Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flats to Heels: Converse and Roomy Shirts

So this is my last of 3 posts titled "Flats to Heels". (You can check out the other two by clicking here and here.) Today we feature converse sneakers and roomy shirts.

Anyway, I wore this ensemble to a baby shower where I conversed, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the cucumber sandwiches and dip selections, as you can see here in this photo with the lovely mom-to-be and friends...

Hey wait! Looks like I'm sporting a baby bump as well, doesn't it?? Ah, the danger with roomy shirts or too many delectable party appetizers. :) My friend to the left of Ms. Tiffany is actually expecting as well, but I could see how people might get that confused. Ah well, I'm just having a little fun here poking at myself.

Random insert: The party favors were your choice of a pink or fuchsia bottle of nail polish. Aren't baby showers for girls fun?

The Flats...

Well, I decided to wear the outfit again and this time I traded the scarf for a pink bracelet and zipped up the leather jacket.  I also rolled up the pant legs, which in my opinion, is more flattering to the overall look.

Here is a quick sideview...

Not much furniture in the new room yet...

Now for the heels...

Great pose, right? My "Faux Sophistication"
Again, with a few accessory changes a different look, stride and feel is achieved.   Which one is more you?

Outfit Breakdown:

Jacket: Christmas Gift (MK)
Shirt: Recent Hand-me-down (don't know where she hails)
Pants: LOFT (gift card)
Pink Bracelet: Target clearance (summer 2013)
Converse: Old but purchased at Nordstrom Rack

Black Pumps: Famous Footwear (OLD)
Clutch: Aveda Rewards (OLD)
Bangle Bracelet: Claire's for $1 (OLD)

Money spent on clothes for 2014 is still $7.00 (for those ankle boots at GoodWill). Our small home addition is eating the profits! Ha!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flats to Heels: Red Stripes & Graphic Tees

From snowstorm to the mild 60s - Hello Georgia!
The boys had off from school for President's day so we spent the day getting haircuts, obtaining big thrills in the drive-thru carwash and hauling (some rolling) the logs that littered our backyard onto our poor, misplaced and misunderstood cement pad.  If next winter is anything like this winter we will be ready!

Now onto this throw-together ensemble...

Bold, embellished tees have been making their playful return for over a year now. I've seen them under cardigans and blazers or with dress pants and skirts.  Pairing it with this striped cardigan was a last minute call I liked and found blog worthy.  Purse lovers out there, I'm sure you tire of me using this handbag I lovingly rescued from the rejected purses at Goodwill.  It's roomy and goes with just about anything, making it irresistible. Just between us, I am on the hunt for another great deal!

Now, if I want to change this outfit into what I would deem as date worthy, I would simply trade out the flats for heels and the day bag for a small clutch. Add a dab or two of lipstick and I'm ready to go.

So tell me, what is your style for a dinner and a movie type of outing? Would the flats and roomy bag be just right for you, or would you play it up some with some heels? There are no wrong answers here. :)

Thank you for reading and making blogging so fun!


Outfit Breakdown:

Cardigan: WetSeal (last year)
Embellished Tee: Hand-me-down
Skinny Jeans: GAP ($12)
Scarf: Gift from Bro
Red Flats: Famous Footwear ($10)
Purse: Liz Claiborne ($5 - GoodWill)
Red Heels: WHBM (gift from MIL)
Red Clutch: Fossil (old)
Watch: Quartz (don't know)

No recent funds went to this outfit. :)

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Pink Pants & 4 Wheelers for Valentine's Day

I ventured out into our frozen world once more with plans for a few pictures and to see what the hubby was up to out there.

Today's outfit makes me think of the coming spring. Very appropriate don't you think?

Now on to where that hubby is! The distinct sound of a certain type of motor approaches.

See. Here he comes now...

Turns out he was adding to the ATV traffic in our "country" neighborhood. He and both our big boys were joy riding up and down the streets.

"You want to try?", he asks. Hmmm. It's been several years since I hopped on one of these.

"I don't think I even remember how to work that thing."

"C'mon. I'll show you."

"Oh, alright."

There was a warning from the authorities to all joy riders. "Stay out of the neighbors yard, or you'll be arrested."

 So being mindful of neighboring yards I gingerly gave the gas a squeeze.  Here it goes...

I started out slow and couldn't even get the gear to change, but as I figured it out my confidence grew. And so did my delight in the experience.

I forgot how exhilarating this could be...Time to hit the road. :)

And now it's this guy's turn. He would drive it by himself if he could reach the brake and if we'd let him. He's been riding on one of these since he was a wee one. (Don't worry! Slow and steady of course.)

I hope you are having a great week and a beautiful winter. It's Valentine's Day and though the roads are clearing, I might just ask hubby to take me joy riding again to celebrate. I've had enough chocolates during our snow-cation!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Outfit Breakdown:

Teal Zip-up: Old Navy (santa)
Pink Pants: JCrew (last year 19.99)
Scarf: Handcrafted by my SIL
Boots: Target (hand-me-downs)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow & Over the Knee Socks

Once again our wintery visitor has graced us with her presence  in Georgia.  A sheet of ice covers our roads and crystalized snow blankets our yards. Stubborn ice clings to windows and the branches of trees hang low with their cold burdens.  Schools and many businesses are closed and only the adventurous are attempting to drive.

News reports tell of many losing power.  As I stare out my kitchen window this stray thought interrupts my serene pondering and takes me down memory lane. I travel back to a time when my husband and I spent our first couple years of marriage living in a third world country. Losing power was expected every Sunday afternoon for about 4 hours. You would count down and watch as your oscillating fan began to slow, leaving no movement of air in our already sweltering apartment.

