Thursday, December 31, 2015

House too Small to Host? There's Always the Garage...

So, how many folks out there are wondering where yet another year has gone?!   Much has transpired this year in our family with job changes for my hubby, new volunteer activities for me and even the sad loss of my step dad of 8 years. I continue to struggle through the learning process of guitar play, though often times it feels like a lost cause.  This year also marked the year of coloring my hair - probably should have started that last year.

And I must say that in-spite of sadness and tons of rain in the closing of this year, the time spent with our loved ones was sweet and memorable. My mom asked me to host our family Christmas and I gladly accepted. We hosted 19 wonderful people and had what I called a "Honky Tonk Christmas" in our garage!

Top: LOFT/Pants:LOFT/Shoes: 9West
The Stockings Were Hung in the Garage With Care!

I covered the inside or our garage door with cheap table cloths, wrapping paper, stockings and Christmas lights! All our "junk" was hidden behind the curtains, most of the garage floor was covered in random rugs and plastic folding tables were decorated with borrowed table cloths.

Amazing ambience

We moved folks from the garage for our present exchange and then returned to the garage for stockings.

Love this silly face my SIL is making - on purpose. :)

air soft helmet - SCORE!
Most Amusing GIFT award goes to...

Mom Mom!! This chewy mask made it's debut into our photos and we even made a video for my brother, Paul, who was in Washington and unable to join us. This mask is creepy. You open your mouth and chewy comes alive!

The popular babydoll.
We closed out the night with the Grinch and Grinch style popcorn!

Those who lived an hour or more away, stayed the night! Here's Caden tucking in his cousin, Kesler. :)

Morning after cousin fun...
Most Amusing Stunt goes to my hubby for running down our long driveway with overflowing trash can in pursuit of the passing garbage truck. They didn't stop. Hubby may have kicked the mailbox in frustration. We might have laughed hysterically from the kitchen window. Good times. If I only had a video...

I wish I had more pics, but the hostess is usually too busy to take photos. Next time I'll nominate a photographer. :)

Praying you are cherishing memories and present moments!

God bless and see you in the New Year.


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  1. Ahhh good times! Even the hubby kicking things in frustration. Lol


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