Sunday, April 27, 2014

An After Hours Event

For a night about an after hours event at a clothing boutique? And then why not see if a friend can accompany you (or in my case, help get your tired booty out the door)?

What I wore ...

Cardigan: Loft/ Ruffle Top: LOFT/ Belt: LOFT/Boyfriend jeans: GAP/ Shoes: WHBM

I am getting spoiled by the relaxed, comfortable feel of boyfriend jeans. The temptation to acquire another pair in a darker denim is growing. Do you think they have boyfriend shorts?? Wearing the jeans with heels helps add a feminine touch to the masculine cut. By the end of the night I did wish for some flats with lots of lace or something cuz the burn began in full force after waltzing up and down the streets of downtown Athens.

My beautiful friend, who just entered into her 3rd trimester. :)

LOVE those shoes!!
A Little Grub

Heirloom Cafe in Athens, GA
Before shopping one must eat...Thanks to the gentle prodding of my friend (After a long day I was ready to grab a sandwich from the house and go - glad I listened.) we checked out an adorable restaurant that serves farm to table, fresh foods but by no means do they sacrifice on some good 'ole fashion southern comfort. And if you sit outside don't be afraid to pluck a mint leaf or two from the herb planters. That's what I did. Nice touch for my water. 

Serving up Fried Chicken and Waffles...

The sauce you see on the top is their very own pepper jelly, which added just the right bite to this traditional savory sweet dish.  I ate almost every bite, but held back and saved the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

AND...for those coffee drinkers, they serve coffee that is fresh roasted from a local coffee company. Good stuff!

Time to head to the shop...

Here I am with, Mz. Savvy Style, one of the hosts of the Sip & Shop held at Encore Boutique in the college town of Athens, Georgia. She was so sweet and adorable. I definitely felt under-dressed! (You can check our Mz. Savvy Style's blog HERE.)

They had lemonade, cookies and 20% of any full priced purchase in the store. I played around for a bit, tried on a few dresses and hit the clearance racks last. Of course that is where I found my first clothing purchase of 2014.

Encore's prices varied enough that the pockets of most shoppers would be accommodated, especially when you can take an extra percentage off.  

Just playing around with options..Posts on how I wore this shirt to come.

Have you ever been to an after hours event? Did you find good deals?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week's Round Up

How can it be? Spring break, for many of us, has already come and gone.  It seems that the more I pack in a day, the faster time flies.  This was definitely one of those full weeks and I'm pleased to share a snippet or two here on the blog.

***Directing A Wedding***

Blazer: WHBM, Skirt: WHBM (THRIFT FIND!) Shoes: WHBM

Every once in awhile, as one of the back-up wedding directors for our church, I'm called upon to fill in and enjoy making sure everyone from the grandparents to those little ring bearers get to where they need to be.  Something that made this wedding extra special in our culture today was that the bride's parents AND the groom's parents were still together!

Of course I leave each wedding thinking about my own marriage and reminiscing back to our own special day.  That day when our ring bearer went missing, so my videographer (brother) passed on the camera to my younger and less experienced brother...ah, my wonderful wedding video is full of incredible detail - detail of my nose as the camera zoomed in closer and closer on my face. And I don't want to forget what the ceiling looked like, so I appreciate the special attention given to the beams, light fixtures etc while the ceremony was in full swing. (I love you little brother!!) And don't worry about the ring bearer. He was safely tucked in for a good nap on one of the back pews! I know we all have stories like this from that wonderful, but crazy day.

The Mother of the Bride

I wanted to share this picture because the MOB found her lovely dress at a local thrift store. Well done! I'm looking forward to paying this little thrift store a visit.

***A Morning Out***

Jacket: Talbots (Old)
Boyfriend Jeans: GAP
Hoodie & Cable Sweater: Cast off
Cami: Cast off
Shoes: Cast off
Bracelet: Target
Butterfly Necklace: Khol's for $2.13!!

***Quick Camping Trip***


Our Camper leaked! We woke up to water covering the "living area" and seeping into the bunk room. The rains of the night became the rains of the day. We cleaned up the water, grabbed a bucket and during a brief rain-interlude my hubby laid a tarp over the top of the camper ceasing any further water flow.

Drip, Drip, Drip

But they could care a less...the boys played, went to the movies and came back and played some more. The highlight for me was testing our new camping popcorn popper. At night we would gather around the campfire, along with our fellow camping friends.  S'more ingredients were quick on the scene and then there was popcorn. A little oil in the pan, 1/4 cup of kernels and the heat of the fire put us in business. We repeated this three times the first night changing our seasonings with each batch.  I think the excited laughter I shared with my friend as the first kernels popped made it taste that much better.

My boys and their friend...
Outside play will always do them in...

