Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Polka Dots and Blue

 It's beginning to feel like fall around these here parts.  In fact, this past Friday night felt like Fall weather smacked me upside the head. I sat watching our HS football game, bundled in two blankets and several layers. The wind was brutal. And while Sunday brought a chilly 46 degrees in the morning, the afternoon was a toasty 80 degrees. Welcome to Georgia!

Today is not much different, but it feels so wonderful. I'd love for a couple more weeks of this sunshine with a cool breeze, but shouldn't I just be thankful for today regardless of what tomorrow may bring? I think that's how I'll look at it. One day at a time. Who's thinking about Loretta Lynn right now?

And I'll enjoy this weather with an outfit that makes me feel comfortable and put together. You know, I love that combination. I had fun with the polka dots, blue toms and blue watch. As far as the green denim? I'm wondering how long I have before the holes double in size?? I'll be sure to let you know.

And what's all the smiling about?? These comfy Toms were only $12 and my earrings look mighty but they weigh next to nothing! I can wear them all day without any irritation to my ears!  Premier Designs did great with these.

I think booties would look great with this as well, but I needed to give my favorites a rest. Seriously. It's good to switch up from time to time.

What about you? Are you a Tom's wearer, or no??

Outfit Breakdown:
Polka Dot Top: LOFT
Green Jeans: Local Boutique (Marisa Jills)
Shoes: Toms at Clothes Mentor ($12.00!)

Until next time!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Love My Tribe Sweatshirt

Hello! I know I keep telling you the same old story.

Wow. It's really warm in Georgia for October. 

But it remains true. We had a brief hour or two when I felt like I could wear my latest and greatest sweatshirt. It was a Costco find, a place I frequent weekly to keep our pantry stocked. Only this time I had my sister with me, and we were on the hunt for some sweatshirts that she could screen print something cool on. We didn't know what, but after we found these it didn't take long to choose.

"Love My Tribe" On the Front

"ROWDEN" With an Arrow on the Front

The sweatshirt cost $13 dollars and my sister did the screen printing! Boy, I sure do miss having her around.  (Her and her husband are now stationed in Fairbanks Alaska.)

Putting the rest of the outfit together was easy. A pair of skinnies, my now favorite pair of booties and a few accessories was all I felt it needed to look put together. Honestly, what's not to love about a pair of comfy jeans and an incredibly soft sweatshirt. Go Costco!

Have you ever purchased close at Costco? If so, what was your experience?

And these fabulous shots?? There are done by none other than Kim Hymes Photography.

Outfit Breakdown:

Sweatshirt:  32 Degrees at Costco
Jeans: Judy Blue (Marissa Jill)
Booties: Clarks

And here is that tribe that I love so much...

Have a wonderful day, my reader friends!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boot Cut Jeans & Fall Fun

Girl, you aint cool...

You loving my back drop? The camper and the property is not ours, but I love being a wierdo wherever I go so I had my middle son snap pictures of me while I was picking up eggs from a neighbor.

Forget about how I'm a wierdo (if you can) and just look at the outfit. It will go down in my fav category.   What's fun about this one? Aside from the fall colors and the fringe vest, I like how the accessories pull everything together. Being that I'm equipped with little attention to detail, I have to work at the finishing touches that extras bring.  Thus I get excited when my bag, shoes and necklace pull an outfit together. I think it's accidental!! ;)

But seriously, I feel like if you have a great pair of denim jeans, a solid shirt and complimenting accessories you are good to go. Invest in a pair of jeans that fit you right, some solid tops and the finish touches that suit your style.  This approach will simplify your fashion life. I can go all crazy when I have more time in my schedule, but this is my get ready on the fly approach to style.

Outfit Breakdown:

Top & Vest: Marissa Jill Local Boutique
Booties: Clarks clearance
Bag: Target (gift)

****Extra Fall Fun****

Hello Fall! Well, sort of. This part of Georgia is now experiencing crisp, cool mornings that turn into the mid 80's by early afternoon. I'll take it! My eldest started complaining that it was October and we had yet to put out fall decorations. Well, this weekend the calendar was open and the weather was right, so we drug out those decorations and even painted our deck and the boys's very fort, while adding some extra fun with a slide and more climbing options.

In the evening it cooled down enough for a fire and we set up the boys tent so they could camp out. I hope I'll remember how they drudged in and out of the house carrying pillows, blankets and dozens of stuffed animals. They were so cute and I hung out in their tent for as long as I could before the incessant squirming and excited kicking drove me out. A girl needs her sleep!

Yard improvements, comfortable weather, bonfires and hanging outside are just a few of the things I love about fall. What are some of your favorite fall past times? Do you like to campout? We like to campout but our schedule has been to full to go away. I think we should change that!

Of course another aspect I love about the fall is the clothing change, which brings me to my outfit for today.  Give me soft denim jeans and cozy layers please!  

That's all for today my reader friends. :)



Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Inspirational Tee & Thoughts

What a fun outfit this was! Was it a little corny that it also happened to be the same day I go to my Bible study? Indeed it was, but I will own it. What started out as a simple inspirational shirt became a walking advertisement. The words "faith," "hope," "love," and "it is well," adorned my neck and wrists. Though I proudly wear them all (they are great reminders), I meant no overkill. The colors just work.

