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What I Wore: An Athletic Shoe You Need to Try


walking shoes

Get out there and move! We hear this all the time. We know that walking is tremendously beneficial to our health or dare I say, vital. Our body is like a banking account. You can make deposits or withdrawals based on food choices, environment, and activity. Every substance or food that our body recognizes is used and what it used gets a good interest rate, building on our future health. However, everything that our body doesn't recognize is a toxin. Those toxins make withdrawals. 

Have you ever searched your end-of-the-month statement or credit card bill for one big expense to justify the shocking balance at the end of the month? Oh, I have and I"m usually disappointed to find that somehow all those five, ten, and twenty-dollar purchases added up to one big bill that leads to a big withdrawal from our account. 

This is how I make sense of health. It's not that I'm out there loading up on toxic foods, sitting on my couch all day, using chemically laden everything, etc. However, if I'm not careful the small choices and what seems like minimal amounts of neglect can add up to a heavy toxic load over time. The truth of the matter is toxin exposure is unavoidable, but we have some control over how much we intake and/or dispose of.

For example, we can choose the 80/20 rule when it comes to food. Eighty percent of our choices should lean towards clean, while the twenty percent gives us flexibility for eating out, enjoying a treat, etc. Real, whole, unprocessed foods combat toxins. Drinking lots of clean, filtered water helps remove toxins and so does exercise. This is a time when we want to let them see us sweat! 

Ideally, I want to get a 10 minute HIIT workout, in addition to a walk or two throughout the day. Also, considering that computer time or engaging on social media is my main vocation, I need to set an alarm to get up and move every hour! I'm a two-time pulmonary embolism survivor and being sedentary can be deadly for me. Wow, that's crazy to write.  If you want to read about that experience, hop on over HERE
walking shoes

Now let's get to the motivation for this post, which is a new pair of kicks that is going to make your walking, running, and moving healthier and more comfortable! *Aetrex sent me these sneakers for review. However, all opinions are my own!

The Aetrex Xpress 2 

There's nothing like a fresh, crisp pair of white sneakers to make just about any outfit pop. Before they even arrived I was mentally styling them with denim shorts and leggings. Since my family and I were on vacation in the keys, I opted to feature them with comfy denim shorts first. I knew I'd wear them for an evening stroll with my hubby for the first outing. 

Like the other shoes I've received from Aetrex, styled HEREHERE and HERE these sneakers did not disappoint. They are fabulously comfortable. Read on below for more details...

comfort healthy shoes

Sneaker Features

Aside from a stylish look, there's science and technology designed into these shoes!  Aetrex has developed a signature arch support. This support is built into the insert with a memory foam top. 
  • There's even a pad in there to receive foot pain or alleviate pressure. 
  • There's also a heel counter to help stabilize the foot. Now check out the bottom of the heel. You'll see another place to alleviate pressure. 
  • The padded collar helps prevent blisters. My first wear had no issues! 
  • There's a reflective material on the front to help with visibility at night.  
  • They are also good for those that have plantar fasciitis or foot pain. I do not, but my legs need all the support they can get. 
  • You can wear them running! I haven't tried that yet, but I'm working my way up to it. 
  • The $99 price point is highly competitive to other brands that I had specially "fitted" at local running stores! 
  • They have a thirty day return policy! 

Outfit Details & Closing Remarks

As for the rest of the outfit, my virtual styling dreams came to reality. I grabbed my cut off denim shorts and recently purchased tie dye sweatshirt (from a friend's closet sale for $10!*) and tossed them in my travel bag. The day after our arrival in Key Largo, my hubby and I left our sleeping teens and went for a walk to explore the property. 

We can look cute AND make deposits into our future health account without getting overwhelmed. It's one decision at a time. If you haven't already, add movement into your daily life. If you're already moving and shaking, pick another area to build your health and just do it. ;) 

*Though my sweatshirt is thrifted, I've linked similar options, as well as provided a lookbook below. Let's get it groovy around here!

Style Takeaway

  • Once again, stylish doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort and foot health!
  • Size up on those shorter denim shorts if you want a more relaxed look and more coverage. 
  • Roomy shorts and an oversized sweatshirt or tee can work with a little front tuck.
  • White sneaks and denim shorts is a timeless, effortless style for summer looks. 
  • A raw edge hem is the perfect way to stay on trend right now without an over distressed look.

Discount Codes

Whenever I have a shareable code, I'll link it here for easy reference. I don't always make commissions off of savings links. However, when I do, I'll let you know. Whether I do or I don't, there's never an extra cost to you! As always, I appreciate your support and strive to partner with quality brands that care about their customers. I also look for small businesses and/or brands that give back. Thank you so much for being here!

Aetrex: ChrissyShoes (save 20%!)


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  1. Getting up and moving every hour is so important for our health. I have an alarm on my watch to remind me! Those sneakers look so comfy and they're super cute too! Love your tie dye and this relaxed look!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I make sure I move every hour and it’s even kind of a game for me with my Fitbit. You look so cute, what great sneakers and I love the tie-dye!

  3. This is a great outfit, simple and stylish, love it 🙂

  4. OK, I am totally sharing this brand of shoes with my mother-in-law. She is always complaining about her feet and how she can only wear zero drop shoes. Whatever that means. She has tried a million different brands but I guess none of them end up working for her in the end. Every time her and my father-in-law come to visit us she complains about how her feet hurt and she can walk any further. She along with my father-in-law are very active and healthy (they are actually vegan!) and I just feel bad for her. Anyway! Sorry for the long comment. Love your outfit too, so cute and perfect for summer! XO, Caroline

  5. I have to remember to do that- to move on the hour! I'm loving those white sneakers!

  6. Those sneakers look great and I love the style. Comfort and support are necessary for walking and running I do on the treadmill. Just walking in general. Love the tie dye too!
    jess xx

  7. They look like practical shoes and I love the outfit - the tie dyde top is so cute and a bargain at $10! I'm impressed you do a workout each day - after running about with the kids all day I'm wiped! I hope I get my energy back when they are teens, but that's a looong way away right now, haha!

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a lovely week :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Sorry to hear about your blood clots Chrissy.. it can be so frustrating when you're doing all the right things.
    I do live my Aetrex sneakers and wear them all the time for our workouts!!

  9. Chrissy, I am shopping for new running shoes. Thanks for this great break down and I didn't know that you are a a two-time pulmonary embolism survivor.
    Lord Jesus, Thank You for helping Chrissy survive those.
    Take good care.

  10. This is a lovely outfit, love the trainers, comfortable and perfect for summer.xx

  11. You look fab in shorts and the sneakers are the perfect color and design because they make a fashion statement as well as being full of exercising tech! I work from home most of the time and make an effort to move every hour, as well as walk at least 10k steps a day. Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday


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