Friday, February 14, 2014

Pink Pants & 4 Wheelers for Valentine's Day

I ventured out into our frozen world once more with plans for a few pictures and to see what the hubby was up to out there.

Today's outfit makes me think of the coming spring. Very appropriate don't you think?

Now on to where that hubby is! The distinct sound of a certain type of motor approaches.

See. Here he comes now...

Turns out he was adding to the ATV traffic in our "country" neighborhood. He and both our big boys were joy riding up and down the streets.

"You want to try?", he asks. Hmmm. It's been several years since I hopped on one of these.

"I don't think I even remember how to work that thing."

"C'mon. I'll show you."

"Oh, alright."

There was a warning from the authorities to all joy riders. "Stay out of the neighbors yard, or you'll be arrested."

 So being mindful of neighboring yards I gingerly gave the gas a squeeze.  Here it goes...

I started out slow and couldn't even get the gear to change, but as I figured it out my confidence grew. And so did my delight in the experience.

I forgot how exhilarating this could be...Time to hit the road. :)

And now it's this guy's turn. He would drive it by himself if he could reach the brake and if we'd let him. He's been riding on one of these since he was a wee one. (Don't worry! Slow and steady of course.)

I hope you are having a great week and a beautiful winter. It's Valentine's Day and though the roads are clearing, I might just ask hubby to take me joy riding again to celebrate. I've had enough chocolates during our snow-cation!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Outfit Breakdown:

Teal Zip-up: Old Navy (santa)
Pink Pants: JCrew (last year 19.99)
Scarf: Handcrafted by my SIL
Boots: Target (hand-me-downs)



  1. this is just so you Chrissy.... loved your 4 wheeling adventure...thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! You will have to come out and ride. :)


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