Of course the message I live out is far more important than wearing cutesy, inspirational designs. In full disclosure, there are days when I think, "Girl go put that shirt in the back of your closet!" But according to the Bible, once we know Christ, He is what makes us worthy. On our own, none of us are worthy, even on our best days. So, may I focus on being adorned with wisdom and grace and may I daily try and live out this verse...

"I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of his righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels." Isaiah 61:10

Outfit Breakdown:
Shirt: Local Boutique
Shorts: Banana Republic
Vest: LOFT, clearance find
Shoes: Clothes Mentor find
Necklaces: Premier Designs
Shades: Maui Jim - Costco Bargain!!
Leather Bracelets: Local & Simply Adored Jewelry

*** A few extra thoughts ***

Do good days start with coffee and Jesus? If you're a coffee lover you'll enjoy the daily comfort found in sipping on that morning mug of goodness. Cut that coffee out of your life and you're going to experience headaches, sluggishness and what feels like total misery for about a week (at least I did the last time I cut out caffeine).

If you're a Jesus lover, you'll know peace, joy, forgiveness, freedom from bondage, hope that is everlasting, and times when you feel so full and loved you can hardly stand it. Some days will also be filled with mystery and surprises. When you seek Him and pray, you feel an unseen hand guiding, leading and even upholding you.

Cut Jesus out, or cease to spend time with Him, and life quickly feels chaotic, unsure, hopeless to the point of despair and even worthless. You become desensitized to selfishness, unknowingly welcoming it more and more each day. I've been a believer or lover of Jesus for 19 years, so I can testify to the super high charges as well as valleys so low I thought I'd never return.  And I cannot take the credit for the returns. He has always been there, lovingly waiting for me and gently calling my heart back to Him.

Days are always better when I start them with Jesus, but I love that I can catch Him any time of the day or night if the morning has slipped away.   Are there days when I skip entirely? Yes. How much I miss when I do! Are there days when I treat time spent in prayer and reading as another task to complete? Yes. I'm a work in progress; thankful for His rich mercy and sweet grace.  As for the coffee? They are not even close to being equals or comparable. It's just a sweet blessing to savor as I sit and wait to hear from the maker of my soul.

Have a wonderful day, my reader friends...


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chacos & Charleston

It was warm out. Maybe a little too warm. That southern charm is not without it's summer humidity, but that didn't stop this gaggle of women spending a weekend together from getting out and touring the city!
Charleston, SC boasts captivating sights, as well as delectable bites for the foodie in us all.  With the rich, intriguing history you could spend hours touring and learning it's secrets, but we only had a day. One day to sample said goodies, shop the shops and take in the sights. Some of us are determined to squeeze in all that we can...First order up was a carriage tour.
By no means do I claim to be a history buff, but the stories fascinate me. To think a fascinating structure has been home to many generations! One home in particular has yet to be sold, but continues to pass from one offspring to the next.
It was fun to wonder at their lives. As the air grew increasingly warm and thick with that famous humidity, i couldn't help but think of how the poor survived back in the day. I didn't want the carriage ride to end, but our hour was up.

A few pics from our adventure...

Here we are pre-carriage ride, waiting in line for the one stalled potty before. 

20 minutes later and we are loaded up and ready to go. One friend suggested that I speak with a British accent for the entire ride. That lasted a sentence...ah well, there wasn't much time to speak anyway, for there was too much to learn from our guide. Sorry no pic of the adorable southern boy.

 Shops had pictures to indicate their merchandise for the many who were unable to read. Here is an example of the hat shop, if you hadn't guessed.

Stone imported from England...I know. Selfie overload. I just wanted you to know I was really there!

We leave our carriage tour and being knocking around the city...

Why the awkward bike pose? Well, the motorcycle is not mine and for some reason we thought it would be funny to hop on. You see I didn't fully commit.

Our walk around the city also included some fabulous alleys. I could have stayed there for hours! So romantic, charming and beautiful.

Top: Target, Pants: Marissa Jill's, Chacos: REI, Backpack Purse: Clarks

The brick. I loved the brick walls and building. This next photo was from one of my favorite home entry ways!

Thank you for putting up with my selfie craze.

Oh, and my fabulous purchase from the market for the day. I know. What in the world? I'm in the open market with soaps, hand made creations and so much more and I buy this...

I can't even figure out how to use them on my own!!! And I spent $20 on them!! The heat must have gotten to me.

We did a lot of walking...And the chaocos?!! They were perfect for  those long walks on the hot day! And the hat was great to keep my frizzing hair under control.

 Sadly we had to leave the fine city of Charleston, but my adventure blues were short lived. Take in this dining location!  I wanted to bring this view home with me.


My crazy friends wanted to go "paint the boat" in Foley Beach, only a 45 minute drive away. But they wanted to paint it at 12. Go to War-Mart, purchase paint supplies and then paint it! I was quite the reluctant participant, but once I woke up I couldn't stop giggling and enjoying the adventure. Love these crazy girls!!

What great memories made!
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