Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Favorites: From Sunrise To Sunset

Hello! I love Friday Favorites. They highlight what makes me smile, feel grateful, and well-loved all the while recognizing that life isn't perfect in between these moments. In fact, the last couple of weeks were highly stressful. So these highlights are good reminders, a bit of therapy if you will. I also like to feature my latest collaborations with brands I love from fashion to health support.  That being said, let's get started because I can't wait to hear what you think!!

Finally Caught the Sunrise

We've lived close to the gulf for over two years and I had yet to experience a sunrise at Lido Beach. Well, this past Sunday, we went for it. Why did I wait so long? Being on the west coasts means the sunsets are the most impactful, but there's something about the quiet of the morning. The birds begin their activity, there are few people about and even the gulf waters seem to calmer. Have you enjoyed the sunrise at the beach lately?

First Homeschool Unit Study Completed!

This is my fourth year of homeschooling and my first attempt at a Unit Study. I stumbled upon the Gather Round homeschool curriculum on Instagram and decided to go for it. The boys picked Space for their first study and we completed it last week. When your social studies, language arts, science, and art are all focused around a topic, facts sink in and stick. I have a terrible memory and I noticed when my boys were putting the space puzzle together I kept recalling information about stars and planets. Sidenote: My 16-year-old did most of the 1000 piece puzzle. 

I need to write a full post on this wonderful curriculum, especially considering the influx of first time homeschooling moms that hit the scene this year!

Market Place Find

The office area in my house needs work but I can't resist sharing the cute chair I purchased for $40 from Facebook Marketplace. Though second-hand shopping is always risky, I've found patio furniture, lounge chairs, my bicycle with a basket, and more from the Market Place.  Right now I'm on the hunt for wall decor, cool lamps, and a queen iron bed. Have you purchased anything from there?  


New Healthy Favorite

Speaking of all things sunny, I was recently introduced to Sunny Culture's Water Kefir Immunity Shots and I'm hooked. One of their immunity shots has four times the concentration as their standard kefir beverage, with 1 billion CFU (live active organisms in a serving).  This Florida based company began with a passion for probiotics. That passion led to a lot of trial and error that ended with a tasty, healthy water kefir drink.  From small home beginnings to a place in Florida Whole Foods and an online website, they are quickly making a name for themselves. 

Now, I've made my own Kombucha before, which is relatively easy, but I still managed to frequently kill the mother SCOBY. That being said, I'm not sure how I'd fair with water kefir. I didn't even know that it was a thing!

Anyway, I've excitedly accepted the opportunity to continue working with Sunnyland so these probiotic goodies will be featured more on the blog and Instagram. Cultured drinks and foods are a wonderful way to boost your immune system. 

Sunny Land - Discount Code: granolaandgrace (15% off)

Favorite Current Read

"How To Be Made Whole", by Robin Steele, was sent to me to review and it couldn't have come at a better time. The moving true story of Kennedy Steele, born with a severe brain disorder and the incredible faith her parents live out is both encouraging and inspiring. My heart needed to be reminded that my worth isn't wrapped up in what I do or don't do. I needed to be reminded that I'm here to gain the favor of God and God alone.  

Here's a quote from the book that is resonating with me.

"Instead of frantically moving and pressing to earn grace through your labor or exertion, God is calling you to rest in being accepted by Him." 

I was sent extra copies so I'm giving one away on Instagram

Fashion Favorites

This week on the blog I featured a new pair of shoes c/o Secret Celebrity shoes, as well as a bracelet I purchased from Luca Love. I'm already dreaming about all the style opportunities! Catch the post HERE if you missed it. 

Sunsets and Dog Walks

Considering the sunrise beginnings of this post, it seems only fitting to close with a sunset feature. We ventured out to the Red Bug Slough Preserve, a preserved, natural piece of Florida. I can't begin to express how beautiful the sunset was there. Who would have thought a beach sunset could be rivaled by a slough preserve?

Well my friends, I hope you had a wonderful week. And if it was a rough couple of weeks (like mine), I wish you a fresh beginning today!

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  1. Sunrise on the beach is one of my favorite times; I think because it is so quiet and peaceful. Congrats on finishing up your first unit. We did a lot of unit studies through the years and I too found that covering the same subject multiple ways seemed to make the facts stick better.

  2. Your sunrise and sunset photos are beautiful! I'm on the hunt for a new office chair and yours is such a great find! Love your python print loafers!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Chrissy, these beach photos at sunrise and sunset are amazing! We have a wonderful lookout spot for sunset but nowhere really to view a pretty sunrise. And I like the morning hours much more than the night time. And the space puzzle is amazing! My kids are doing a class with 4H right now where they are building a mini Mars Rover. Tonight is week 4 of 6 and we all are loving it! Thanks for linking with me!



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