Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thrifted Moto Boots, Cardigans & More

Hello, hello.  Though December is upon us, fall lingers in Georgia with temps in the 60s and leaves stubbornly clinging to the trees. I love days like this; sunshine and slight breezes requiring nothing more than a cozy cardigan for my outer layer. Soon the cold will come, so I'll embrace these moments by stopping in between the busy schedule to check out a new blog spot. Haha. But seriously!

The picture spot may be new, but the rest of this outfit is not. Even the boots. They are new to me, but I'm happy to report that they are a $5.00 Clothes Mentor find. (Made me think about a new blogger friend of mine - Ronnie. She's always finding goodies at thrift stores!) You know what's funny? That's the very style I went in there hoping to find, or one of the styles I'm hunting. How often does that happen?? With little to no wear evident I excitedly laid down my $5.00 in CASH and bounced out the door. 

So here I am, shopping my closet because one new item can give new life to your closet, right? I know it's time to replace this dress. And I will. When I'm ready. ;0) In the meantime, I wear it proud. The hat was an Altar'd state clearance find from last year, the longer necklace was a gift from a sweet friend and the cardigan hails back from many Christmas' ago.

The ring and the earrings are my most worn pieces out of my bronze collection. They are light weight, backed by a guarantee and go with everything - yes please!

Here's a picture of my sweet photographer. He truly is a blessing. Last night he set up a spot for me on the sofa and told me to go watch the Hallmark channel. He would take care of the laundry. And he did. My heart completely melted.  Please slow down time, please slow down!!

Lastly, in my previous post I shared about my silly 25 days of Christmas trees tradition, where I get pictures in front of trees as I go about my days preparing for Christmas day. My favorite trees are the ones found in homes of my family and friends...and sometimes even acquaintances that I hope to get to know more.  In addition to my tree pictures, I thought I'd add a fun twist when I'm able and share my cupcake winnings as I go along! 

Some tree pictures are planned because I know I will be at a certain home, but the adventure comes when I wake up and have no idea where the next stop will be. There were times when friends texted and said, "Come to my house!". That makes it easy, but every once in awhile I take someone completely by surprise. Here's a few pics from my first few trees...

Day 1: My son goes to spend the night at his friend's house. 

Cupcake: Gingerbread

Day 2: I pick up eggs from a neighbor with chickens. This was my first time visiting inside. I met her sweet mom, chatted with her friendly husband and learned about homemade ornaments from when their kids were young, about 25 years ago. 

 Cupcake: Peppermint

 Day 3: Time for lunch and tree decorating at Mom-Moms (Grandma) - a yearly tradition.

 Cupcake: Turtle Cheesecake

Day 4: A Friend helps my son with his math homework. After a little math fun, I asked Ansley about her tree and learn that we share a love for all things sentimental. Her tree is brimming with memories. One of her favorite ornaments is a hand crafted ornament modeled after her and her husband's first home. How sweet is that!

 Cupcake: Very Vanilla

Well, that is all for today my friends. I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful day during the most wonderful time of year! 



  1. I love your camo, your silly days of Christmas and well, I just love you and how positively you live life! xo

    1. Thank you Andrea! I love the outlet this blog affords....meeting sweet gals such as yourself has been such a blessing.

  2. I love finding treasures at the consignment/thrift stores!! Those boots are just perfect.
    FYI, we are hosting a #thriftedchicstylechallenge next week on Instagram if you are interested. There's even a prize. The announcement is on my IG feed (@jtouchofstyle)!! I hope you'll join us??

    1. That sounds fun Jodie! Thank you for the invite. It would be a pleasure to join in. I'll go hop on IG and take a look.

  3. Glad I found time between homework assignments to pop in! Great post! Love this look! Clothes Mentor is a great place, isn't it?!
    I love your tree and cupcake tradition! What fun, cool memories to make! Look forward to seeing more pictures!

    1. Thank you Ronnie! I do need to pop into Clothes Mentor more. I usually only go when I'm on the hunt for something specific that's not all that important. Hit or miss, of course.

  4. Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style linkup party. LOL. I bought a similar dress, but as shirt dress. The colors and print are the same. Are we sisters and don't know? The chocolate cupcake looks delicious.

    1. Yes I believe we are! ;) I'm enjoying all your fashion posts...you are on a roll!!

  5. I really love the way your cardigan looks with the camo! Plus, you accessorized your outfit so well. This is definitely something that I would wear!
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

    1. Thank you Sheree. Accessorizing has always been my biggest challenge!

  6. Oh the photo of a tree is a fun tradition to have! :)

    I love the colours in your outfit too,the cardigan and dress are perfect together. I really like the boots as well, what a bargain! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and your Christmas preparation is going well. After a crazy week I managed to wrap some presents which is good, although (as always!) I've run out of tape!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I feel silly but most of the time it's a big adventure. :) I'm jealous that you've gotten a start on your shopping, nevermind the wrapping!! haha.

  7. Looks like a fun week! That hat looks so cute on you! What a great little photographer you have!


    1. Thank you Ruth! :) I love hats and would probably wear one every day if I could.


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