Monday, February 20, 2017

WIW Travel Recap

February came on like a wintery storm of activity! We had our women's retreat scheduled for the first weekend and I was apart of the praise band, so lots of preparation was made weeks beforehand. In addition, I also had a trip on the calendar to go visit my sister in Alaska! (Yes! I will be will be writing a second post to elaborate on that amazing adventure.)  

So with two trips stacked on top of each other, I had pack for both at the same time. I would not advise this, but sometimes that's how things work out.  
Today I'm keeping this post light and simple with a an outfit recap.

Boots, My New Favorites...

I bought these boots with Alaska in mind, but also hoped to be able to wear them in the warmer Georgia client. They ended up being 50% off the sale price so I took a chance and had them shipped to my house. I'm back home and still wearing them! (You can still get them for an additional 40% off at

In North Carolina I wore them for everything, including some hiking. In Alaska I wore them for any outing that did not include more than a foot of snow. I wore them for plane travel and loved their convenient side zipper for easy on and off at the security check points! They are a great waterproof, lined boot. 

Alaska Outfits

Plaid Vest Lives Again

North Face Fleece, Warm Corduroy 

Drive up Coffee House

These boots were my second and last pair of shoes that I packed for Alaska. They were used for dog sledding, hiking, ice fishing, chasing the Northern lights, etc. I wanted to be able to wear thick socks AND toe warmers on the tops and bottoms of my toes. It made all the difference.

All Bundled Up

Hiking Creamer's Field in Fairbanks, Alaska with my sis
Post Dog sledding and hiking around the Chena Hot Springs Resort
Would you believe that I only packed two pairs of pants for this trip?? My blue jeans and my corduroys. Some days these pants were sandwiched in between a base layer and snow pants, so what did it matter? Those base layers (thermal underwear or leggings) were the key pieces to my daily outfits. Warm, snug thermals were worn whether we were hiking the Denali or making a run to the store. We just didn't leave home without it. The fun accessories were the beanies and scarves.  I could go 3 days without washing my hair if my head was covered. Win!

More Plaid Fun - Visiting a Fellow Blogger

University of Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute - Nicole Molders, High Latitude Style

Travel Day Home - GAP Sweatshirt

Seattle, Washington - Long layovers = quick tour
In closing, here are some tips I learned for cold weather packing.
  • Pack thermals/base layers (unless you plan on camping outdoors there is no need for the pricey stuff. I borrowed a couple sets from a friend.)
  • Pack wool socks
  • Hand and Foot warmers if you will be outdoors for an extended period of time. For me that was 20 minutes!
  • Warm Boots
  • Borrow Snow pants or Bib if you don't already have a pair
  • Nice Down Jacket
  • Fleece layer is a bonus
  • When it was 11 degrees outside I felt comfortable walking to and from the car, etc in a base layer, plaid, vest and a beanie
  • Face masks if you plan on any outdoor activity in below freezing temps 
  • Gloves are more functional than mittens, but mittens are warmer. I just wore gloves and made a fist around my hand warmer when my fingers started going numb, which was most of the time. 
Well, that about sums up my recap. I can't wait to share the adventures made in these outfits! ;)


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