Friday, May 24, 2013

Disney Commercial Adventure: Part 1

It happened!!! We received the call that informed us we would be heading to Orlando for a commercial shoot. And as much as I couldn't believe it, the day came to leave and the adventure began...

***The Excitement of Travel***

The boys were just as excited about flying as they were about the plans to go to the water park!

Invading Hartsfield
Plane watching...
There was no delays and the 30 minute wait passed quickly with new sights to see.

My flight buddies
Best part of the flight for me was hearing the excitement in all the boys, big and small, as the plane took flight and then landed with a clamoring thud.  For your amusement I will share some of the smaller guys comments.

"Mom, the clouds are falling. See Mom! They're falling!"

"My ears feel funny!"

"Why is she taking my juice?!"

"My tummy tickles!"

How much I wish I had captured their wide smiles and riveted expressions on photo.  They were so delighted. What a blessing to watch.

***The Fitting Before the Fun***

I'm not sure what I expected for our family fitting. Try on a few bathing suits and then off we would go. It was a few bathing suits times 10!

We walked in the hotel's conference room, converted into a fitting room, and met 4 ladies - the fashion stylist, her assistant, a seamstress and one aiding in pictures and whatever else was needed.  In addition to these ladies were several rolling racks filled with bathing suits, cover ups, swim shirts. There were boxes filled with flip flops. At the front of the room were 2 folding tables, where they had the sowing machine and computers. Paperwork was strewn across the top, plates with half-eaten food littered the only open places across the table. We were the 3rd and final family to come in. There was no doubt these folks were tired!

The ladies suits and coverups
I was handed my first suit, directed to change behind the screens and the pandemonium began. If the wardrobe stylist liked how the suit fit, you were ready to go and get your photo taken in the room next door. Okay. No problem. I marched myself over, strode through the opening and stopped short in my tracks for a moment. There were 4 gentlemen seated at some tables with computers, cameras and more papers tossed about.  Feeling comfortable having your picture taken in a bathing suit was one of the requirements for this job, so it was big-girl-pants-time with an accesory of professionalism.

The family changing "room"

Now envision this happening for five of us. CHAOS! Caden was casted as an extra so he did not have to try on suits (we had him try on his suit from home so he didn't feel left out). However, the rest of the boys and Glen put on and changed swim suits multiple times. Sometimes they were sent to the seamstress for pinning. I was so impresssed with her skills. She adjusted saggy bottoms and over-exposed cleavage areas, oversized waist and anything else needed.

The gentlemen in the next room took pictures of approved suits, and if they liked it we would go and get a matching cover up. Then we were sent back in for a another picture.  Someone was moving and doing something every moment.

At the bottom of two hours I noticed the boys getting weary. "When are we going to be done?" "When are we going swimming?!!"(After all they did have swim suits on and the pool was just on the other side of the glass windows!!)

We just kept encouraging and reminding them of what were were doing. Here are a couple more pics from that day...

...and more swim wear

Shoes, Hats, and Accessories 
I know I am the only family member that really enjoyed that. There was so much energy, adding to my anticipation for the next 3 days. We left not knowing what bathing suit they would choose.  It was time to throw out any expectations and just go with the flow. I obviously had no clue...

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