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Nourish Natural Soap Co: Escape From Life's Stresses

This post has been sponsored by Nourish Naturals. All opinions are my own. 

Have you wandered a local farmer's market lately? I love to support the local artisans, but it's also about the experience for me. There's homemade bread, salsas, jewelry, health drinks, and of course, there are soap tents. What local market doesn't have a homemade soap vendor to represent? Like bees to pollen, I'm driven to those aromatic, artistically beautiful soaps. I've neither time nor knowledge to attempt making my own, so I return to the tents. 

For this reason, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to represent Sage at Nourish Natural Soap Co. Her soap making hobby began in 2017. What started as a hobby, with the occasional gifting to friends, soon turned into Nourish Natural Soaps. Once she shared her creations with friends they came back for more and the rest is history, right? You can read more about her story HERE.

Nourish Natural Soaps has an assortment of aromatic, exfoliating, essential oil, and bath or shower products that are designed with relaxing in mind. Of course, the nourishing health of your skin is worked into each artistic bar. I can attest to the pleasing, luxurious aroma that made me want to pack an overnight bag for a relaxing getaway. It's been a challenging year for most of us, right? Perhaps it's time to relax and unwind! 

Onto These Soaps...

Nestled and safely packed in my box, were a few soap varieties, a bath truffle, a bath bomb, and a shower steamer. Some items have only been tested by my sense of smell (or a quick touch), and they all passed that test. As for the others, I'll indicate my personal experiences throughout the post! 

Aromatic Soap & Exfoliating

The Chrysanthemum bar soap is an aromatic, as well as, an exfoliating soap with antiseptic and calming properties. I love the attention to detail added to this bar of soap. Though I struggle with "messing up" my pretty soaps, I look forward to testing this bar out!

Toasted Coconut & Coffee

The Toasted Coconut and Coffe is another aromatic and exfoliating escape, only this time you're smelling one of my personal favorites - coffee! Coffee essential oils are known for their anti-aging, enhanced blood flow, and collagen-boosting properties. The olive oil is nourishing to the skin, while the coffee beans serve as a gentle exfoliant! 

Sea & Sand

The Sea & Sand's island fragrance getaway includes pumice sand to exfoliate those dead skin cells. And doesn't pumice sand seem so fitting? This one was the first one I decided to test out. I love the mix of bergamot, orange oils, hyacinth, blue lilies, etc. If you enjoy a subtle fragrance, then I recommend the chrysanthemum or toasted coconut and coffee.   

Hungarian Lavender Bath Bomb

This is silly, but I didn't want to "wreck" this bath bomb. It's so perfectly smooth and attractive looking. However, my eleven year old asked me when I was going to use it. 

"Mom, I think you would enjoy it and could use a break!"

How could I resist that? So at 3:30 in the afternoon, I drew a bath for myself and didn't leave the bathroom for a half-hour. Recalling the experience is making me feel relaxed! 

The moment this bath bomb hit the water, a bubbling, fizzing brook beckoned me to join. The lavender smelled so good and the oils made my skin feel so soft. Add this one to your bath routine or gift it to someone who loves baths! 

Closing Remarks 

Nourish Natural Soaps will be on my list for soaps to love and gift. I had my household weigh in on what fragrances they preferred! Chrysanthemum had the most votes, so this would be a "safe" gift basket choice for someone you're not sure about. Or you could add a sample set, complete with your choice of 6 soaps for only $10. Absolutely, don't forget a couple of bath bombs for both of ya! 

I hope you will browse their website and/or give this growing company some love and support on Instagram HERE

***handmade soaps are free of parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, aluminum, microbeads, gluten, and are vegan.


  1. No one shares natural soaps like you my friend! These soaps are really almost too beautiful to use - they look like pieces of art! Thanks for sharing these incredible products.

  2. These soaps look so decadent! Your photos are superb, too, my friend!

  3. Love all the photos and Ella and I always buy soap from our local farmers market! SO FUN!

  4. Beautiful pictures! The soap look good enough to eat! Hoping to shop local for all of my stocking stuffers this year.

  5. It's funny because I used to think these kinds of soaps were silly until I started using more natural products!! Now I just love them.

  6. I love natural soaps and these sound lovely! Your photos are beautiful!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. Ohh, these soaps look so beautiful and I bet they smell divine! I am also always attracted to the soap stalls - so I totally get that obsession. And homemade is always the best!

  8. What a wonderful product, Chrissy! I love handmade natural soaps and get mine from a friend who has been making it for years as well. However, I don't treat myself to it enough because it gets so pricey! But I always make sure the kids have it for their sensitive little kid skin. In fact, the natural soaps were the thing that finally helped Ralphie's eczema issues when nothing else would. I highly recommend soaps like these as well! Thanks for sharing this product and linking with me.



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