Looking out into our winter wonderland I know if the power turns off being stuffy will not be an issue.  Given the choice I will go with being uncomfortably warm. However, it's good for me to think about how the rest of the world lives when my comforts are temporarily threatened (and even when they are not!). If our power goes out we have wood for the fireplace and a camp stove to warm up meals.  All set.

Well, enough staring and rambling. I don't want to be the only family member to experience the snow and sleet mix from inside the house.

Yup. This is what I wore. (I did bundle up for real play later in the day.)

Have you tried a pair of over the knee socks? They are so warm and cozy. This pair was in my Christmas stocking from my MIL. Perfect year for these!

My fellow snow families, I hope and pray you are safe and warm. And making some memories out there while you are at it.

Outfit Breakdown:
Faux Fur Collared Sweater: Limited (hand-me-down)
Tiger Shirt: Wet Seal (gift from last year)
Grey Leggings: $3.00 from Nordstrom Rack
Over the Knee Socks: Khols (gift)
Ankle Boots: Target
Bracelet: Christmas gift

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Long Sweaters, A Photo Bomber, A Touch of Yoga

When I took this shot I had no idea my little man was captured in the background. Does he know that I wasn't really looking at anything in particular?? Excuse me while I go squeeze him (cuz he is still young and lets me!!).

I wonder what's going through little man's mind as he watches his momma take pictures of herself around the backyard, which has no resemblance to a backyard anymore.  My first thought would be to assume his thoughts are something akin to how strange or goofy I am. But as I look at the other pictures he "photo bombed", I honestly believe his thoughts are more along the lines of...

"I just want to spend time with you." 
Oh my goodness! I need to go and squeeze him again!!

And, if that means posing with you, beside you or behind you when you don't even know it, I will.  If that means helping you bake, pull laundry out of the dryer or get the kitchen cleaned up, I will. And if you get a moment or two would you mind reading me a story?" 

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what he's thinking.

What happened?? When did he get so tall? There is not much time left in the hour glass and I need constant reminders of this fact of life.  Reminders to hold them tight, get down on the floor, look into their eyes and really see them. 

Keeping the accessories simple.

Outfit Breakdown:

Hat: GAP (old)
Navy Sweater: GAP (last year)
Pink & Navy Plaid: GAP (from santa)
Grey Leggings: Nordstrom Rack ($3)
Trusty Old Target Boots: Somebody done gav'em to me
Belt: Loft (old)
Bangles: LOFT (after Christmas clearance)

And Finally...Leggings Again??

So here they are again. Leggings. Have I mentioned how comfortable I find them?? Here is yet another reason why I support the style and use of those stretchy, thick tights.

Our family waits for February to begin working on goal's for the new year. We have 2 birthdays to celebrate in January and one in the first week of February. So in an effort to jump in on those goals now, I'm trying yoga. And what better way to get started than by taking advantage of legging comfort? I'm by ready for the day and  I can steal a moment here and there to practice a pose or two!!  This will have to do for now.  I know. I'm setting my sights high, aren't I?
@laurasykora, @kinoyoga, @beachyogagirl

For motivation and inspiration I follow a few yoga-pros on Instagram. Their impressive poses have drawn thousands of followers! If you like the bendy, balance challenge yoga offers you will find them interesting to say the least.

Oh, and here is a lovely picture from one of my first attempts. I was NOT wearing leggings and my form is, well, how would you say it? Bad. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Good thing to have hat and glasses for a disguise when starting out.
How are you maintaining your goals for 2014?? Feel free to share, but before you do - go and squeeze a loved one!



Monday, February 3, 2014

Superhero Shirts & Random Thoughts

Please allow me a throwback to our family Christmas at my Mom's for just a moment...The kids are frantically tearing through packages. The rest of us open our own gifts, while attempting to figure out who is receiving what. Distractedly, I open my next gift and see a Superman symbol. What? This must be for Caden, our lover of all things Superman. Double-checking the scrawled name on the tag, I continue and pull out a blue sweatshirt with a large Superman crest in shiny red and gold.  Was it a gag gift or for real? Gauging by the laugh coming from my mom I assumed it was a little both.

Would I wear it out?? Oh yes. Do my boys think I'm cool when I wear it? Picture this...Me in my superman shirt, Evan in his Batman shirt and Caden in his superman shirt. We all step out of the mini-van, in slow motion of course, and stride into the grocery store ready to take on WHATEVER may transpire amongst those apples, bananas, and pears.  That's cool right there.

Now while we had our snow-in last week I decided to try another take on this sweatshirt by pairing it with a striped dress I have. Just ignore the Dr. Quinn hair style I seem to be going for in these pictures...

Outfit Breakdown:

Sweatshirt: Khol's
Dress: LOFT
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Purse: B Makowsky (gift)
Necklace: Premiere
Bracelets: Charming Charlie (Christmas gift)

Closing Random Thoughts...

Of course I'm no superhero and I try to explain to my growing boys that although in their young minds Superman, Batman, etc seem real there is actually only ONE man who ever lived that was and is a Superhero to many.  His name is Jesus and before the eyes of thousands, performed the greatest of miracles - not one being an illusion. Reliable, historical records have eyewitness accounts to the incredible MAN who healed lepers, the born-blind, the deaf, the mute, raised dead to life - including Himself! That's pretty amazing.

And in His grace, he allows those who believe in Him to take part in His superhero agenda to lovingly save the whole world from the miseries that living apart from our Creator brings.  I'm humbled and baffled that He would choose such an imperfect side-kick like me. Truly there are far more qualified, but boy am I grateful.


"For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him."

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