Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prints Everywhere

I'm not sure why I kept grabbing for prints once this shirt was picked out, but it was like I couldn't help myself.

Tie-dye Shirt. Snakeskin Shoes. Cross with floral pattern hat. Beautiful print handbag from India. What else do I have in my closet???

Of course after this print party, there was no need to go crazy on the jewelry, so I kept it simple with a long chain necklace and a charm bracelet.

(We may think oil and water don't mix but sometimes, just maybe, we should try.  Differing personalities, like prints, can compliment each other beautifully when mixed well; or used for a greater good. Let's open our circles and see what happens.)


And let's talk about that bag for just a moment. Our women's group was privileged to partner with Rahab's Rope at our spring gathering. Rahab's Rope ministers to women at risk or already forced into the commercial sex trade of India. They provide food, shelter, education and training...and of course hope! Hope for a better life. Hope for healing through God's perfect love.

In addition to work in India, they also work in the United States to spread awareness, not only for what goes on in India, but also for the growing sex trade in our own country!

When I look at my bag, I can't help but wonder about the hands that stitched the pieces together. Whoever she is, I pray she is finding peace, healing and hope.

Want to help and "shop to stop"? Visit their online STORE.
Or if you're local you can visit their Gainseville store. Check out their website and blog for stories, updates and more ways to be involved.

I'm linking up with Sydney Fashion Hunter and the Pleated Poppy today.


  1. Such a cute top and I love how you pulled all the prints together. I would love it if you would stop by my link up this week :)

  2. I think I forgot to tell you how fabulous you looked this day! I could never pull off the cute hat; but you did!!

    1. Carrie, you are the sweetest. And you most certainly could pull off a hat. Gather that beautiful mane of hair to one shoulder and braid it. How cute would that be!? :)

  3. It's a great lovely casual look.
    You have a interesting blog.
    I hope you will like mine

    1. Thank you. :) I look forward to reading your posts.


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