a small amount of movement makes a difference. 
Tip Toe At The Wall
Experiment with angles and arms.
Typical Touch My Hair
It's good to have a "normal" pose in the mix, but keep it looking relaxed.

Fall Vibes: Denim For The Win
I switched the white sneaks for a pair of Pikolino Boots, a velvet bag, and of course a denim jacket! 

Typical Pigeon Toe
It just feels necessary with certain styles of boots. 
The Exaggerated Skip
Accessory Shot
This will probably go on my Instagram wall, but I may bring it in for a close up on the soft, velvet bag. 
An Abandoned Cart Becomes A Prop
If you haven't guessed by now, we are on the side of a Target. There wasn't as much car traffic and there was minimal foot traffic. When we pulled up there was a prop waiting for us in the form of a shopping car so we took advantage of it. These shots may be a stretch for some, but the idea is to have fun with who YOU are. I'm goofy and often messy hair. Why not play on that??? 

Hair Flip Accessory Shot
This idea was inspired by Instagram (wish I could remember where!).  To make this capture, Emma used my iPhone and pressed down on the camera button for burst mode. Meanwhile, I flipped my hair back and forth (yeah, I'm thinking of that song too). After a few attempts, we were able to grab this shot. 
Print Mixing For Fall
Switching back to the utility vest for the olive color and added snakeskin booties and a hat with camo for print mixing vibes. 
Add A Hat, Bonus If The Wind Blows
Climb The Fence
If there's one there, you totally should.
Someone's Scooter 
Perhaps you should weigh this one out. I went as far as to place my foot on the bike and then we took off. It looks like I was leaning on it, but I was not. 
Photos Taken by Emma
A Few Thoughts On Cultivating Brand Relationships That Last
Before I close, I wanted to share thoughts I had lately about fostering professional, lasting relationships with brands. First, let me say that I'm growing in this area and believe there are always ways to improve.  Second, though every tip should be applied no matter how the brand responds to your posts, there are a couple that I only do when the brand works WITH me. When a brand engages with my posts and sends feedback, I amp up my shares. 

*Quick response 
If I can't respond that day, I make sure to respond within 24 hours.
Show energy, have fun, show versatility
Of course, this depends on what product you're featuring, but if you can add energy, do!
*Touch Base
While you're working on content, shoot your contact an email to let them know how you're progressing and when you plan to post. Even if I'm well within my deadline, I like to send an update. Or when life hits...July came on me like a hurricane and I shared a few details with a brand, still committing to make the deadline. They wrote back and extended my deadline. That was so helpful! 
*Follow Up
Once you've completed your guidelines, it's helpful to thank them and let them know you enjoyed working with them. Ask if they received traffic (even if you have Google analytics) or if anyone used your code. I received unexpected and ENCOURAGING feedback from one brand. 
*Link every time you share
Unless you're posting specifically for another brand, link their product whenever it's in a picture or a post.  The idea is to show them you love them, right? Also, I've heard repeatedly that it takes at least 7 times for people to respond to something you share. 


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  1. Chrissy, I love this post so much! These poses are phenomenal and so much fun. If there is a fence, climb it! I will remember that. I feel like I have gotten stuck in a bit of pose rut so this was wonderful inspiration! And this outfit and all the ways you have styled it are so great! You lovely, beautiful human!


  2. Such great advice my friend! And no one poses better than you! These pictures are so grand and every time I look at your photos I rethink using the cool VSCO filters on mine! It just changes the whole dynamic and I love it! You in that shopping cart cracked me up and I wish I would’ve been there to push you around! You look beautiful!

  3. I need to take notes! My poses are all very similar and I need to get a little more creative! Your poses are so fun and full of life.

  4. I love your mix of shots, particularly the fun ones. It becomes a challenge trying to think of new and different ways to pose, particularly when you take your own pictures with a tripod. Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday.

  5. I need to try some different poses! These are such cute pictures! I love that dress and those lace up booties are darling! I really love how you layered this dress with the pink tee.
    jess xx

  6. Only you could make the side of a Target look like a desirable photo destination! I always love the energy you bring to your photo shoots. Until lately, I've been happy to just be able to stand upright! Very good tips on cultivating sponsor relationships.

  7. These are so fun, and loving how pretty that top is! I need to incorporate more props <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. These are great tips Chrissy and your photos are absolutely amazing!

    Maureen |

  9. These are some amazing photos! I just love how each photo you take, your personality shines through! Great tips on brand relationships, too!

  10. Your photos are amazing! Poses are something I need to work on and I love all of this inspo! Your tips on brand relationships are spot on!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  11. I'm so excited to try out some of those poses!! You're so fun all the time!:) And I love those tips- marking these down! Thanks xx

  12. Such fun photos, and I really like the tee and dress together! great pairing! :) I need to try mix it up a little with my poses - I take all the pics by myself with a tripod and remote so I usually just snap and go before we are off to wherever we are going for the day - need to take the time to try different things!

    Thanks for the link up :)

    Hope you are having a nice week :)

    Away From Blue

  13. Great post, Chrissy. So much good info and insight. I think the tip toe pose should be called "Baby"...reminds me of Dirty Dancing. LOL

  14. Great post and tips!! I am trying to come out of my comfort zone and take more "outfit" pictures but I always feel so silly! Great poses!

  15. Love all these fun photo poses!! And these are some great tips about working with brands. I really want to start working with brands before the year ends, so I've got to research how to start and pitch brands... I'm kind of nervous, haha!

    Miles of smiles,

  16. Chrissy,
    What a wonderful post full of adorable poses!
    If I climbed a fence people would wonder what is that old lady doing!


  17. Those are fun poses! I need to try some new ones!

    Emma xxx


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