Thursday, January 19, 2017

Favorites for Nights at Home

Hello! It's winter and I care not that the thermometer reads 62 degrees in Georgia right now. I shall carry on as if it's cold and enjoy my winter favorites for an evening at home.

An evening at home is one of my favorite pastimes during this season. It's a time when I can appreciate small and often unnoticed comforts and blessings. The blessing of shelter from the elements. The blessing of comfy clothes and cozy blankets of all colors and styles!   There's time to enjoy those Christmases presents and just be.

This year some of my gifts contributed perfectly for enjoying an evening at home, so I thought I'd make a list of my current favorites and share them with you.  Favorites that range from consumables to lounge wear; even undergarments. We are covering them all! So settle in and join me. ;)

Bathrobes and Joggers and Socks, Oh My!

 Let's start with comfy and cozy.  Why not bring out the bathrobe?? (Though if I put my bathrobe on that means, I'm not doing anything. It quickly induces a sedentary mindset.)

If I'm not quite ready for the bathrobe (and complete vegetation), my joggers and footies come into play. These twinkle toes must be covered and warm. And the more Christmases I have, the more colors and variety of slipper socks line my drawer.

One of my favorite things to do while arrayed around this comfort is watching a movie or reading a book by the fire. Of course there will be no yuletide blaze for us Georgians at present with the warm temps, but for now I'll imagine cozying up by the fire with my favorite blanket.

Let's take full advantage of this season and gather with our loved ones to make sweet memories!

A few of my favorites...

Three Cheers for Tea!!

However, before I make myself comfortable, my hands should be cradling a favorite mug. So put the kettle on. We're going to have some tea. Yes. Tea. I'm taking a little coffee break but don't fret my fellow coffee lovers, coffee will be back in play soon enough. In the meantime, I'm enjoying one of my Christmas presents - luxury tea by Measures of Grace. You truly savor every sip! Right now I'm drinking "IeIsa" and "borengajulie".


Another fun, though potentially dangerous, requirement for a night in are snacks. There must be snacks! That's where this microwavable contraption of convenience from Pampered Chef comes into play.  My popcorn is done in 3 minutes and if I hold the butter and add coconut oil, along with sea salt by Real Salt, health is not sacrificed! (Though I'm an advocate for fresh butter from grassfed cows!)

Pampered Chef

Cute Pajamas!!

So what about the pajamas? Finally I've joined the millions of other women and am a proud owner of a cute pajama set. Right before bed time I reach for my new favorites. They are incredibly comfortable with a breathable fabric designed to keep you cool through the night. Dope...

Soma Options

Books - Let's Read!!

If everyone is occupied I can grab a book and dig in. My goal is to complete more non-fiction books this year (I have lots of unfinished ones!). Here's my list for the next couple of months.

The Hidden Pretty!!

Now I've talked a lot about comfy and cozy because I know it well.  I know all about the sweat pants, fleece pants, and my hubby's favorite - army pt sweats! Oh yeah. (We joke, well I joke, and call it my sexy lingerie. He just rolls his eyes. I think he's amused. Really.) However, I've been trying to step it up a bit. Hence the navy pajama set. Baby steps. But what about the hidden pretties? 

Honestly, I've seriously neglected this area of my wardrobe. Bras, panties and cute pajamas go to the bottom of my fashion priority list. By the time I get to them I'm out of cash.  So my lingerie consists of practicality. Nude colored, t-shirt bras. No lace. No frills. 
I know. This shouldn't be.

There is something to be said about feeling great BEFORE you pick your clothes for the day.  I know that when your undergarments are attractive and flattering to your body shape, your clothes fit better. There are less bumps, lumps and scary creases! Adding function with beauty just makes the day better. Even when no one else knows that you're sporting an attractive, matching lingerie set under your close, YOU know. And you knowing, makes you feel better. 

I know this and yet my lingerie drawer was just sad! That is until, I tried on this beautiful lace bra at Soma.

Necklace pictured is Phoenix by Premier Designs

It was comfortable and pretty! What?! You can have both? The head knowledge went straight to my heart (or wallet). I get why ladies want to line their drawers with these lovelies. One of every color. Though Soma bras tend to be pricey, a decent sale can mean a good bra (or two) AND money in your wallet. 

Luxury Candle!!

Last but not least is the candle. What is that about, huh??  It's called the "wearable candle" made by Objects with Purpose  You can sit around and let the aroma entice your senses or you can use it as a body butter or massage oil. I'm not making this up. And before you get all, like wowza Chrissy, cool down. This happened to be my favorite scent. I bought a few different scents to gift at Christmas and this one almost ended up in a friend's gift. Almost. That could have been awkward. 

Well, that is quite enough for today! What are your go to favorites for a night in? What are your favorite movies? What are you reading right now? What's your favorite bra?? I know. This is a lot. But I hope you have a few extra moments here and there to enjoy the season of being at home more and share your thoughts!

Feel beautiful lovelies because you are beautiful! Put on some pretty lace and see if you don't start singing "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story!




  1. Fun post! Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge!


  2. So sorry I missed this, oh my goodness is this ever make me feel oh so cozy! Right now I'm baking and watching light snowflakes fall and I want to jump in this post and throw on that cozy robe and socks! Have a spectacular weekend, definitely full of cozy and fun!

  3. It's so cold here today and today it will be colder. -25 degrees celsius, not sure what it is in Fahrenheit but it's cold!!


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