***Friend's Film School Project***

A friend of mine is going to school for photography and asked if I could assist her with her film project. She had to write a commercial script and then of course film and edit it. I received the final script the night before so I was a little nervous about committing everything to memory. My attire was to be professional wear...

Nervous Smile

Making new friends...the Co-Star (We both be amateurs!)

I'm not loving my hair. Not loving it at all.
More Actors...
Cardigan: LOFT
Ruffled Shirt: LOFT
Slacks: LOFT
Shoes: 9West (GoodWill)

All in a week! :) Did you go anywhere special for spring break?

P.S. I'm linking up with the pleated poppy this week.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY: Crafting??

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not, but I am craft challenged.  My attention to detail is lacking and I have little patience with tedious projects where I need to read instructions on how "to do". However, the completion of our small home addition has motivated and inspired me to try.

Adding to the need to "fill" the walls, the construction of the sunroom has also left me with some good, usable wood (we had to tear down the existing deck). Now before you get all excited, I must tell you that I'm starting at the beginning! The wood pile shall remain stationary til I build some confidence, get some help or just feel straight up crazy!

First Project: Memo Frame

This frame sat untouched for the last several years in our building out back. The glass was cracked and the picture was stained and rotting.   So, I went about the simple task of kicking out the old picture. That was easy. Crafting might be fun after all.

Now for the twine. With my broken staple gun I proceeded to staple my dearly loved twine (I use it on most gift wrapping as it seems to make the most haphazardly thrown together package look cute.) and staple it to the back of this frame. Here's where I get all exact and stuff. I took my tape measure and marked off where the twine would be level - wow! Yes, I am making fun of myself here. But it's true. I was proud of myself.

So here you have it. Project one complete. Thank you pinterest.

BTW, I did not paint the little sign. That was last year's birthday gift from a friend.

Cost Breakdown:

Get pics printed: $1.50
Mini-clothes pins: $2.25
Total: $3.75

Second Project: Memo Board for Boys' Room

I found this Pottery Barn memo board at GoodWill a couple of months ago with no real idea of where or how I would use it.

I spray painted it grey and then made pinwheels with twine (oh, I just love twine!), jute and hot glue. (I actually own a glue gun!)

I was going to stencil "Brothers", but a sweet friend offered to cut them for me on her cricket. Yes! A quick trip to Costco for prints and I was ready to hang the finished product.

Cost Breakdown:

Board: $3.50
Spray Paint: $3.75
Prints: $1.50

Total: $8.75

It would seem silly to blog about simple pieces such as these, but there may be others like myself who are less than confident when it comes to making your own art, etc.  I must admit that it felt great to not only save a few dollars, but that the pieces are somewhat unique. Of course my confidence has grown a notch and I feel ready to try again. Next project may be painting the brown medal folding chairs, as I'm still not sure I'm up for the woodpile.

Are you craft challenged? Or do you have some great tips to share with a beginner such as myself?



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I Wore Link Up

Hello! As I begin my correspondence to cyberspace (and hopefully a few friends!), the fragrance of one single hyacinth flower permeates the entire sunroom. There are few flowers in our yard, but I'm so thankful for those perennials that know just what to do each year.

Yes, it's that time again! Time to get out in your yard and get to work! And boy do we have some work this year. I look forward to sharing before and after pictures of our post-construction-war-zone of a backyard, if not for anything else then to motivate me to get it done! :)

A little cooperation with the weather would help! The weather wasn't suitable to work in the yard this past weekend so what better time to start looking for clothes to keep the boys suitably dressed.

Shopping For the Boy's Easter Clothes

 Grey Cardigan: Banana Republic
Multi-Color Top: Boutique
Skinnies: GAP
Red Purse: Cast Off
Red Flats: Famous Footwear
Scarf: Bangladesh (hubby picked it up for me while on a mission trip there)

Sunday Church

This polka dot blouse is actually a dress that I tucked in my skirt.  I thought the added striped cami and pop of colored accessories kept spring alive inspite of the chilly weather that day.

Blouse/Dress: Zara
Cardigan: New York & Company
Belt & Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Chico's Warehouse ($3!!!)

Lazy, Dazy

It definitely was not a kick back day, but why not let the clothes be??

Grey Top: Nordstrom Rack
Boyfriend Jeans: GAP
Ballet Flats: Nine West
Wrap Bracelet: Premiere Jewelry

Bible Study Group

Grey Cardigan: Chicos
Striped Top: WHBM
Skinnies: GAP
Red Wedges: Target Clearance
Necklace: Thrift Store

Well that is all for this week! Do you have a favorite, tips, tokens of wisdom? Well, please feel free to share. I love to hear from you, as all bloggers do!


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