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The Holiday Series: Mini-Home Tour & Thursday Moda Link UP

Another day is upon us. Christmas is upon us! How quickly this season comes each year and how quickly it goes, right? I can try to fight it, but instead I'll embrace the crazy, making the most of the moments as I go.  In addition to living up to our traditions, I'm trying to keep my focus on the true meaning of Christmas to impart that truth to my precious boys; big and small. One of the many ways way I've embraced the crazy this year is by saying yes to the "Home Tour" post in "The Holiday Series" collaboration hosted by Ada at Elegance and Mommyhood blog. Sweet Ada loves decorating for Christmas, which you will see when you tour her home!

Initially, I declined this segment of the Holiday series, leaning more towards the clothing posts but Ada is positively convincing, so I agreed. That being said, you will soon see that I don't actually own a houseful of Christmas decorations, but I humbly share what have NOW, as well as what we had THEN. 


One of my biggest challenges in the scheme of things that don't actually matter around Christmas time, has always been space. It was a running joke between my husband and I.

How many square feet is our home, dear?
1200. 1200 square feet.

We moved into our home constructed in the 80s over 13 years ago, when my first-born was one and our second child was in utero. It seemed small then, but when we discovered (5 years later) that we were having twins, I just knew it was time for us to go!! Each Christmas, I would get the blues for the first half of decorating day. What furniture would we move into the garage to accommodate the Christmas tree this year?? Some years we'd rearrange the entire living room to prepare for Christmas. 

Once the decorations were complete, my perspective would refocus and excitement over the coming days would take over. Here's a few glimpses into our home in the younger years...

The Living Room (Artificial Tree) - Decorating in Process...

The Following Year

Closer To Present - Real Tree

My husband's favorite decoration are the Remington Shotgun Shell Lights
I laugh at my hubbies flip phone action going on in the first pics, while the boys are dancing to the beat of their own drum. I'm also laughing at my fabulous designer skills coupled with the limited resources we had to spend on decorations. Just about everything had been given to us. This was me making the best of what I had.

However, the boys don't care if our home is fancy. They just want it decorated. My mom's home is FULL of decorations at Christmas time; singing decorations at that and the boys love it.

Over 13 years later we are still here! Only now, I've had a change of heart and we have a few extra square feet. Haha! I'm still no decorator, but we added on a sunroom about 3 years ago and it has changed our home life! 

Without further ado, I give you our living room and sunroom at Christmas time in the year 2017. ;)

Welcome. I'm still decorator challenged and most of our decorations are still cast offs, but I'm slowly adding my personal touches here and there. In the picture above, is my latest hand-painted sign, crafted by a sweet girl at my church. In the picture below, was a hand-painted sign done by my friend Sarah. It is from the Song of Solomon, chapter 3 and verse 4. It stays on my mantle all year long.  I think it works for Christmas as well! ;)

As you can see, we still have my hubbies favorite shotgun shell lights and the 15 year old ceramic nativity set. The stockings were a Hobby Lobby clearance find from a couple of years ago. They seem to suit our all-boy-hunting-fishing family quite well. Ok. I really don't engage in the hunting or fishing, but I like to SEE deer in the wild and love the beautiful views that come with a picturesque country-side or mountain-side.  

On to the sunroom...

We still get a real tree each year, only now we go directly to Home Depot or Costco instead of making the venture out to a tree farm. That was fun but with busy schedules this is what we can do. We also continue to add to our ornaments each year. My most shocking and adventurous addition are the daily advent ornaments that I had a hand in making. ME! The non-crafter reluctantly participated in an ornament exchange two years ago and I am so GLAD I did. You can read all about that adventure here.

This is all I do for the other side of the sunroom/family room. A tree, a pillow and a throw.

That is about the extent of our Christmas decorations. If you hung in this far, I'll treat you to some pictures from the master bedroom. Last Christmas my husband thought it would be funny to hang a string of colored lights up in our room. I laughed and I think it became a tradition because he put them up again this year.

The pillow below has become my home motto! **Side note: I'm so thankful for my friends who are blessed with larger homes that continue to share their space with family and friends. Twice our friends have hosted get togethers for our older boys, as well as a birthday get together for me! It's a testimony to how God provides in creative ways.

How about YOU? Is your entire home decorated or just main rooms with a smattering of items throughout the house?? What's your favorite holiday decorations? I love hearing from you!

Well, that is more than enough for today! I hope you enjoyed this mini-peek into our home. Please be sure to check out the other sweet ladies' post in The Holiday Series, as well as link up to the Thursday Moda with Ada.

Much love and best wishes for the Holiday season,



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  1. Chrissy, I absolutely adore the rustic country feel of your decorations! I am no interior decorator either and my decor consists of mostly cast offs and clearance items. But my kids just want it decorated and they don't care how! I have to admit..I do love your husband's shot gun shell lights! My husband would probably love them, too. We do, after all, have a deer head hanging in our bedroom! Another super fun collaboration. I am glad that Ada convinced me to join as well. Happy Holidays, my friend.


    1. So much in common! ;) Thank you for appreciating our shotgun shell lights. For years my brother worked at a company called Tractor Supply. They would sell these every year...not sure if they still do. I enjoyed touring your home as well Shelbee. What a sweet series!

  2. Chrissy I am in love with the sunroom! Isn't it great how just one small change can make you fall in love with the place all over again?! I am super happy you shared, it's a bit unnerving I know, it was hard to do. The old photos are priceless and I am so glad you shared them. Listen, you get to stay home with your boys and that is AMAZING! Your priorities are right where they need to be and that's with your precious family investing in what matters most as opposed to material things. Now let's talk about those lights in your bedroom, Chrissy, you wild thang, you! LOL

    1. Now that I've read your post I see that you can relate to how changes make one fall in love with a place all over again. ;) Can't wait to see your post on your kitchen reno! Thank you so much for the reminder of where my focus and priorities need to be. How easily one can get side-tracked! And your wild thang comment made me laugh out loud for sure - my husband so wishes!!

  3. You have a lovely home! Glad you stayed and added another living space with the sunroom. The men in my family would love your stockings! I am all about buying Christmas decor after Christmas for amazing deals. Plus when I pull them out next year they are new items!

    1. You are so right - new items the next year! I can't wait to see what I can find in 2017 sales. :) And thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to touring your home!

  4. wow these pictures so beautifull & i love these decorations girl.. best wordpress premium themes

  5. I am so glad you decided to be a part of the home tour, Chrissy. Even though your place is a little small you made the best use of it and I love the Christmas decor spread throughout. I love the wooden beaded garland on the tree and your mantle is gorgeous. I also love what you did with the sunroom and all that natural light. I am a huge fan of festive Christmasy pillows. And your mantle is so classy and elegant. Thanks again for welcoming us in and for all the sweet words you wrote about me. =)) Yes, I a positive enabler!

    P.S. Cannot wait to see your Wedding Outfit. Also, will you co-host with me next Thursday?!

    1. Aww, thanks Ada! The wooden garland was a hand-me-down from someone my mom was friend's with. It was thrown in with a box of country style ornaments. Most of it wasn't to my tastes, but I really like the wood garland and am so glad I grabbed it. Looking forward to hosting with you!


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