Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Preppy Attempt & My First Podcast Experience

Hello blogger world! School's out and summer vacation begins. The children are foot loose and fancy free, but what about momma? Usually, my summers consist of poolside views and strategic road trips to family that lives by bodies of water.  This means I try and keep our calendar as clear as possible. My boys are growing quickly and I want to spend the days going on adventures, big or small, with them. Though I still feel that way, our summer schedule looks a little different in 2016. 

My firstborn will be a freshman this upcoming school year (what?! What?!) and has decided to play football. His practices are in the morning, four days a week. There are upcoming women's events that require preparation and I continue to work on a new business start up with Premier Designs. Phew! I'd say that's enough to keep me on my toes!

So we started off the summer with an appointment in the recording studio to record my first podcast ever (more on that below). This is the outfit I ran out the door in. It's my interpretation of a comfortable, yet preppy look. How'd I do?

Preppy or not, I love how the purse highlights the orange stripes in this scarf. Pops of color are so fun to me.

Look at me. Sitting so preppy like. A lopsided scarf is the in thing you know. 

Outfit Breakdown:

Top: Altar'd State
Skirt: Cassie by LuLaRoe Megan Cook
Shoes: Vans
Purse: Clarks
Scarf: LOFT

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Now let's talk about that podcast...In late March, we featured a panel of five women with varying stories. We asked them specific questions in regards to where they find their identity, where they go for encouragement and how they balance life overall. Their responses blessed us tremendously. Regardless of how different their answers were, one could not miss the beautiful, common thread woven into each account.  They shared a love for Jesus and personal experiences with God's provision, faithfulness and comfort . 

Before we knew it, the night came to an end leaving many with a desire to hear more. Would we post a transcript of their stories?

Well, I had the bright idea to record some podcasts instead. How hard could it be? Can I just say that I have a lot more respect for those with podcasts and radio djs?? Words don't fail me now!!  This experience gave me an appreciation for a visible audience. I like to see facial expression, body language, etc.  Speaking into a mic with no one there proved to be challenging for me. Nevertheless, this humbled amateur will be getting over herself and sharing those interviews soon. It's not about me anyway. :)

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from some of our panel. Have a fabulous day and thank you for reading!


The talented Judy interviews Pamela
 (Judy moderated the questions on our panel night. This arena is her jam!)

 My zany, hilarious friend Lindsey

The sweet and talented Tania



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