Friday, June 10, 2016

Ramblings of the Heart

Good morning.

It's my favorite time of day. The house is at rest. Only the hum of the fridge and the song of the birds interrupt silence. With coffee in hand I slip on whatever shoes I can find and sneak outside. Though its summer, I shiver from the morning chill. 

We finally planted a few flowers and I want to see their progress. Experience has taught me not to plant an abundance, for I struggle with the discipline of watering them. The sun is still rising and the air smells so good. Was that a hint of our gardenia bushes I smell? I smile to myself and feel at peace. God's with me. He made all this. 

The grass is tall. Too tall. I brush aside thoughts of task and to-do lists and seek out my small cluster of potted plants, while savoring another sip of coffee.

This beautiful bloom awaits me. How does something so small bring me tremendous joy? 

Can I stay here? Live in this moment with time slowed. No trial. No struggle. No pain. No longing. No temptation. Perfect contentment. Perfect peace. Whole. 
One day I will. Heaven. Earth's beauty will pale in comparison. 

But as I live and breathe, my time has not come yet.  Soon the household will awaken. And responsibility awaits. Beyond the home, one will be celebrated while another will be mourned. 
I take one more look (and snap a picture of course) before returning to life inside. I'm thankful for the peace and comfort He brings in these quiet moments. But oh how thankful I am that peace, comfort, joy and guidance is available to me (and ANYONE) whenever I seek Him. Good times. Times of sorrowful loss. Disappointment. He's there. Always.

"Anyone who comes to (God) must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him." (Heb. 11:6)


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