Thursday, March 17, 2016

LulaRoe Pop Up Boutique

Have you heard of a pop up boutique? Before last month, I've never had the privilege of going to a direct sales party that involved women's clothing. I know. Once again, I'm behind the times. I was invited to one by LuLaRoe through Facebook and RSVP'd with a peaked curiosity.

Once inside I was greeted by friends, racks of clothing, and a
cute drawer shelf with leggings of all prints. Megan and Sarah, the rep and the hostess,  instructed me to go ahead and look through the racks and try on whatever I wished. There were three rooms set up as dressing rooms.  Basically a full length mirror was placed in each bedroom. Perfect.

With only about 7 styles of clothing featured in a variety of sizes and prints, I didn't feel overwhelmed.

2 Types of Skirts
2 Types of Dresses
3 Types of Shirts

The colors and prints were vibrant and fun. However, subdued solids hung on the racks for the more classic in taste.  Really love a print (or solid)? Grab it while you can. LuLaRoe makes 2500 of each print and that's it. Once they are gone they're gone. Makes you feel more connected to your print, knowing it's something of a rarity.

Well, I started pulling something from each style. The plan was to try it on and if I liked it, I'd come out and have my hostess and friend snap a picture of me. Did I feel cool? Did I feel normal parading out of my "dressing room" with each outfit? Um, no. But for the blog I overcame. Your welcome. And some of the gals shopping with me, were amazing sports and agreed to let us snap a quick picture of them in their favorites as well. So I share that with you today.

Selections are made...let's get to trying on...

Starting off with my favorite color, a subdued gray.  (Hey! You could totally snazz it up with some fun accessories.) This was so comfortable!

Perfect Tee and Pencil skirt

The hostess and LuLaRoe rep (Can you tell they are sisters?)...

Sarah is wearing a Kimono cardigan (I didn't try one of those on)

A sweet friend...I love how bold and fun these colors are.

Perfect Tee and Leggings

My turn to try a print!

Randy Baseball Tee with Navy Pencil Skirt

Another willing volunteer...She looks great in these bright colors!

Perfect Tee and Azure maxi skirt

I'm back with my goto-grey. I had to try these leggings that I've heard so much about. 

"Chrissy, they are sooo comfortable." "Chrissy they feel like butter going on." 

And on it went...I have to say they lived up to their name!

Another cutie in the Amelia dress...

Me again in the most comfortable skirt and top...

Irma top and Cassie Pencil Skirt

One of my personal favorites of the day...

Madison Skirt

The visitors, encouragers and helpers...

Look! My sweet MIL came to this event with me. She took home a couple of pieces as well and was entered into the drawing for a free dress!

To summarize the afternoon, I'd say that if you're looking for a fabulous mix of colors and amazing comfort then you should definitely try LuLaRoe.  The clothing can be dressed up or dressed down in a snap, according to your accessories.  The prices start at $25 for the leggings to $60 or more for dresses. I went with a $50 budget, so I chose the Madison skirt for $46 as my take home. (Next on my list will be leggings and that Cassie pencil skirt.) You will look cute and feel great. And there are plenty of examples on how to mix prints and go from casual to dressy/work appropriate on Instagram!  If you want to try out LuLaRoe, follow Megan's Facebook PAGE. She hosts a sale every Thursday night on Facebook, as well as Pop Up Boutiques for the locals.

I look forward to styling my skirt in different ways and I sure hope that Megan returns to these here parts next season for more clothing fun.



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