Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves

Hello my friends. How is the weather by you? The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain - 
"My Fair Lady".  If you were to venture to my quaint home in Georgia and then happen by my closet you would notice an accumulation of scarves. How did this happen? Who ate my whole pie?-"Never Been Kissed"

Two of my newest additions were gifts, but when one has a friend that sells scarves, one is left with no other recourse then to help one's friend move inventory.  And so, I contribute to society by building a plethora of various scarves (for the end of the world as we know it! What if we have no heat?? Hmmm, what then? I shall share my scarves.)

So, without further ado I bring you...

 Scarf #1: Cozy Love

This scarf, from Francesca's boutique, was one of my Christmas gifts. Cozy love did not lie in her package alone. For with her came print leggings (featured in the outfit below), the creme top pictured above and the stacking bracelets. I've worn them all together, but on this particular day I paired the scarf with skinny jeans, shiny brown flats, a necklace from Lia Sophia and stacking bracelets from an adorable store known as Alter'd State.

In the second outfit, I used the same color schemes on top with a lace vest, draped over an old, over-sized sweater from a Chico's warehouse sale. This crochet vest paired with the leggings brought out some of the season's fun trends. I kept the same bracelets and then threw in some old cowgirl-style boots? Again, done!

Is your closet full of scarves or am I alone in this?

More scarves to come and as always thank you for viewing!


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