Monday, January 2, 2017

Plaid Top & Impromptu Getaways

Hello, and how was the closing of 2016 for you and yours? No matter how tightly I clung to the moments, they slipped by quickly and some how it's already 2017. My consolation is found in knowing they did not slip by unnoticed. We rang in the new year with downtime, fun time and time with friends. We even seized a night free from our kiddos as an opportunity to getaway. After all, we've only had our gift card stored away since last Christmas. Shame on us!

At 3 o'clock that afternoon I found myself nervously calling the Ritz-Carlton. What if there is a better time to go? A better deal? I squelch my indecision and wait for an attendant to become available. 

Yes, they had rooms available that evening. Yes they had a bed and breakfast package. Yes our names were added. No going back. No cancelling. 

At 5 o'clock, I was throwing clothing and toiletries into an overnight bag. At 6 o'clock my husband and I divided to conquer farming out the boys in two different directions.

Now it's 7 o'clock and we're finally on the road to Atlanta. We hit traffic twice but we've already settled into conversation. No work talk allowed. Minimal kid talk. 80's, 90's and today play and we laugh. Not at anything in particular, but we're together and there's a lightness in the spontaneous, out of the ordinary adventure. 

Finally, after 8 o'clock, we pull into the circular drive and hand our aging mini-van keys to the valet (also part of the package). 

"Take good care of the old girl. She's a classic." Wink. Wink. Shouldn't we have guffawed obnoxiously right there? I won't lie.  I felt a little out of place in these surroundings.

We made it and couldn't wait to check in and head over to the hotel restaurant, The Atlanta Grill.  My husband orders a steak and I order the chicken. When will I learn??? Although my chicken was good, his steak was unbelievable.  Unless you partake not in beef, why ever would you order chicken in a steak house restaurant??

The elevators were highly amusing. It took us 5 minutes and one elevator change to figure out that you had to swipe your room key over an inconspicuous pad, before the elevator would go up. And the gentlemen who got on with only a bathrobe and dripping wet hair, taught me new measures in self-control. If he remained a minute longer, my suppressed giggles would have turned to tears for how hard I was clamping my shut. Especially, considering the amused looks I spotted in the walled mirrors from fellow passengers. 

Honestly, those little moments are my favorites. Suffice it to say this was one of our best adventures yet.  Maybe we just don't get out enough. 

Regrettably, I have no outfit photos for Friday night.  However, we did knock around the city the next morning so I ended up with a few shots for the blog. ;) I can't help myself. Documenting outfits and mini-adventures heightens the experiences for me. Am I alone in this? 

With the idea of walking around the city I packed skinnies and shoes I could walk in. Good decision. I was comfortable and warm enough.  This plaid top is one of my favorites and I must give the Pureple fashion app credit for the idea to pair it with the olive green vest. The purple cross body was chosen, due to its size and I just love the purple right now.

Outfit details:

Plaid Top: the Limited
Vest: Marissa Jill's Boutique
Jacket: Michael Kors
Purse: My 31 
Jeans: Judy Blue, Marissa Jill's Boutique

Friday's Outfit board...
Top: OLD, Jacket: Michael Kors, Skirt: LulaRoe Cassie, Shoes: WHBM (clearance find), Bracelet: Premier Desings

***Quick Recap...In our booth at dinner...***

Breakfast Buffet, included with package.

Stealing a few moments to read...

Perusing the gift shop items while hubby goes for the car...

Well, that's all for today my reader friends. I hope you're dreams are big for 2017 and if you have a gift card sitting around USE IT! :) Our final bill after handing over our gift card was $1.08! What a fun night.



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