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Gelato Adventures & 5 Ways To Ease Into Dairy-Free

Made In Rome Gelato
Does your body protest whenever you eat dairy? Maybe it's as minimal as a breakout here and there. Or maybe the protest is far more immediate and obvious, with results of pain and more symptoms I'll refrain in mentioning. Simply stated if you're looking to eliminate or cut back on dairy today's post is for you. Please welcome, Emma, as a guest writer for today's post on how to ease yourself into a dairy-free life. Also, photos for today's post were taken at Made In Rome Gelato shop where there's plenty of dairy-free options! 

Hi! My name is Emma and I have been working with Chrissy this summer! We have been content creating and I have not only learned so much, but I’m having a blast as well. 

Chrissy has asked me to talk about something that I am very passionate about: living a dairy-free lifestyle. 

I’ve had issues with dairy on and off in my life, it came in waves and it made me very confused about what I could and couldn’t eat. 

The dairy began causing me physical pain. It was like my body couldn’t handle what I was putting into it.

Around four years ago, when I started college, I began my completely dairy-free lifestyle. 

My body lacks the lactase enzyme, this enzyme is responsible for breaking down the sugar content in dairy products. 

I have had a difficult journey, and it’s not been easy for me to find food that I like and can actually eat, but companies are growing and getting better. I have found food I like, and I am hopeful that more will be made. 

When I made the personal decision to eliminate dairy from my diet, it was due to health issues. 

I won’t lie and tell you that my transition from having dairy daily, and a lot of it, to having none at all whatsoever was easy. It was the hardest thing to do. 

Made In Rome Gelato

Whether you’re going through health issues or would rather find healthier alternatives to dairy.

 Here are 5 ways to ease yourself into a dairy-free life. 

  • Almond milk! I love cereal or making smoothies and almond milk has become my best friend. There are also different flavors! The dark chocolate almond is amazing. 
  • Swap out your coffee creamers for Silk’s dairy-free brand. Is there a difference? Slightly, but using a flavored one (I recommend the caramel or vanilla) helps with the overall flavor, so it’s not a dramatic change for you. 
  • Use plant protein powder! Whey protein is a derivative of milk. So when making protein shakes & yummy goodies, try the plant powder instead! 
Made In Rome Gelato
  • Buy dairy-free ice cream! Ice cream cones come with all different bases now. Almondmilk, coconut milk, oat milk, cashew milk, peanut milk, etc. Companies can make milk out of anything these days. Ben & Jerry’s has an amazing line, but I also recommend So Delicious & NadaMoo!

  • Slowly begin using dairy-free cheese. This can be hard, for people who know what cheese tastes like….it’s a bit different. However, after not having cheese for 4 years, I couldn’t tell. I do recommend cheddar, over the mozzarella cheese, as I found it to be a bit on the gummy side. This step will take some experimenting & figuring out what you like. I personally love the non-dairy cheddar cheese baked into a squash casserole. DELICIOUS. 

If you have any dairy-free questions, fire away! Emma would be glad to answer and share her findings with you. Have a wonderful week and make some time to treat yourself!
Made In Rome Gelato

Made In Rome Gelato



  1. These are helpful tips to make swaps! My daughter went dairy free for the most part a few years ago so we've had less dairy in our diets too by default. Ben and Jerry's does have some great diary free ice cream flavors!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. We've been trying this route for Rob. I wish this gelato place was here!!

  3. That sounds great, we don't have that here. But I do eat a lot of ice, love it!


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