Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Favorites : Where Did September Go

I'm currently watching my dog sleep peacefully on the couch, while the cat seizes the opportunity to slink around the living room without being disturbed. The sunrise is a rainbow of colors, glowing through the clouds like a still oil painting. If only it was, then I could drink that beauty all day long. Sadly, there's work to be done and thankfully there's life to live! Yes! If you're drawing in breath there's hope and there's a purpose for you!

After my unexpected hospital stay, due to blood clots in my leg, which traveled to my lungs, I had a valuable wakeup call! This, along with the recovery and visits with friends and family, made September pass as quickly as that morning sunrise. However, while I'm content to reside in October please allow me a quick recap on some favorite moments!

Met this lovely blogger...

It was actually back in August, but I still can't get over the fact that I spent a morning with Ada, from Elegance and Mommyhood, and her sweet daughter Vivian. She lives all the way in Michigan, so I was excited to hear that she would be vacationing an hour outside of Sarasota. We met up at Green Zebra Cafe, off of St. Armands circle, and fit as much conversation as we could in the two hours. Ada is as sweet as I imagined her to be from her blog and Insta. 

Post Hospital 
My two younger boys were with me when I passed out on the couch and struggled for breath. After calling my hubby they stayed with me until he came home. I didn't realize how scary this was for my youngest who saw it all until these last few days. He comes and checks on me if I'm out of sight for too long. Oh, my heart! 

This picture was taken in the first half-hour of being home. After all the welcoming was done, I wandered the house and finally stopped back in the front room where I had last been with these fellas. The enormity of the situation washed over me and the tears flooded like a pent-up river. I'll never forget this group hug we shared. My husband wasn't permitted to be with me at all during my time in the hospital so we all had emotions to work through. This selfie was snapped to "announce" to family and friends that I was home safe. 
Touches Of Love & Encouragement
We were blessed with meals from friends at church, flowers, and even a fruit arrangement. I felt undeserving and loved at the same time. Everything was delicious and I'm going to be asking for lots of recipes!

Shrimp Boil

Homemade Sushi

Favorite Fictional Read
I read a few books over those couple of weeks, but this one was special! A kind gentleman randomly gifted me A Land Remembered while I was waiting outside for my doctor's appointment. He was waiting for his wife and struck up a friendly conversation. During our conversation he asked me if I had read, A Land Remembered. I told him I had not. In response, he ambled over to his car and returned with the book in hand. 

I finished this book in about three days! There was so much rich, Florida history throughout the pages. I enjoyed the storyline, the characters, and learning more about this fascinating state. It was also a good reminder that while convenience is handy, it can be very costly. I loved all the adventures and I think you would too! 
Favorite Bible Study
I was happy to be back in my normal routine, but there was a lot of processing going on, especially in the mornings. With my mind turned upside down, I decided to finish a Bible study I started back in January. There were days incomplete here and there throughout the book. Surprisingly this wasn't hard to navigate or keep up with. In fact,  each day turned out to be exactly what I needed. How cool is that? I wish there was time to share all my heart with you, but for now, I'll share the book. Maybe it will encourage you as it did me! P.S. Soon I'll be reviewing the book pictured on the left: "How To Be Made Whole" by Robin Steele. 

Favorite Package
I'm collaborating with Jambu again this season and my shoes, the Erin pull-on, arrived just in time to give me a lift. I've worn them almost daily since! For a full review on these, hop on over HERE
Favorite Home Purchase
Once again my attention is turned towards the home. It's like I want to get everything in order! These pillows I ordered from Amazon came in and they are the perfect colors for my front room. There are several options (Christmas too), so I'm sure I'll order again. However, pet hair sticks to these pillows so if you have a pet these may not be a good option for you. 
Favorite Adventures
After the first few weeks of the month, I was ready for adventures so my sister and I went all out. We decided to homeschool our kids together for a week! The curriculum we're using is designed to work with all ages at the same time, so we chose "Oceans" and planned adventures for each day! I'll write a post with more details but here's a peek into our shark teeth hunt. 
Did your September flyby as well? Also, I'd like to thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes over the last several weeks. This community is wonderful!


  1. You will always treasure that you recapped this even though so of it was hard. While different for sure, I can relate to the enormity of the way you felt when you walked into that room upon coming home. I remember coming back to the house after Keith's heart attack and seeing the bed unmade and our clothes tossed on the floor and the thought that I could have been coming home alone just shook me. Love you friend!

  2. Well you and I have some friends serendipity going, because on the day I called you (after quite some time), you actually posted about me - thank you so much for the sweet words. Right back at you!!

    I smiled and cried through the paragraph where you describe coming back home after the hospital, all the welcoming, the hugs and your young son checking on you. I am so happy you feel much better. You got this through God's help, too. Also, how great of a kind man to gift you an amazing book. Through all the chaos that has been 2020, we have also found some very good humble people in the middle of it all.

    You are a GEM dear Chrissy!! ❤️💗💕💗❤️

  3. I'm so happy you are feeling better! How fun that you got to meet Ada! Love seeing all of these family fun pics with your sister!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Sheesh, Chrissy, I started crying at the beginning of this post that I couldn't see to read through to the end! My word, I am so glad that you are back home and healthy and safe. What an ordeal and a very frightening one, indeed. You are surrounded by so much love, it is so beautiful to see! And how great that you met up with Ada and Vivian! I am a little bit envious all around because I would love to have coffee talk with both of you! Thanks for linking with me!


  5. Beautiful post Chrissy, what a month! I am so glad it's behind you and that you were welcomed home by such sweet meals and messages! Also, love that you got to meet Ada and Vivian!


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