Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow & Over the Knee Socks

Once again our wintery visitor has graced us with her presence  in Georgia.  A sheet of ice covers our roads and crystalized snow blankets our yards. Stubborn ice clings to windows and the branches of trees hang low with their cold burdens.  Schools and many businesses are closed and only the adventurous are attempting to drive.

News reports tell of many losing power.  As I stare out my kitchen window this stray thought interrupts my serene pondering and takes me down memory lane. I travel back to a time when my husband and I spent our first couple years of marriage living in a third world country. Losing power was expected every Sunday afternoon for about 4 hours. You would count down and watch as your oscillating fan began to slow, leaving no movement of air in our already sweltering apartment.

Looking out into our winter wonderland I know if the power turns off being stuffy will not be an issue.  Given the choice I will go with being uncomfortably warm. However, it's good for me to think about how the rest of the world lives when my comforts are temporarily threatened (and even when they are not!). If our power goes out we have wood for the fireplace and a camp stove to warm up meals.  All set.

Well, enough staring and rambling. I don't want to be the only family member to experience the snow and sleet mix from inside the house.

Yup. This is what I wore. (I did bundle up for real play later in the day.)

Have you tried a pair of over the knee socks? They are so warm and cozy. This pair was in my Christmas stocking from my MIL. Perfect year for these!

My fellow snow families, I hope and pray you are safe and warm. And making some memories out there while you are at it.

Outfit Breakdown:
Faux Fur Collared Sweater: Limited (hand-me-down)
Tiger Shirt: Wet Seal (gift from last year)
Grey Leggings: $3.00 from Nordstrom Rack
Over the Knee Socks: Khols (gift)
Ankle Boots: Target
Bracelet: Christmas gift

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