Thursday, May 9, 2013

Disney "Callback" Commercial Experience...

While at Field Day for one of our boys, my phone rings with an Atlanta number. It's the casting agency! I take a deep breath and answer.

We got a callback and could we come in Saturday to audition again for the actual directors? Yes!!! (First audition account in this  post ).

Saturday came and we loaded the van wearing the same exact outfits with our swim suits underneath, but I felt none of the calm assurance I had for the first one. The whole, enjoy yourself motto wasn't working for me this time.  My bathing suit didn't seem to fit as well, my hair wouldn't do right and anything else I could feel self-concious about played it's part . All confidence went out the window.

 Arriving at the agency, I couldn't help but notice the amount of cars parked outside that represented the other families auditioning.  Gulp.

We check in and wait.

A family exits the auditioning room, their youngest boy featuring crocodile tears and a quivering lip.  Older brothers verbally jab at one another over who messed up what, while mom and dad tried to quietly reign them all in.

Oh boy.  I think we are next.

The casting director steps out to give the rest of us a pep talk.

"Folks, remember this is your big shot! The director and producers are in there! Be excited, animated and energetic - and NO crying".

Okay. We were as ready as we were going to get.


We step in the room and everything looks the same as last week, with the exception of three extra people. One woman sat perched in the corner with her laptop and two guys sat with their laptops and papers strewn about.

Greetings are exchanged and the director settles onto the floor to engage the younger boys.

"How old are you?"

"It's your birthday today? Oh, what did you get? A Bike? Wow".

"Let me see you guys swim."

I started to relax and not worry about the others, bad hair issues, etc. These experiences would be great family memories regardless of the outcome. And so the audition began...

"Act like you just arrived and you are looking at the map of the park, trying to decide on which ride to go on first."

We dive in and start spouting off the names of rides we are anxious to ride on. This went on for a mere 30 seconds before we were told to act like we were surfing and then finally looking at the fireworks.  Huddling together, we crouch down and look at amazing displays of "hand-works".

That's it! On our way out of the room they did ask if someone could surf. Only Dad.

The casting director seemed to be pleased with our audition but the producers were hard to read.  Once again we left recounting all the we could recall to each other about the audition.

Could we really be in the running for this?


Another call. Could we hold the dates (a first refusal)?

 A week and a half transpires.

Another call...

"They want to book you for the shoot!"

Wohoo!!!! I can still hardly believe it and it does not feel real yet. Maybe once we get our itinerary.

The big boys didn't believe me at first, so I think they are in shock too. Added bonus: most of my family was here with us when we received the call. How cool!

I just submitted a photo on a complete whim. Five families were selected out of 3 cities, only 2 families being from Atlanta!! Guess you just never know!

Thank you God, for yet another undeserved blessing and adventure to look forward to.



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    1. Thank you SweetTreats :). And thank you for commenting. I look forward to blogging about this one for sure!!


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