Monday, June 13, 2016

Beach Getaways: Part 1

This is my ultimate favorite beach wear. Ripped up jean shorts, comfy, casual sneakers, a cardigan for the night chill and a hat because there's no time to waste on my hair. Honestly, why do I even bother to pack several outfits?? I only end up wearing these shorts with different tops.

Outfit Breakdown:
Hat: Khol's 
Striped Tee: the Limited
Shorts: Old Gap jeans that I cut off
Shoes: Vans (similar)
Purse: Gift

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This year my family and I are blessed with a few trips to the beach!  Under our belt so far is a quick spring break getaway,  a couples trip to Seaside for a birthday surprise, and a big family trip with grandma, siblings and their children. I'll highlight the first two today. :)

****Without the kids****

SEASIDE: I still can't believe this one happened. A trip with friends; without our boys. Yeah. That was not on my radar.

How cool would it be to wake up and think you're on your way to a nice dinner outing with friends, only to find out you're actually about to be whisked away to Florida for a long weekend trip to Seaside...with a group of your friends?? Well, that's what one friend experienced because of his super cool wife (and a few helpers). 

After recovering from our nerves and he from he shock, we ate a quick dinner and hit the road. From start to finish, this was such a great trip. 

The place we stayed in was beautiful. All ten of us would hop on our rented bikes and ride around like teenagers. We ate out, but enjoyed staying in just as much. We sat on the beach all day and did nothing.  And we'd visit. I'm not gonna lie. I missed my boys, but this trip was fabulous. Simply fabulous. 

Hush Puppies for the win

Our room!

I know. Why the john?? I thought it would be funny to pose by the porta-potty. However, as I prepared to lean up against it there was a sudden clunking sound, indicating that this facility was, in fact, occupied.  Apparently, one of the builders was on break. My friend snapped a pic and we rode quickly away, laughing at my ridiculousness.

Lost with no children to look after

****With the kids****

Look how much our eldest enjoys hanging out with us.

On our second getaway, I was able to unplug and enjoy my husband and children without distraction.  They played, explored and were rewarded for their efforts. Just look at all those starfish! Have you ever seen such an abundance??  (Don't worry. All but one starfish were returned to their rightful place.)

My husband and I are learning that quality time requires intentionality, as memory making moments can slip through our fingers. I'm so glad summer is here and I'm praying that we make that most of it!



  1. Ethan and the Starfish pic is amazing. I haven't seen that many in forever! Very cute blog.

    1. I know! I should frame that one. And, thank you! :)

  2. I totally LOL'd at the porta potty picture!

    1. Haha! Great memories. Thank you for being a friend who is up for anything. :)

  3. Looks like a fabulous time. I wish we had some of your gorgeous weather in the UK!
    Laurie x

    1. It was Laurie, thank you. And the UK?? One of these days I hope to get out there. I told my husband that when I finally get out to Europe, it should be for a year long stay. So, now I just have to figure out how one can live abroad. Thank you for commenting!


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